Stories Published by 'FirstFantasy'

Girl's Night In Ch. 08

Lori and Betsy play with Mark.

_I apologize for the long, long delay. I have simply not had the time to write but want to finish this as soon as possible so I can submit some of my other work. These do work better if read in order but if you pick it up here it isn't so complex that you'll be lost. Thanks for your feedback, both positive and negative. My apologies for this chapter being so short but it took a lot of time just to...

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Girl's Night In Ch. 06

Lori starts the game while Mark and Betsy play.

I could feel the three women moving around above me. "Now spread your legs and put your left foot over here," Lori continued and I felt Betsy's foot brush across my thighs, "there you go. Now you're just going to lower yourself down onto your knees. There you go Bets." I could feel Betsy's knees pressing along the outside of my thighs as she was positioned straddling my waist. "Umm Lori,...

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Girl's Night In Ch. 05

Lori's friend Betsy joins Mark to entertain the Ladies.

"Well since John was unable to keep his hands to himself, as instructed. Our friend will now be demonstrating another feature of his leather cuffs," Jennifer scolded me. I was instructed to lie on my back and a couple of pairs of hands guided me into the position they wanted before lifting my bound arms above my head. When my wrists were securely pressed to the floor someone dropped down and...

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Girl's Night In Ch. 04

Mark remains bound and is a slave to Lori's friends.

"So do I taste as good as my Mom?" she stunned me by asking while running her tongue around my lips sampling her mother's cum. "Because she tastes pretty damn good. I can't believe you made her cum twice, it was so hot to listen to and she definitely needed it. Maybe this will stop her from asking so many questions about our sex life." My mind was having trouble keeping up with all the...

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Girl's Night In Ch. 03

Lori lets her friends play with Mark.

"I'll be back soon ladies," Lori said before whispering to Ashley, "Remember this is my house Ash; don't let them get too crazy. I really don't want to explain to Mark why there's another guy's cum on our furniture." "Ladies, Lori wants me to let you all know that she does not want John's cum on her furniture," Ashley laughed, "Do you think we can manage to keep from spilling it while she is...

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Girl's Night In Ch. 02

Mark is naked in front of his wife's friends and family.

I turned to head back out to my living room when Jennifer said "Hold on there speed racer. You look ready but I have a few more items we need to outfit you with before you go out there." She then grabbed me by my dick and pulled me back into the bedroom. As I stood in front of her she slipped a mask over the one I was wearing, it completely covered my eyes and left me blinded. "You've got to...

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Girl's Night In Ch. 01

Husband is surprised by wife hosting girl's night out.

I get home from work and my wife and an attractive lady I have never met are there. I am due to go out with my friends so my wife can host a girl's night at our house. The lady introduces herself as Jennifer, a hostess from one of those sex toy party hosting companies. I look at my wife who shyly admits it was her idea for girl's night (this is shocking to me because my wife is typically very...

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