Stories Published by 'Ghostwalker'

How His Stepmother Became His Slut

Dad's mistake changes everything.

(With input by 'Irish Lass') 'SLAM!!!' Jodie slammed the door behind herself as she stormed into the house. "That fuckin' son-of-a-bitch!! That no good fucker! And with that no-good slut of all ..." she ranted as she entered the living room before stopping as suddenly as if she'd run into a brick wall. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?" she screamed at the sight in front of her Her 19-year-old...

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This Old House Ch. 03

Jerry and Brit can't get enough of each other.

(Thanks to " _ _larryinseattle" for his editing and to "Irish Lass" for her support and input)__ "Brit." "Hmmmmm?" she muttered. "Wake up." "Why? I'm tired." "So am I but I think you're gonna wanna see this," Jerry insisted as he nudged the blonde beauty laying next to him. "What?" she asked in a surly tone. "THIS," he said as he waved the piece of paper...

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This Old House Ch. 02

So were they dreams or something else? The story continues.

(Special thanks to 'larryinseattle' for his continued editing skills and to my personal 'Irish lass' for her help developing this story.) When Jerry woke the following morning, he lay in his bed with his eyes closed. Images of Brittany laying in her bed, completely nude, teasing her nipples and pussy were replaying in his head over and over again. His fingers instinctively...

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This Old House Ch. 01

A young man and a beautiful woman are bound by their past.

(As always a sincere thanks to my editor "larryinseattle" without whom my stories would be nothing more than simply a cluster of words.) * This was the only house that Jerry had ever known. It had been built by his great-great-great-grandfather, Jeremiah, who he was named after. It stood high on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and one of Jerry's favorite pastimes was to climb up...

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Microchips Ch. 05

Tanya arrives with startling news and stays the night.

(Special thanks to my real-life 'Irish Lass' for her help and input) (Edited by " _ _larryinseattle__ " whose skill keeps me from making a fool of myself.) * Staggering, almost like a drunk, Dale barely made it to the stairs and sat down, his cock still embedded inside Natalie's clutching pussy. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I don't know what came over me." Slowly, she...

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Turnabout is Fair Play

What happens when you get caught watching?

Edited by " _ larryinseattle__ ", whose encouragement helps to keep me going ._ * I had never considered myself a voyeur. I didn't own a telescope or binoculars and I definitely didn't go around peeping inside people's windows at night. In fact, as a kid I had an average, okay slightly above-average sex drive, but that all changed when I went to college. There were...

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Microchips Ch. 01

Dale learns about the Adult side of technology.

Thanks, as always, to my editor "larryinseattle" for his continuous work and skills. * Dale stood at the counter staring at the items on display. He had no idea exactly what had brought him into this store but here he was. When he left home earlier it was to try and find a birthday present for his mom, his step-mom actually. Natalie was only 6 years older than him. She'd...

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Between Two Friends

The title says it all.

(Edited by ' larryinseattle' without whom my stories would never be more than simple tales) * Tyler and I had been friends from the moment we met. Actually, that's not quite true. The first time I met her I told her that Tyler was a boy's name not a girl's. Her answer was to hit me in the arm, telling me, "Tyler is too a girl's name and I should know because I'm a girl."...

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Photography and Fashion

Two lovers, lost and then re-found with a family twist.

Special thanks to "larryinseattle" for his editing and patience. * Gavin had always loved photography. He got his first camera, an old Browning 'Fold-out' model, from an aunt when he was six years old. After that, everywhere he went, people heard 'snap, snap, snap' as roll after roll of film poured from it. When he was in high school, he even became the school newspaper's...

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With the Help of a Caring Woman

A "Mystery Woman" helps him overcome the loss of his family.

As always thanks to my Editor "larryinseattle" for the fantastic job he did on this story. * Phillip sat on the barstool staring at the mirror. The reflection staring back appeared to be as old as Father Time instead of 31. His lifeless eyes were red and swollen with bags under them from lack of sleep. His skin was a pasty white with a three-day growth of hair on his chin. His...

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The Man of the House - Now

Jason and his step-mother discover their feelings.

Unexpectedly, he realized that she hadn't been fully asleep the night they'd been on the couch and that she may have intentionally put her hand in his lap. At the same time, he caught the heady aroma of Kelly's arousal. Slowly, he turned to her, her tits sliding across his arm and resting against the front of his shirt. "And what about now?" A smile slowly formed on he lips. She knew that...

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Sarah's New Life Ch. 03

Sarah first time with Matt and her dream lover.

Hearing Matt's words triggered an orgasm that I had felt building since he had grabbed me around the waist. "Not... yet... baby... please... not ... yet ... I'm... going... to... ccummm ... tooooooo ... Aaahh ... Aaaaggggghhh ... AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!" Matt wrapped his arm around me as he felt me begin to crumble from my orgasm and lowered me to the floor until I was kneeling...

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A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 03

Dan takes on Mrs. Beach's Ex and gets a reward.

Dan stood behind Karen, his arms wrapped around here, looking out the window as the sun rose. "Are you sure you can't make it today? These stockholder's meetings only take place once a year and I know you've been worrying about it." "I wish I could," Karen replied jokingly as she rubbed her distended abdomen, "but the heat and humidity are killing me and if that's not enough these two little...

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A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 02

Dan and Mrs. Beach meet again with surprising results.

Dan leaned forward slowly anticipating his first kiss with the most beautiful woman at the country club. Less than an hour ago he'd just been just another one of the waiters yet here he was in bed with the Mrs. Karen Beach. He'd already filled her pussy once tonight with his cum but she wanted more. In fact, she'd asked him to become her lover. Whether for the night or longer he had no idea and...

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A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 01

Dan spends New Year's Eve with Mrs. Beach.

Dan stood frozen in place. Everyone had the heard stories, rumors and lies about such things happening, but he'd never expected it to could possibly happen to him when he'd gone work the evening of the country club's annual New Year's Eve party. He wasn't overly handsome and didn't have a muscular body like some of the other men in the room, if anything he felt he had more of a swimmer's body, yet...

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A Dream Vacation Ch. 03

JP and 'Vicki' spend their third day together and more

Chapter 03 -- The Last Day ... or Maybe Not When JP awoke the next morning Vicki was still curled up against him and the events of the previous day flooded through him. This beautiful woman, who was desired and fantasized about by millions of men and women had given herself to him. She had told him that she wanted to have his children, not just one child but multiple children, and that...

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A Dream Vacation Ch. 02

The second day with 'Vicki'.

Chapter 02 -- The Next Day "Wake up, sleepy head, time to get up!" Startled, JP sat up and looked around the room. Vicki was gone; but sitting on the other bed in the room was Marketa in all her splendor. Her hair was pulled back and fashioned so that it hung over one shoulder and she wore eye liner and shadow for the first time since JP had met her drawing his attention to her...

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A Dream Vacation Ch. 01

JP meets a porn star named 'Vicki'.

Chapter 01 - The Beginning * JP sat in front of the immense building and stared at it. The business had made him a millionaire several times over, but it had cost him too. His marriage had ended 5 years after starting the company; any friendships he had soon dwindled away until all he had left were business acquaintances and he couldn't even remember the last time he'd done...

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