Stories Published by 'grgy56'

Full Moon Fantasies Ch. 01

Tales of my muse.

I watch as you enter the reception area of your office. I am captivated by you as I was the first time that we met. You take my outreached offered hand. The sensation is electric. I can see in your eyes the feeling is mutual but we must keep things professional. "Good to see you again." You smile warmly. Your dark expressive eyes reflex the lighting and make them sparkle. "Yes, good to...

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35 Days Day 00

RTFM - Read the Fucking Manual.

35 Days - Chapter 1 I was anxious to get home today after work. I had been monitoring the shipment from California via the US Postal Service and the Canada Post package tracking app. I had ordered a new cock cage on line at the end of November 2018 and wanted it for Christmas. It arrived on the Thursday before. The bus ride home felt excruciatingly longer than normal. My penis ached as...

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (And More)

I feel what it's like to be a woman.

"What stupid, misogynistic, asinine things to say!" Screamed Shanna. "Right now I can't stand you!" My girlfriend stormed off leaving me at the bar completely stunned. "Wha? What did I...?" Rather than an enjoyable evening with the high expectation of getting lucky, it turned out to be a night of sleeping by myself. I flipped a twenty to pay for the drinks and chased after Shanna but she...

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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Watching the magical gift of giving.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * When I was about eight, my mother passed away just before Christmas. Even as a young as I was, I understood the devastation my father tried to hide from me. It was tradition that Dad would dress up as Santa and placed gifts under the well decorated tree while my mother and I hid behind a couch. We would watch...

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I Love My Breasts!

And how things developed.

I Love My Breasts! Yes, that's what I said. "I love my breasts! Boobs! Knocker! Honkers! Fun Bags! Tatas! Tits!" It all started many, many years ago. I loved stealing glances of my father's Penthouse and Playboy collection. I could barely wait for my parents to leave so I could sneak a copy back to my room, lay naked on my bed and beat one out. I had to take care not to blast my cum on...

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High Time at Halloween

The day after the party before.

I couldn't write about this before because it happened Halloween and I needed time to recover enough physically and mostly mentally regarding what had happened. Amber my girlfriend's workplace boss and senior level associate Bart Gould, planned to have a giant Halloween Party on the eve of; October 30th. The few times I met Bart, he was always the fun-loving, gregarious type who had a party...

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Gerina's Work Adventure Ch. 03

Having lunch time fun. The end of day draws near.

My penis grew hard beneath my dress. My boss Mr. Peter Bobson, the first Bobson of Bobson, Bobson and Sons stood there in front of me dress in his sexy schoolgirl outfit: Crisp white shirt with tie dangling over his protruding boobs, short tartan skirt, and white, thigh-high stockings held up with garters and black, four inch skinny stiletto heeled Mary Janes. He showed me he was not wearing...

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Gerina - The Prequel

What happened (way) before work.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! F..u..u..c..k!" I cried to myself as my large, white, hot load shot from my cock between my fake "C" breast forms and landed on my parted red painted lips and tongue. The second load laid a stripe down from my neck between my tits and stopped at my belly button. The third, filled and pooled the aforementioned belly button. My name is Germane. And yes, I love to cross...

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Lab Bedeau Ch. 03

Karen's overpowering needs.

Cheryl Englund stared up at the ceiling as she laid panting beside her neighbor Karen Kumamoto. She had been invited over for coffee but found the cute Asian woman sitting on her deck openly and freely masturbating. After the buxom, blond, British beauty ate out Karen's delicious box, they moved inside to continue. Three hours and a number of orgasms each, an exhausted Karen curled and purred like...

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Lab Bedeau Ch. 02

Karen loses inhibitions. Kris tries to keep it up.

Karen found herself laying on the cold marble floor naked. Between her legs was a large pool of mostly clear liquid. Her hands and pussy coated with the same fluid. Realizing she had just made it home before stripping off her dress and masturbating in her main hallway. "Oh my gawd! What did that Doctor give me? I've never been this horny in my life!" She struggled to sit up and then saw the...

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Gerina's Work Adventure Ch. 02

Still has work to do before the evening.

While Pricilla licked the remains of Mr. W. Bobson's cum from the side of her face, I checked my hair and make-up in my compact mirror after fucking Mr. P. Bobson's ass. It really just needed a bit of touch up. "You're such a bad girl!" I pretended to scold my pretty friend. "You should talk!" She retorted. "I'm trying for that promotion. What's your excuse?" In a low whisper, I...

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Lab Bedeau Ch. 01

Drugs adversely alters wife and...

"Not tonight, Honey." Karen said as Kris her husband tried to get her in the mood. "I just don't feel like it." Frustrated, Kris humphed as he turned over and went to sleep. Karen wasn't unaware of how it was affecting their relationship. After the two kids, her appeal towards sex waned more and more until it diminished to almost nothing. Kris was lucky to get a hand job or a bj every once in...

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Gerina's Work Adventure Ch. 01

Work day (and night) for our girl.

The dream almost felt real as I stirred awake. My erection was big and hard as my one hand automatically took hold. My fingers barely reach around the shaft as I stroked it. My other hand aimlessly played with my perfect, C sized breasts and engorged berry sized nipples. I thought about Tess (Contessa), the girl I met last evening at the bar. We seemed to hit it off very well especially when...

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Four Play Ch. 03

Things change when hubbie comes back home.

I didn't realize what a slut my husband was on the golf course. The guys he plays with on a regular basis, used modified Texas rules. Normal Texas rules for men means that if your tee shot fails to pass by the women's tees, you are supposed to play with your dick hanging out of your pants for that hole. The guys modified rules were a bit more extravagant. If you screw up your tee shot, you had to...

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Side Effects Ch. 01

It was all natural…?

I was never what anyone would refer to as the typical male. Standing only five foot five and weighing only 130 pounds, no one would ever use me in a he-man advertisement. I wasn't scrawny; my body was well formed with some muscle in my chest and legs. My physique hasn't really changed at all since I was 15. Getting girls in school was not the easiest since they tended to go after the obvious...

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Four Play Ch. 02

Modified Texas rules applies regardless.

"Rod will pick you up." My husband said to me as he kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door. He was called on an emergency business trip for the next few days. "Cheryl, don't worry. You'll be fine. Just don't fall for their on (air quotes) course rules!" My husband played golf with Rod and his two other buddies, Dick and Peter at least once a week as members of a private golf club....

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Strange Brew Ch. 01

Ancient Asian concoction produces results.

My parents moved into the area when I was about to start Grade 5. Next door to us was Terrance's family. Terrance was the same age as I was and we quickly became my best friends. He was always more physically active than I was and I managed to keep up with him but our development paths diverged. In high school, he was a varsity hockey defenceman while I was a junior, assistant equipment...

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I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 02

What the woman needs.

I found myself in the bathroom cubic at Knot's Landing restaurant Shannon and I went to in celebration of the house she just sold. Here I sat atop the closed toilet lid, a g-string in one hand and a bra in the other. I stared at them and recollected how I got to here. The evening before, Shannon my girlfriend butt fucked me with her strap-on. As I relaxed in bed the next morning, Shannon went...

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I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 01

What the woman wants.

"Holy fuck, Shannon! That was incredible!" I panted as I laid on my back; my chest splashed white with my own ejaculate. Shannon, my girlfriend was still kneeling between my knees. With my butt raised and supported by her thighs, she slowly but continuously pumped her strap-on in and out of my asshole. "I'm guessing you really enjoyed being fucked in the ass." Shannon gave me a wicked grin....

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Sweet MILF Shannon Ch. 04

Mr. Brightside (The Killers - 2004)

"I'm coming out of my cage and I'm been doing just fine." It was busy afternoon in Ganges bar for a change, I guess everyone was in the celebration mood before New Year's Eve. Shannon was behind the bar as usual on the Friday. As always, she looked really good. She'd look good even if she was wearing an old potato sack (for those of you who are old enough to know what that is). Her inky black...

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Sweet MILF Shannon Ch. 02

Twas the week before Christmas and the week after...

Another empty afternoon at Ganges' bar. Just after twelve, Shannon and I sat with each other while Sean the owner puttered around vacuuming and restocking. It was pretty cold outside now that winter had arrived so no one really wanted to venture out. Plus the fact that Sean never served lunch although Ganges's was a bar and grill meant no one came to eat. Even in the evening time, you were lucky...

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All I Want for Christmas, Is You! Ch. 01

A beautiful gift from GF.

"Open mine first!" Cheryl gleefully shouted as she handed me a beautifully wrapped Christmas present. It was a cold, crisp, white Christmas morning. But much later in the morning than I would usually get up for Christmas. For some reason, I slept in regardless of my excitement to open the presents under the tree. As a kid, we would open our gifts on Christmas Eve so my parents could...

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Unlocked Secrets Ch. 01

Bad habits sometimes are good.

I just returned from grocery shopping and barely made it through the front door to the house before... "How many times do I have to ask you to lock the door when you go out?" Laura scolded me. "I'm alone in the house and anyone can just walk in." "No one is going to just walk in. We're in a pretty safe neighbourhood and everyone knows each other." I tried to calm her nerves. "Look at...

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The Projectionist Ch. 03

Using my powers to help a friend.

"Excuse me, Gere." Nancy said peeking her blond haired head through my open office door. "Cheryl isn't here and Mr. Cameron asked if you could review and sign off on these files." I thought to myself. "Lucky Cheryl wasn't under my desk sucking my cock." The attractive, busty blond, Nancy was the Executive Assistant to the company president, John Cameron. Originally from Montreal but of...

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The Projectionist Ch. 02

Greater powers means greater responsibilities.

A series of mishaps had provided me with an incredible gift of entering people's minds. It allowed me to see through their eyes, read their thoughts, feel their sensations, and to some extent manipulate their actions. I had used it on my wife, Amber a number of times to decrease her inhibitions to the degree where she would literally jump me at the mere thought of sex. At my office, I...

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The Projectionist

A series of mishaps changes my views.

"Oh fuck my head hurts!" I awoke and immediately regretted swallowing that stupid (mezcal) worm during last night's traditional golf weekend eve with the guys. I struggled to sit on the edge of the hotel bed; head in hand and stomach churning. "Geez! Gere, you look like shit!" Terry chuckled. "You're paying for swallowing those worms last night!" "Worm? How many did I..." Cloudy thoughts...

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School Daze Ch. 01

School clothes shopping.

"Come on, Timmy!" My mom, Jackie Taylor called out at me. "We need to find some things for you to wear to school." "Do I have to?" Nearly nineteen years of age, I was way past that point where I hated going clothes shopping especially with my mother. But obviously to her, I wasn't responsible enough to go on my own. During my short life, she'd always pick out stuff I didn't like. Or...

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Pinked Out! Ch. 01

Forced Fem? Maybe.

"What the...?" I questioned myself as I opened my dresser drawer. I was staring at my neatly folded white underwear that was now pink! I looked at all my other white things. White socks... Pink! White t-shirts... Pink! White dress shirts... Pink! "Lo..ri..!" Still in bed, my girlfriend turned to see what I wanted. "What is... Oh. I guess you noticed." "What do you mean, 'noticed.'" I...

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Living Doll Ch. 05

Andi takes modeling seriously to help Cheryl

The bright lights blinded my but I managed to make my way to the end of the platform. I turned and posed like some of the other models I've seen. The voice in the audio I recognized as Cheryl spoke out. "This is Andi. She is dressed in our T-line, biz cazz ensemble. The Crème Brule coloured jacket and skirt are crease resistant linen developed in house. For some reason, I felt the need...

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Living Doll Ch. 04

Andi gets ready and becomes a model Living Doll.

So I just found out that Cheryl planned to launch a new line of Doll House clothing and I was to be the model for a new buyer considering the line. I was excited and trepidatious at the same time. It wouldn't be the first time I would be outed in public since I had just gone grocery shopping with Alishia that day. In fact, Mr. Green the store owner didn't even seem concerned when I sucked his cock...

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