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Jehovah's Key Witness

Courtney is bored and horny ...

Courtney opened the patio door and stepped out onto the deck. Already, it was a steamy eighty five degrees, a great day to work on her tan. School was over and she finished the last of her finals only a couple of days ago. There was no time to waste to get a good tan before she started college in the fall. She was wearing her green bikini, the one she bought at the end of school last year....

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Of All the Churches

Church is the best place to do it with his Aunt.

Of all the churches he had visited, St. Vincent's was still his favorite. Its architecture was beautiful, like the grand cathedrals of Europe, yet understated, just right for the scaled down size and tucked into the side streets of Ashfield. Henry Connolly held his girlfriend's hand and together they climbed the steps the front door of the church. "Wow. This is a really nice church,"...

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The Audit

Craig gets a visit from his Accountant.

Craig shook his head and slapped a few more slices of ham on the grill. Immediately it began to sizzle. He sliced lengthwise into a sub bun and put it open-side down on the grill next to the cooking ham. It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and he had a line of customers in his sub shop, placing their orders and waiting for carry-outs. It was great to be so busy, but that wasn't what had him so...

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The Funeral

Ethan eases the grieving widow's aching heart.

The funeral home was probably the most depressing place Ethan had ever seen. He had never met Mr. Hansen, and seeing him laying dead in a coffin in the middle of the room was a little disturbing. The worst part, though, was that he didn't know anyone there. Mom was on the other side of the room, talking to a couple of older people, and Pam was with her. He was by himself in a room full of...

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The Cerberus Incident Ch. 02

Binkle battles the evil pink poodle, then tames the pussy.

Chickasaw was just twenty miles to the east of the truck crash. It made sense. They had been making their way east for about a week. Binkle found the first place to stay in Chickasaw, the only place, and parked the Camaro outside the Thurston Motel. He got out and got his duffel bag out of the back seat. He paused to look around. It was a quiet town. Already, the place smelled like death....

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Ted’s Pizza Shop

Jamie's working with late with Tina, and she hooks him up.

The pizza shop was busy, really busy that night. That was odd for a plain old Thursday night. By the time we were closing up at ten, I had run ragged, pulling tubs of toppings out of the cooler, chopping vegetables and mushrooms, opening cans of sauce, and lugging trays loaded with dough balls. I was dead tired and couldn't wait to get home and get my homework done so I could go to bed. Ted...

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Welcome to the Family Ch. 02

Lanie finally gets her father-in-law's huge cock.

The next day they all met for lunch at Rick's, a cafe with a wooden deck off the back that looked out over the Gulf of Mexico. Jimmy's Mom and Dad had got up early, and met them there. The men ordered burgers. Lanie and Mom both wanted the salad bar, and went inside together to fix their salads. Lanie was talking about where they might go shopping that afternoon while the men were golfing,...

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Welcome to the Family Ch. 01

Lanie gets a taste of satisfaction from her father-in-law.

Lanie Shine swam underwater to the ladder at the deep end of the pool. She climbed to the edge of the pool and brushed her long, blonde hair back on her head. She tilted her head back to feel the warmth of the sun on her face. She liked the feel of the water running off her body, and the feel of the straps of her new bikini cutting into the soft flesh of her boobs. She slicked her hair back...

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Single Digits

Detective Dan Isbister makes a gruesome discovery.

Detective Dan Isbister took a sip of his coffee and sighed. It was going to be a great day. He could tell it was going to be a great day because his partner, the incomparable Detective Haley Osburke, had his cock halfway down her throat. She was bent over him in the front seat of the car, gagging and drooling on his cock. She had been working on trying to swallow his entire cock since, well,...

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Pam and the Party Store

Some guys give Pam a ride, then she gives them a ride.

Pam stood outside the party store, shivering, huddling under her thin coat against the wind. It was a lot colder than she had expected. It certainly wasn't that cold when she left her house right after school. Now it was dark and she wondered if she was going to be able to make it home. It would be extremely degrading if she had to call Mom for a ride. A cool-looking car pulled into a parking...

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 08

Mrs. Petersen has a few things to say to Dorsey.

I waited in the kitchen. Chloe's Mom was yelling at the girls pretty good. Her voice practically made the whole house shake. It wasn't fair that they should get yelled at when we were just having fun. I wasn't sure who I felt worse for, Chloe because she didn't get my cum, or Ginger because she did. The shouting stopped. The bedroom door slammed, and Mrs. Petersen started down the stairs. I...

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 07

Chloe's cousin learns to handle Dorsey's huge cock.

Chloe was waiting for me outside. She grinned when she saw me walking toward her, I'm sure because I had an erection in the leg of my jeans that made me walk funny. "Dorsey? You got a huge hard on," she said, loud enough that anyone nearby would have heard. She gave me a big hug and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Behind us, the door to the office opened ad Ellie came out. Her hair...

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The Cerberus Incident Ch. 01

Josey Binkle gives Harmony a seriously good reaming.

Josey Binkle held the black-bladed sword with both hands and swung it in a flat, horizontal arc. The edge of the blade sunk into the vampyre's neck and through, and rang like a bell as it cut through the bone. The vampyre's green head rose away from its neck, tumbled in the air once, and plopped into the mud by its feet. The rest of the body stopped in mid-stride, one foot raised, tottering on the...

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 06

Dorsey's boss finds out about his huge cock.

It was probably a good thing I didn't do it with Mary that night. The very next night was a busy one for me. I could tell from the minute Dad dropped me off at the track that I was going to need all of my energy. Chloe was picking me up at the end of the night, and I was looking forward to the chance to get it on with her again. But it wasn't just that. Just from the look in Ellie's eyes, I could...

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 05

Dorsey climbs between his sister's legs.

It had already been a long night when the owner walked in. I rolled my eyes. That was all I needed to make the night complete, a visit from him and his snotty daughter. It was a slow night, and I was left to run the go-karts with Webb, the new guy, who was about as smart as a brick. The slow night was good, though. It gave me time to catch up on my work. I had about half a dozen karts...

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 04

Chloe demands that Dorsey bang her.

My tricks with the girls just got more interesting every day. It was just after second hour the next morning when Chloe walked up to me at my locker, grabbed me by the shirt and in front of all the other kids said, "Dorsey, I swear to God you have got to fuck me now." Some of the people stared at us with their mouths hanging open. The others just split. "I have to what?" I said, just to...

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 03

Darla works out the kinks on Dorsey's huge cock.

It was late when I finally got to Darla's, and I knocked lightly on the door several times before she finally opened it. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and squinted. "What are you doing here?" she said. "I'm here to see you." "I thought you forgot about me because you were having a good time with Chloe." I just kind of looked around and kicked the doormat. I felt kind of awkward...

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 02

Dorsey starts dating several girls.

A few days later I went to my room and found a tape on my bed. I put it in to watch, expecting to see myself with that chick Amber, but it was Mary in her room, naked on her bed with her legs spread, rubbing her pussy. She was staring into the camera like she was looking right at me, and biting her lower lip. The tv next to her bed was on and the image on the screen was me with Amber on my lap....

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 01

Dorsey's sister records. him in action with his huge cock.

I went up to my room to change my clothes after a hard night of work at the go-kart track. I started to take off my shirt and heard a noise from the direction of the wall that connects my room to my eighteen year old sister's room, where I have a door to a closet that we share. I went to the closet and opened the door and found my younger sister with Dad's camcorder. "Mary, what are you...

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Miss Varley the Math Teacher

The new math teacher measures Ethan's huge cock.

Ethan stood at his locker, leaning back against the wall. The school looked different from his new perspective, and he wasn't sure what it was that was different. It was the first day of classes in his senior year. He looked around at the people he had known since grade school. How odd to see them all so grown-up and mature-looking. He was eighteen now. On the other hand, the new freshmen looked...

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Hung Jury Ch. 03

Ethan's huge cock gets stuck in the glory hole.

Tanya folded the last table and set it off to the side. Gayle and Heather took the table and put it in the back of Sylvia's truck. She wiped her hands on her jeans and looked around the sub shop. All of the girls were helping to clean up, and they all had smiles on their faces. They stopped to talk with each other in low voices. Tanya reached for the broom and started sweeping. She knew what...

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Pam and the Test Drive

Ethan takes his GTO and his sister for a test drive.

The sun was straight up on the July afternoon, and the temperature was soaring past ninety. Ethan was in the shade of the garage, although it wasn't much cooler, working on his red 1966 Pontiac GTO. Two weeks ago he bought replacement parts for a good tune up and finally found free time to get started. The sunlight streaming down was so bright he had to squint to look out to the street. The...

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Hung Jury Ch. 02

The girls use Ethan's huge cock for a fundraiser.

Ethan was crossing the diagonal on the Quad, between two large buildings of classrooms, and didn't notice her. He had his head down, reading the last part of the chapter he would be tested on, and nearly jumped when she spoke to him. "Excuse me. You're Ethan McCullen, aren't you?" she said. He stopped and backed up a step. "Yes." "I'm Melinda Dolinski. Maybe you remember me?"...

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Charlie & Co. Ch. 02

Jimmy gets a new client.

Jimmy didn't see her again until about a month later. Charlie walked into his office wearing that short black skirt, but this time with a matching black blouse and black jacket. She looked very proper, except for the mischievous smile on her lips, and the glint in her eyes. "Have you been to a funeral?" Jimmy said. He put down his pen and sat back in his leather arm chair. Charlie walked...

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The Frat Party Ch. 02

Allie gets it on with a well-hung professor.

The band stopped playing to take a break. The naked girls picked up their clothes and climbed off the stage. Allie and Erin headed upstairs, along with a bunch of other people. Erin pulled Allie aside, away from the flow of people going up and down the stairs. "You want another beer? I'm gonna get another beer," she said. "Yeah. I think I'm gonna get drunk," Allie said. She rubbed...

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Charlie & Co. Ch. 01

Dad's partner has a hot young wife; Dad has a huge cock.

His hands were full. He pushed the swinging door to the kitchen open with his foot and went in. Just inside the door, he paused, and his left eyebrow arched up. Charlie was there, on the other side of the island, with her hands under the front of her shirt, squeezing and molding her breasts. As soon as he came in, she looked up, smiled, and quickly pulled her hands out from under her shirt....

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The Frat Party Ch. 01

Coed Allie goes to her first frat house party.

It was almost ten o'clock at night. Allie Miller took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes, and looked at the alarm clock on the stand by her bed. Was that right? Had she been studying for seven hours? She needed a break. She padded across the small dorm room in her fluffy pink bunny slippers to the small refrigerator and got a cold bottle of water. She twisted the top off and took a drink....

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Lena & Tori Ch. 03

Ethan finally gets it on with Lena's sister.

Ethan loved driving Charlie's car. It was so big and low and easy to drive. He still loved his '66 GTO, but Charlie's Olds was a laid back and take it easy kind of car. It was a beautiful, sunny morning. He parked the car in the lot outside Lena's apartment building. He stood at the panel of buttons outside the door, trying to remember which apartment he was in last night. He never heard...

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Hung Jury Ch. 01

Pair of sorority girls come to measure Ethan's cock.

Ethan couldn't remember being so sore after hockey practice. The only thing he could figure was his muscles had to get used to the work again after the layoff he had for his sprained knee. It felt good, though, to finally be back on the ice again. The shower helped. The hot water soothed his muscles and made them feel much less tight. For the rest of the night he had no plans but to finish up...

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Lena & Tori Ch. 02

Ethan meets Lena's hot sister.

The car was quiet when they drove off again. Lena started laughing. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh. It was just so funny when Benton grabbed your dick. I though you were gonna die," she said. "I thought he was gonna pull out his dick and compare them," Ethan said and groaned. Charlie laughed. "Maybe he just wanted some advice on how to make his bigger." He drove right to the...

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