Stories Published by 'gpbvkb'

Return to Fantasy Hotel

George & Veronica return to their fantasy hotel.

The air conditioning provided a much-needed relief from the blistering heat outside, as the car powered down the highway. The sun was due to set in a couple of hours, at which point the temperature would become bearable once more. But for now, in the midst of a heatwave, the best place to be was inside the cool car, with music tinkling in the background, providing a gentle, relaxed ambience....

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Massage with Elizabeth

Sensual Prostate Massage.

After many years, my sensual massage therapist retired and moved out of state. I have been searching the website and kept seeing a person named Elizabeth. She's a licensed massage therapist (10 years' experience) and I decided to give her a try. Gave her a call and scheduled an appointment for a Friday morning. She agreed and we're set! Friday comes and I drove about one hour from home to an...

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Tantra Massage

A different type of massage.

I came across an ad for Tantra massage in the DFW area. I called and spoke with a wonderful woman named Akasha. She described herself as a 40-year-old who practiced sensual massage techniques in the Tantra method. She would also provide instructions in stress reduction techniques and provide a massage to beat all others. We made an appointment for the following Monday. Monday came and I drove...

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