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The Ex Chronicles Ch. 04

My ex shows up on video and in real life again.

While rummaging some of my old stuff the other day, I came across an old tape. Since I'm probably one of the only people left in the world with a working VCR, I plugged it in to see it was. The tape opened with my ex wife Heather walking into the room wearing nothing but a see through black negligee. I stopped tape then; I knew what this was. This was one of the rare videos she made with me....

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The Online Files Ch. 02

My online adventures continue.

The ability to find whatever I was looking for online opened up new doors for me. It's one thing to find a curious guy that feels like giving a blowjob, or wants to have someone suck his cock. It's another thing to find someone that wants to fulfill his fantasies, no matter how wild they are. I got lucky one night, and got into something totally wild and crazy. I was checking out my favorite...

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My Naughty Babysitter

The babysitter next door opens up to me and more.

The wife and I had two kids, and it had been years since we had gotten out for a night. We'd tried the babysitter thing, but it seemed there something about all of them that the wife had issues with. We couldn't even go out and enjoy a movie without her leaving to call home and check up on everything. Don't get me wrong here. I understand her concerns, but two hours away from the kids isn't that...

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The Ex Chronicles Ch. 03

My adventures with the ex continue.

My ex was very entertaining, once she came out of her shell. And she never wasted an opportunity to shock or surprise me. But you can see that in chapter one and two. They're posted in loving wives. This happened before we were actually married, but I have the feeling it qualifies anyway. She ran with several other girls, and most of them were amazing. Two of them were former beauty...

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The Online Files Ch. 01

My adventures on online begin again.

Back in the day, it was fairly easy to find what you were looking for. First of all, there were adult book stores. Every one I ever saw was basically the same. There was a video section, and there were booths there. Usually, you'd go in, drop in your money or tokens, and the monitor came on giving you access to anything and everything. And if you were lucky, the booth would have a gloryhole....

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One Time with My Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

My Mother-in-law explores with me in towel.

Having re-read my story, your comments were right. I did leave everyone hanging. Although this story was intended to be a stand alone story, it does deserve more. So here you are. * My Mother-in-law and I were recovering from our adventures that day, when we started talking. She seemed bothered by something, and I had to find out what it was. We were sitting at the kitchen table...

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Daddy Daughter... Roleplay 02

Mommy joins in.

After the first time with Mark's girlfriend, I got busy trying to set up something I knew she'd really enjoy. I had a friend with benefits that came over whenever I wanted, and believe me, that was quite often. I have a dominant side that doesn't get to come out and play very often. She discovered that, and loved it. Her name was Kay, and I knew the first time she walked in I was in for fun....

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My Taboo Family Ch. 06

Mom brings a neighbor into the mix.

After Maggie and I had Mom in a threesome, things became a lot more open around our place. We all knew what was going on, and it wasn't unusual to have all of my sister's and Mom running around the house naked. That was the beauty of living out in the country. We only had other people around if we wanted them there. That was the case when I came home from work one day. My sister's had gone...

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One Time with My Mother-in-Law

I see my Mother-in-law in a new light.

My wife and I were living several states away from her mother, when I got an opportunity that was too good to pass up. Oddly enough, it was back in the state where we'd first met. I had to at least check it out, so I arranged some vacation days, and headed back. Luckily my Mother-in-law still lived in her old place. I arranged to stay with her for a few days while I was in the area. We got...

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ABS Days Ch. 03

The wife discovers my secret.

My adventures at the local bookstore were getting more and more interesting, and more and more frequent. I was back in my favorite booth more and more. Then one evening, my world changed dramatically. I was married at the time you see. My wife had some issues that led to a long dry spell. That was what led me to explore my wild side. Quarterly sex just wasn't cutting it for me, but I wasn't...

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The Ex Chronicles Ch. 02

The ex comes to my work.

After the revelation from my ex, our life together became a lot more interesting. We openly talked about our fantasies, and did our best to live them out. I was writing porn for her too. She came home with a blank book one day, and gave it to me. She told me it excited her seeing my wants and desires written in my own hand. I was more than happy to do that. It was something I enjoyed, and to...

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ABS Days Ch. 02

My experiences become more interesting.

After my first time at a gloryhole, I knew I'd be back for more. The thrill of strangers was just too much to resist. I found myself fantasizing about it all the time; the dim light of the booth, the porn playing on the screen, and of course the strangers cock. I couldn't get back as often as I wanted to, but I still managed to show up once a week at least. Some nights were complete busts,...

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ABS Days Ch. 01

My first time was at a gloryhole.

Everyone's over 18. Back in the day, one of the things that fascinated me was my local adult bookstore. It was a combination of things there that did it for me. It was in the back of a regular bookstore. There was a wall separating it from the general public of course. When you walked around the wall, there it was in all its glory. I was amazed; there was porn everywhere. Anything and...

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Daddy Daughter... Roleplay 01

My friend's girl needs something from me.

Everyone is over 18. *** I used to work in the media. Specifically, I was what they called an "on air personality". I called it what it was when I started; I was a DJ in a radio station. That kind of work led to a lonely and nomadic life. Sure, I got to travel the country. But I did it alone. The only good thing about it was there were always groupies that would take care of my...

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My Taboo Family Ch. 05

Mom and sister meet.

My sister Maggie (my middle sister) was the one that fascinated me the most. Normally I love busty women; that wasn't Maggie. But she had something going for her, she was openly bi. I figured as much, but then again she was the athlete in the family. I was probably just stereotyping. Luckily, that wasn't wrong. Maggie and I had one encounter already. Nothing physical had happens between us,...

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The Ex Chronicles Ch. 01

The start of things with my ex.

My (now) ex wife was a very interesting person when we were together. She always appeared to be the conservative type, but anyone who knew her knew different. I discovered her wild side after we were married. We were making a road trip to Minnesota from Indiana when she finally revealed it. I'm a night guy; so we always drive through the night. Usually there was no issue, but this night I...

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My First Time with a Friend

My first time with a friend.

Back in my college days, I had a lot of friends hung out with. They were all very unique in their own ways. Only one of them really fascinated me though. Her name was Melissa; the group called her Mel. I remember the day I met her. She was wearing her work clothes when she came in. She worked as a bartender in a local club. Her working clothes were a heavy cotton button down shirt, and tight...

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My First Threesome with My Neighbor

A neighbor girl makes my day interesting.

I was 20 when this happened. It was a wonderful Summer day, but as usual in my small town, I was bored. That ended when my phone rang. It was my neighbor Tammy. Obviously she was bored too. Long story short; she invited me over for a while. I was intrigued by the invitation, so I accepted. I'd known Tammy for years, but nothing had ever happened between us. She was completely different from...

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