Stories Published by 'HardTimmy'

Realising I am Gay

First time gay sex through gloryhole

Typical. Of all the days for my parents to be too busy to pick me up from school band practice, it had to be today. It's raining and cold and I'm stuck walking home. I'm Pete and I turned 18 last month. With it, my parents gave me some extra freedom, although I was still not allowed to use the car to drive to school and relied on my parents to pick me up on the late days. I'm a nerd. I...

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What I Did Ch. 04

A threesome is always fun at a reunion.

This is the 4 th chapter, read 1-3 to get the background. Sorry it has been so long since the first 3 chapters. I find it easy to start but never get around to finishing my stories. This will be the final chapter. Let me know if you enjoy. * I woke up the following morning alone in my room. My girlfriend Lily was nowhere around. I figured she had gone back to her room in the...

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Kinky Abbey

Wild sex with an 18yr old former student.

_I know it's been awhile since I've posted on this site and I apologise. I have a few stories in progress but find it difficult to finish them. This story is posted in the fetish category so don't continue to read if you find piss play or schoolgirl themes repulsive. Enjoy _ * So there I was on a Saturday night, alone, in my bedroom swiping away on Tinder not really even...

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Strip Poker with Sister

A weekend away with friends and sister turns wild.

This was going to be a great weekend. A cabin near the lake and enough alcohol to make sure we would be very sick in the mornings. We all took the day off uni and arrived at the cabin about lunchtime on Friday. There were 6 of us all up, all 19 years old. Mark and myself (Pete) were the guys and Sarah, Mel, Paige and my twin sister Ashley were the girls. I have always been tight with my...

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What I Did Ch. 03

Courtney loses virginity at family reunion.

Sorry it has been so long since the first 2 chapters. Please read those to understand the background. I was confused after that Sunday in the park with Courtney. It was incredible and was the most intense sex I had ever had. Did I feel guilty? Yes. Was that going to stop me? Probably not. I don't think Courtney would have let me even if I wanted to stop. The problem now was...

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What I Did Ch. 02

Courtney wants to experiment outdoors.

This is the second story in the series so make sure you have read chapter 1 first so you get a background of what led me to this point. * I woke up late Sunday morning trying to comprehend just what happened yesterday. Only 24 hours previously I was living quite a normal life. I had a girlfriend who I loved and everything seemed perfect. Well I technically still had a girlfriend but I...

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What I Did Ch. 01

How I came to know my girlfriends little sister better.

I had been seeing Lily for almost a year when this occurred. Lily was 20 at the time and I was 25. I had always copped a little flak from my friends and work colleagues about our relationship because I was so much older than her. It didn't help that Lily was small, I mean really small. She was a dancer only 4"9 and weighing 88lb. She had AA breasts but i really didn't mind, I loved spending time...

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