Stories Published by 'GlacialisFI'

Brick, Mortar, and Bruises

Volunteer worker suffers in the hands of her sadistic boss.

©2019 GlacialisFI Young, vulnerable volunteer worker on a twelve-week commission overseas is raped and abused repeatedly by her sadistic new crew boss. Dear Reader, _Please note that this is a rape fantasy story written for adult entertainment. Among other violent, extreme and possibly disturbing scenes, it contains graphic depictions of non-consensual sex. If you are...

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The Flipside of a Gentleman

A young woman's attraction gets out of hand.

A Finnish girl meets a very polite and gallant older man on a summer night in Helsinki. Language barrier makes getting to know each other tricky but the laws of attraction and arousal are universal. Yet a man, when teased, can forget his manners. This is based on a true encounter with an Estonian man in the mentioned places. Dima beckoned and when I came close he grabbed me and threw me harshly...

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He Promised Not to Break Me

A new acquaintance forces himself on a young Finnish woman.

A young Finnish woman fantasizes about being dominated, but her chance met partner forces the issue and doesn't know where to stop. After their first date the man compels her to let him in to her apartment where he first teases her but soon turns his attentions to torture. Sometimes, when he really pounded me, my hands would instinctively shoot up to protect myself. He would grab my wrists in one...

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Choma's House

A young runaway finds a new father figure M/F.

A story of the building up of sexual tension and its inevitable explosion between a runaway and a man who takes her in. This grew in the telling so for those in search for a quickie, scroll down to chapter eight for the first intercourse. Chapter one Siri's life wasn't actually a life as much as it was an Easter egg, carefully painted layers of chocolate to cover all the things that...

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