Stories Published by 'Hector10'

The Four Sluts Pt. 15

An ending.

Author's note: Sorry this one took awhile. I feel like these have been starting to get a bit stale, so I've decided to make this the ending to this story. I might go back and write in some of the parts in between the last chapter and this chapter but for now I think it'll be good to take a break and write other things, possibly on platforms that provide me a little more freedom. *...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 14

Kyra joins in on the fun.

"See ya babe, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." Gentry dropped Kyra of in front of her house. Kyra's summer had been a crazy one to say the least. She started getting pretty serious with her boyfriend Gentry. They'd met each other's parents and even traveled Europe for a few weeks. And she'd started her junior year, something she didn't realize would be so stressful. Her teachers were...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 13

Lizi is making sure senior year is one to remember.

Everyone in this story is over eighteen. * ** Elizabeth was panting hard. Joel, her new boss, was hilt deep in her pussy. Lizi was riding on top of him naked while he was seated in his swivel chair. The assistant manager, Lyle was behind her, deep in her ass. Together they ravaged her, powerfully filling her holes. Her bright blue eyes rolled into the back of her head from the intense...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 12

Sarah and Lauren go to college.

*Everyone involved in this story is over 18. * Sorry it's been awhile, hopefully the cobwebs are off. * "It won't fit in the back." Rick said. "Are you sure, it looks like there's room in the trunk?" His wife Enas was rummaging in the trunk of the packed mini cooper. "It's ok mom, I don't mind sitting on dad's lap." Lauren held her smile back. She was wearing a...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 11

The girls' friends try their ways to...

*Everyone involved in this story is over 18. * It had been a long week for Sarah and Lauren. Both of their families had them putting in a lot of servicing. Lauren most of all. Lauren had slept nearly the entire day. Lauren had to explain to her mom that she had just stayed up really late watching TV. It wasn't entirely untrue after all. Still though, Lauren didn't want to miss...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 10

It's the end of the girls' school year.

*Everyone involved in this story is over 18. * Sarah dabbed the last touches of her eyeliner. She was wearing a tight backless white dress that wrapped around her neck with a thin strap. The dress reached down low to her feet, with a slit down her left side so her leg was completely bare. The dress hugged her waist and front, leaving little to the imagination. An opening under her neck...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 09

The Friends show how much they appreciate their team.

All the characters involved are either eighteen years or older. * The sun was still hidden under the horizon in the early hours of the Thursday morning. Two buses were idling in front of the school and a large gathering of high-schoolers were climbing onto the vehicles. Rachel giddily clambered onto the bus in front of the school. Behind her were the rest of the boys and girls...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 08

Elizabeth just wants to be a good daughter.

Elizabeth's pussy was sopping wet as she drove back home. Her daddy and brother usually fucked her in the morning, and she would usually have sex with at least one of the school guys she hadn't tasted yet. But both her dad and brother went to work early, and she had been so busy all day that she hadn't gotten to fuck a single guy. She couldn't wait to go home and call someone to come and fuck her....

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The Four Sluts Pt. 07

Sarah needs to get a job and into college.

Sarah had just pulled into the parking lot of the strip club. Looking at the place made her anxious. It was dirty and grimy, with trash litter forming a perimeter around the club. The windows were tinted black, but still showed the stains of some unknown substance. The door and windowsills were chipping, and the bouncers stood around lazily. It was on the edge of the city, with little surrounding...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 06

Lauren likes living like a whore.

Lauren was butt naked and choking on her bosses cock while he sat in his office chair. Her pussy was just barely kissing the filthy and stained floor. The thrums and beating of the house music was making its way into the office and Lauren could feel her body shaking. The room was just as it always was, dark, poorly lit, and walls covered in posters of naked women, most with cumstains on their...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 05

Rachel likes to whore herself around.

Rachel moaned loudly as Mr. Faral sank his dick into her pussy on his desk. Rachel was in her schoolgirl outfit. A white blouse with a red-checkered skirt and knee high socks. Her blouse was open, exposing her perky breasts completely. It was the Monday after Elizabeth's birthday and well after school hours. Rachel had gotten a message on her phone to come to her old Elementary school to meet...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 04

Elizabeth is a wannabe slut, but being 18 changes things.

Elizabeth finally got out of class Friday. She had spent the entire day bored out of her mind, and she was just waiting for practice. The day was made longer because Sam, her boyfriend, had been distracting her all day long. Sam had been pushing her about sex for a few weeks now but she wanted to wait until she was older, even though she'd been crazy horny for weeks now. Elizabeth was a...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 03

Sarah's forced to try something new.

Sarah, Rachel, and Elizabeth stared at their best friend Lauren in total shock. As usual they were in one of the hallways by the art department about a half hour before class started. For the fifth time that week Lauren had shown up much later than usual, and in really slutty clothing. All week long she had been dressing up in shorts that let her ass hang out provocatively, high knee socks, and...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 02

Lauren's brothers want a taste.

Lauren woke up to the feeling of her dad fucking her asshole. Only a few hours ago he had taken both her virginity and taken her ass. It was an amazing experience, but she was still sore. Apparently though, her dad didn't care. "Good morning baby girl," Rick said into his daughter's ear as he slowly fucked her ass. Whimpering "Daddy," Was the only way Lauren could respond. She grinded...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 01

Lauren loses her virginity to her dad, and a few others join.

Lauren was sitting in a dark room where the owner of the strip club was interviewing her. The walls were plastered with posters of naked women, and she had a suspicion that many of them worked here or used to work here. She was sitting across from the owner at his corner desk, so Lauren could see the porn website that he had been watching. The electronic music from the club was pounding, but the...

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