Stories Published by 'ILuvItBlack'

Brown Sugar Ravaging Ch. 01

My young friend, Sherri, comes to town and meets Marcus.

As much as I love going to bed with black guys, I also liked a few women, both white and black. One of them, Sherri, and I met when she was eighteen and I was dating her mother. She and I hit it off immediately, as she tested her flirting technique on me. I had told her mother about it, and assured her that I wouldn't let it get out of hand. Shortly after we had met, Sherri's mom was hit by...

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Brown Sugar Quest

Not seeing Marcus for two weeks, I was horny for some sex.

After not seeing Marcus for over two weeks, I was horny for some of his great sex. Henri, Julius and Althea had given me good lovemaking, but I wanted his hard fucking, fucking that he had shown me that I didn't want to be without. I called him Friday evening, to ask what he would be doing on Saturday. When he answered, I said: "Hi Marcus, what have you been doing? I miss you." He...

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Brown Sugar Passion

Henri has me spend the night with Althea.

I hadn't partied with my friends, Henri and Althea in nearly a month, and missed them so much. I called and asked what they had been up to, and they invited me over for dinner on a Friday afternoon. I got to their place and Althea let me in, giving me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. As I handed her a sixpack of O'Doul's, she said that Henri was on the patio grilling the meat for dinner. I...

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Brown Sugar Obsession

Julius and I date and do some lovemaking.

_Having spent an evening with Jaxon, one of the local Mandingo club members, I had become totally accepting that from now on, nothing but large black cocks and good black gentlemen would be able to satisfy me. Having been introduced to the chapter, and being accepted, I had been made "theirs", and they had marked me with a tattoo so that I would be known as "Mandingo meat" from now on. This was...

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Brown Sugar Needs

Marcus had Jaxon come over and take care of my needs.

_On Friday, last week, Marcus had me come to his house, saying that there would be a party. Once there, he introduced me to three of his friends, one of them, that I had met previously, Kenny, and two others, Deshawn and Jaxon. The four of them told me that they were part of the local Mandingo bunch, and that they were going to give me enough big cock that I would become "Mandingo Meat", needing...

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Brown Sugar Mandingo Night

Marcus introduces me to his Mandingo brothers.

_Henri had been only the second man that I had sex with, after the first one seven years before. He was black, well endowed, and a true gentleman. He had no problem entertaining my bedroom fantasy to be feminine, and could either plain out fuck me, or tone it down and make love to me. He really knew how to ring my bell, and had nailed me to the mattress as his. Through him I had met his woman,...

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Brown Sugar Lust

A week after Marcus worked me over, I needed him back.

_Recently, I met Marcus, through a friend, and he is bi-sexual, and possesses a truly awesome Black Snake, at 12 inches and really thick. It is probably the most that I could possibly handle, but he has been able to get it all into my ass pussy. He is a strong lover that will indulge my feminine side, taking charge but not working the Dom/Sub thing. I like lovemaking, but also find it really hard...

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Brown Sugar Knight

I met Julius through Marcus and have him over for a night.

_Having had one great black cock experience a few years ago, I had been on a quest to find the right black man to broaden my experience with. I have not wanted to just do casual sex, not even one night stands, but rather to have more than just the cock and ass connection, even having some sense of lovemaking about it. The man I found, Henri, a "Bi" black gentleman of 54 years made a great partner....

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Brown Sugar Journey

Marcus has a party and I am the center of attention.

_This Brown Sugar Journey of mine was slow to get started, then stagnated for several years, and then took off like a runaway train. After looking for my second black experience for over 7 years, in just a few months I had enjoyed more sex than most do in a few years. I had been made love to. I had been fucked. I had my mouth and throat de-virginized, I had even been fucked with a big, chocolate...

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Brown Sugar Injection

Marcus continues to claim my ass as his.

It had been nearly a week since Henri had told me to take care of Marcus' needs. That had been an intense 4 hours, putting me through some changes that I was still mulling, trying to decide what was best for me. Just after I had my morning coffee, I got a text from Marcus, saying: "Clean that pussy out, I will be coming by in a few hours." I hadn't expected him, but he did say as he...

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Brown Sugar Happening

Marcus stops by and claims me as his.

Continuing the "Brown Sugar" series, this one, like the others is autobiographical with only the names changed. Some of the episodes will land in the "Interracial" category, while others, such as this one, will be in the "Gay Male" category. And as I have done so far, the titles will ascend in the alphabet, with this one being "Brown Sugar Happening". Please enjoy, and thanks for reading....

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Brown Sugar Gift 02

A new friend has joined us for a couple of days of fun.

Althea and Henri have invited their new friend, April to town to spend a couple of nights, and had me come over as well. April and I planned to spend the night with them. I will get some private time with Henri, while April will have her first, personal, girl and girl night with Althea. Henri's woman, Althea, and I were on the sofa, while Henri and April were on a comforter on the floor...

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Brown Sugar Gift 01

Henri and Althea invite their friends Eddie n April over.

It has been more than a week since I had been to bed with my man, Henri. I was beyond horny, and ready to resort to having a woman over for the night. I had no idea, before I was introduced to black cock, that I would crave it as I have done for the past 7 years. When I met Henri last year, I had no idea that I would become so addicted to his lovemaking, and be so desirous of having him in a bed....

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Brown Sugar Faithful

Henri and I have some new Brown Sugar.

Henri and I were out of town, planning to attend a two day old tractor show, and have a motel room nearby. Getting there early enough on Friday, we checked in, had a meal at the onsite restaurant, and met a really sexy black lady. We planned to eat there again, mostly to look her over some more. This Saturday morning, on the way from our room to the show, we stopped at a Waffle House to eat....

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Brown Sugar Ecstasy

Henri and I go out of town for fun and games.

After a very nice night with Henri and his woman, I took some time off, both to let my asshole return to as normal as possible, and to think about Henri, and what he and I did for each other. My only "gay thoughts" were on being in bed with him. But they were offset when I would think about how great it had been having his woman, Althea, in bed. All in all, I just wanted good sex. Henri and I...

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Brown Sugar Ch. 04

Henri and Althea have me over for the night.

After a weekend of the most sex I had ever taken part in, I was spending a couple of days recuperating. A pool party with people as crazy about sex as me, with me as their "new" guest, putting me at the center, made for one sore asshole. Getting up Monday morning I felt like I had Marcus' big 12 inch cock inside me. My poor pucker hole had been battered, beaten, bruised, and banged by its 7.5...

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Brown Sugar Ch. 03

Henri has a pool party at his place.

I was able to keep myself together and not call Henri over the weekend, but did on Tuesday, thanking him for giving me the pleasure that he has given me. Henri said: "Thanks baby, I loved what we do too. I told Althea that you took all of me again, and that you kept Cumming. She said that she would like to meet the man that could take my black snake. Let's get together here at my place this...

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Brown Sugar Buddy

My life with my new fuck buddy continues.

Brown Sugar Buddy After having Henri over for a night, I knew that I wanted more of that, lots more of that. The man is a good lover, not minding that I am white, male, and not interested in controlling or possessing him. He sensed what I wanted, and offered it to me, before we even knew each other's names. He could tell that I was serious about wanting to have a black man for my...

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Brown Sugar Addict

After waiting for 7 years, I met the man I had dreamed of.

Brown Sugar Addict Having had a very enjoyable, one time, man to man sex encounter in 2011, I wanted more. I wanted more the next day, and the next month, and there has not been a day go by since, that I haven't thought about finding myself under a good, big, black lover. I don't feel that I am gay, wanting any man that might come along, but along with the occasional women in my...

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Dark Desires

One man's introduction to his love for Black Cock.

I have always loved girls, women, females and I still do. But, in 2011, I had an experience that showed me that along with girls, women, females, I just plain love sex. On the road for a few days, crisscrossing South Florida, I was staying in motels. In one, where I had planned to stay from Friday afternoon until a Monday morning meeting, I met someone new. I had gone to a grocery on...

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