Stories Published by 'Grouchojim'

Recollections of the Previous Night

Ticket taker reflects on what happened a night earlier.

By Paris Waterman Taylor Laurent sat in the booth waiting for the clock to hit 7:30, when the ticket office for Cabaret would open. blink Suddenly she was back in his condo the night before--against that very wall; the one with the Edward Hopper painting, New York Movie hanging so crookedly on it; the one behind her back when she enthusiastically kissed him good night....

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Sydnee and Dean

They meet at the beach, date and good things happen.

As soon as he realized they were unaccompanied by males, Dean Hubbell moved in on the two oriental girls strolling in the sand just off the boardwalk at Credence Key. They became friendly from the moment he opened his cooler and offered them each a Budweiser. He seemed to make better progress with the one named Sydnee, which was fine with him. Her girlfriend, whose name he'd already forgotten...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 10

Mark & Rana get it on with Assistant Dean and his wife.

The Contest & More Professor Horowitz was all smiles as Mark entered his office late in the afternoon. "Good, good, I'm glad you could make it, Mark," the old professor said with a friendly chuckle. "Yes, Professor, is there something wrong with my project? Mark inquired, for he was puzzled by the urgency of the professor's request to appear in his office as soon as possible....

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 08B

Mark and Rana take advantage of Samira's innocence.

Samira was sleeping when Rana returned. Mark made her a cup of tea and told her everything, ending with "and you told her I didn't like my women wearing pantyhose ... so she wore a garter-belt and stockings just for me." "She wanted you to fuck her? I mean ... you didn't seduce her?" "NO! Well, there was a little give and take. But that was because I wasn't certain what she wanted ......

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 08A

Samira arrives intent on seducing Mark.

Paris Waterman Samira Shows up at School It was ten after two on a rainy Friday afternoon. Mark was sitting at his desk which was covered with several architectural drawings he was studying. Rana was taking the first of two mid-term exams. Mark had no classes on Fridays, a quirk in scheduling, and one he loved to lord over Rana every chance he got. At that particular moment he was...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 06

He has her touching herself at dinner and more, much more.

Taking Rana Out When Mark originally enrolled at the University of Nebraska, he wanted to be an architect, but had not decided on which aspect of the field he wanted to major in. That of course, was one reason he chose Nebraska, for it offered several diverse fields including urban design, historic preservation, building sciences, or acoustic design. Now Mark had almost completed the...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 04

Rana decides to seduce Mark.

Mark & Rana, the Iranian Girl Mark cavorted with Mrs. Morgenstern and Fay and Arianna separately until it was time to head off to the University of Nebraska to pursue his dream of becoming an architect. What he didn't anticipate was a sexual drought that would last into his third year there. The subject matter proved difficult and the professors he encountered were merciless as far as...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 03

Mark's threesome--Marcie Ventures Afield - male & female.

Mark's Threesome with Fay and Arianna Mark arrived at Fay's house right at two in the afternoon. Arianna's Mazda was out front, so he parked his Accord in the driveway. Arianna answered the door. He'd seen her at the Prom, but hadn't really talked to her in several weeks. "Hey, loverboy," she said, grabbing his arms. She pulled herself up on tiptoes and kissed him on the mouth. "I've...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 02

Her 1st hand job - His Prom Date with Faye & More.

Marcie's First Handjob The two girls were leaving the auditorium following a rehearsal for the Fall concert the University held every October. Laura decided to tease Marcie as it was almost her favorite pastime other than sexual activity. "So technically you're still a virgin, right, Marcie?" "What do you mean technically?" Laura laughed and said, "I mean, you ain't been boned...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 01

His prom date's Mom educates him; Her roomie seduces her.

_Every story has a beginning; this story, as the title suggests, is about the Newlin's, Mark and Marcie. But to tell it properly we need begin before they actually meet. We'll start with Mark, just prior to his Senior Prom and introduce Marcie as she enters college. We will continue alternating their sexual adventures this way until they meet, date, get married and thereafter. It should be a long...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 23

Howie moves in with Steph. Life goes on, with major changes.

Paris Waterman Life Changes It took longer than I thought it would to complete the move from Yonkers to the City and my sister Stephanie's. I finished the school year at my high school, refused any further sexual action with my mother--although she continued trying to tempt me into her bed; even inviting her sister, my Aunt Elaine for a short visit. And that might have done the...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 22

Howie & Mother sort things out---Sort of.

Sorting Things Out "We love you, really love you, Howie," Mother said. Stephie managed a quiet "Mmmmm," to show she agreed but couldn't verbalize anything more. I stood there and let them hold me. Actually it felt nice, very nice; only my erection grew harder and I wanted--no required relief in the way I'd become accustomed too. And so I spoke from the heart and asked, "So who wants...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 21

Howie and Steph go home to Mom -- Chaos ensues.

Telling Mom Duane was fucking my mother for the fourth time when Stephie and I walked in on them. Chaos ensued. Mother wrapped the sheet around her. Stephie's eyes nearly popped out of her head on seeing Duane's nearly 12" glistening cock waving around; while I tried to keep my anguished screams down to a roar. Steph was the first to gain a semblance of control. "Mom, get...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 20

Howie and Steph get together again. What about the future?

Sorry for the delay in completing this chapter, but I've been ill. * "You know something, Sis?" I whispered, "You've got the most perfect ass in the world, it feels wonderful, I might have to bite you later just to make sure it's real!" Stephie grinned up at me. "You can bite me as many times as you like Howie! I was just thinking the same thing about you; you've got so...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 19

Visits NYC, has 3-sum with Candy then makes love to sister.

On the train ride into the city there were two good-looking women in the same car as me. I gave them both a warm smile and must have also sent other, more silent vibes their way, for they both went out of their way to return the smile and brushed past me on several occasions before and after we arrived in the city. They seemed disappointed when I didn't rise to their fairly obvious flirtations,...

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Horny Teens Ch. 02

Millie puts on another show to catch the guys.

Chapter 2 Millicent O'Sullivan -- The Next Morning Millie fell asleep thinking of how she would tell Cindy about her admirer and the cataclysmic heel orgasms knowing Cindy would never believe her unless she managed to do it again in her presence. Well why the fuck not? She thought moments before falling into a deep sleep. The young teen woke up earlier than usual and remarkably...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 18

Howie & Mom Get it on --She sets Him Up With a Girlfriend.

_I realize Howie has been spending a lot of time with his mother and not with Stephanie. Please bear with me, remember time-wise we're talking consecutive days, not counting the rehabilitation from mononucleosis. His mother refuses to let him venture into the big city, sister or not, fearing a relapse and perhaps for selfish reasons as well. This chapter will rectify that problem and Howie will be...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 17

He takes mother dancing - things heat up at home.

Illustrated version available on request to Author Chapter 17 Mom Again I felt guilty about having fucked someone else and leaving my mother home and horny, and so on getting home around 7:30 or so, I asked her if she wanted to go out and share a pizza with me. She lit up like a Christmas tree and hugged me as she agreed that it would be a wonderful idea. "I go change. I...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 16

Howie takes 1st Step to becoming an Escort to MILFs.

Stephanie kept her word the following day, waiting until our mother went off to work and then spending a delightful hour or more massaging me until I came. I have masturbated at least a thousand times since then and never come close to the sheer unadulterated pleasure she brought me during those tantric massages. But all good things come to an end, and Saturday evening Stephie boarded the...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 15

Analingus with aunt Mono then Tantric sex with Sister.

Heavily Illustrated version of this chapter available on request Chapter 15 I might have been in my sexual prime---recuperatively speaking, but Mrs. Bloom had certainly exhausted me. So when my Aunt Elaine met me at the door wearing a see through bra, garter-belt, black net stockings and high heels I wanted no part of her, even though she was dressed, or rather, undressed for sexual...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 13

Aunt Elaine arrives. Mother - Sister fuck - Howie fucks aunt.

Aunt Elaine Climbing off the bus the following morning, I made myself a promise that I wouldn't let the excitement of my Aunt's coming to visit that night take away from the John Travolta-like walk from the opening credits of Saturday Night Fever I had practiced since the girls fought over me. I had been right to think I would be the talk of the school today, especially since Becky and...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 12

Girls fight, then Mother talks about her sex life. They fuck.

Regina and Sydnie-Ann were waiting for me and didn't like what they saw as I approached them with Becky at my side. I saw Sydnie-Ann nudge Regina as Becky and I climbed the steps to the school's entrance. I knew trouble lay ahead, and like the fool I was, I walked right into it. "Hi Reggie ... Hi Sydnie-Ann," I said. They all but ignored me and stared hard at Becky. Becky acted...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 11

Howie tells his sister about having sex with their mom.

I calmly entered the house around 10:15 and by sheer luck, saw something I wasn't supposed to; at least I think it was an accidental sighting. My darling mother walked into the kitchen where I stood drinking out of the milk container, in a red bra and matching panties. She was returning a cup and saucer from her bedroom, and by chance I got to view the ensemble before she covered it with a...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 09

Howie explains his actions then fucks his Mom again.

Illustrated version available on request to Author "Howie ... why was there semen on me when only the two of us were in the house? I want the truth, Howie. Did you fuck me while I was out of it?" I wanted to hide like I did when I was three years old, but there was no place to do it. "Yes," I said, thinking the heavens would crash down on me for having had sex with both my sister...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 08

After a wedding, Howie takes advantage and fucks his mom.

Illustrated version available on request to Author Some of the following I found out later on, but it seems to fit in here and so I've juggled things a little make things easier to follow. My Mother, AKA, Rachel Lamella, had been horny since the separation from my Father, Jeffery Crowder several months before. Mom had planned on getting laid by one Harvey Matthews, a man she'd met...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 07

Howie brings Regina home - but not to study.

All I knew was that I'd tossed and turned all night. I woke up at 4:30 wondering about so many different things: Committing incest with my sister—more than once; letting Candy help me nail Stephie. Should I tell Reggie about my sister and me? Ah, that one I crossed off as soon as it occurred to me. After that I had comingled thoughts about fucking--first Stephie, who was promptly joined...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 06

In the arms of two women he tells his sister he loves her.

Several long minutes later, the three of us were sprawled out on the bed, but strangely no one was touching anyone else. Candy was still nude, but Stephie had donned a black lace bra and flesh colored undies along with high topped stockings. Stephie gently touched my shoulder. "Howie, we need to talk." "Not now, Stephie. Not now." "Howie!" "Not now, Sis!" "Look it's not...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 05

Howie enjoys both Candy and his sister in NYC.

I wasn't surprised to find Candy waiting for me at the Penn Station Terminal when I left my train's platform the next afternoon. Needless to say, I was tired from all the sexual activity of the previous day, but just seeing Candy again got me all revved up again; and there I was, walking toward her trying to hide the telephone pole in my pants from any curious bystanders. Although from the...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 04

He's banging Reggie and watching Sydnie - Ann next door.

All Characters are 18 or older. * Before Reggie could respond, a light flipped on illuminating a room in the house next to hers. "Fuck!" the supposedly well satisfied female next to me swore. "What's wrong?" I asked. "It's that bitch of a slut, Sydnie-Ann Jablonski! Oh, Howie, please don't let that whore, Sydnie-Ann see it!" "I don't understand." "She'll do...

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Sisterly Love Ch. 03

Howie's date leads to sex and an exhibitionist next door.

Regina's Place - 8PM Truth be told, I was nothing if not a horn-dog. Less than three hours earlier I had boinked a mother and daughter I'd gone home and showered their love juices off me, had dinner with my mother, talked for twenty minutes about the mother- daughter romp with Stephie on the phone and dressed for a date with Reggie—casually since her parents were out—and Stephie told me what...

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