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One Hell of a Saleswoman

My daughter and I had to share a hotel room.

I used to frequent a message board, now defunct, for people who get off on incest. One of the forums was for incest-related photos. The story that follows was inspired by one such picture. The last three words of the story are the caption that accompanied the picture. *** I run a successful home-remodeling company. I started it with my then-wife Lauren, who left me for her Tai Chi...

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A Woman of Letters Pt. 04

Two guys watch us in the Jacuzzi.

Last week was Josh's birthday, but last month was our three-month anniversary. We celebrated by checking into a nice hotel. The spa area had a Jacuzzi, which gave me an excuse to wear a bikini one last time. (The pool in the apartment complex is closed until spring.) I had hoped I could tease Josh by having my bikini "accidentally" come off a piece at a time, but two other guys joined us. A young,...

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Rick & Marissa Diamonds are Forever

Rick and Marissa like each other's Valentine's Day gifts.

I was so excited at the prospect of being pregnant that I texted a couple friends saying that I was. I would have been disappointed no matter what when my period started the next day, but I had figured my due date to be around Easter, and I liked the idea of bringing a new life into the world on a holiday that's all about new life. I got over it without any further thought. The Saturday of...

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Rick and Marissa: Answers

Marissa tells Rick what she really wants.

I started my college internship a month ago, and then I'll be finished with school. It's down the street from where Rick works, so staying with him was a natural choice. I even got a job nearby for the two months between my finals and the start of the internship, so I moved straight from the dorm into his house. Rick and I went to the town's Fourth of July concert and fireworks display. This...

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Rick and Marissa: Wedding Bells

Rick was a groomsman, and he was irresistible in a tuxedo.

There's no connection between the two events, but the semester that my parents found out that Rick and I were fucking is the same semester that I had to declare a major. I'd been aiming for finance, but the classes had a lot of statistics, and I'd found a real affinity for it. I convinced Mom and Dad that the extra semester would get me better job prospects. The down side is that I'd have to wait...

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Rick and Marissa: Questions

Nature Girl's friends sneak away from a family trip.

By now you've read a few stories about me and my brother Rick. Between our video chat and the time we were supposed to meet up, someone at the campus cafeteria didn't wash their hands properly and I got some sort of rash. It wasn't life-threatening, but the doctor at Student Health Services advised me against "intimate contact" for the next two weeks. Rick and I still got together, but instead of...

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Casey's Bat

Donny and Casey met at a baseball game. Casey had a secret.

The examiner taped the last of the electrodes to Donny's skin. "Okay, a couple questions for a baseline. Please answer these honestly." She paused and asked, "What is your name?" "Donald Plesac." "In what city were you born?" "Dearborn, Michigan." "Those readings are normal. Now I'll ask you two questions and I need you to lie. First, what is your date of birth?" "February...

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The Interview

Spin-off "Nature Girl": Marissa visits Rick at his place.

A couple months ago, I benefited from the most amazing coincidence. I had met and fucked Sonya, a gorgeous young woman, while I was camping in the Smoky Mountains. Later that day, I recognized my parents' car and found Sonya going down on my sister Marissa. That led to a threesome, fucking Sonya first and then Marissa! Any guy would be surprised if he got to fuck his sister, but until that moment,...

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Tawny Ch. 01

My daughter's friend didn't know she was at work.

If I wanted you to feel sorry for me, I'd tell you that I haven't had a date since my wife left me three years ago. If I really wanted you to feel sorry for me, I'd tell you that we had three kids, now all in their teens. The truth is, Elaine was toxic. Lucie, the middle child, is the only female in the house, and she's the first one to tell you that we're better off without her. When Lucie...

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Who's in Charge? Ch. 03

The emotions run deeper for Will and Jill.

There was a soft knock on my bedroom door on Wednesday night. It was Jill. "Can I come in?" she asked. "Of course," I said. She closed the door behind her, so I knew something was going on. Since our parents were home, it wasn't likely to be good. "Tonight at dinner I almost wished Phil was still here," she told me. "Why's that?" This was an odd thing to wish for. If Phil still...

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Who's in Charge? Ch. 02

I was in charge the last time. Now my sister's in control.

Mom and Dad went out of town on Friday to visit their friends. I had to work an afternoon shift that day, so they were gone when I got home. I had waited for this night with a mix of dread and anticipation. What was Jill going to do when she was really in charge? She texted me before I left work to let me know that they had already left. As soon as I was through the front door, I yelled, "Honey,...

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Who's in Charge? Ch. 01.5

Jill couldn't wait, so she settles for a quickie.

No sooner had I convinced Mom and Dad to put Jill in control the next time they went out of town than I thought, "What have you done, Will?" That was two weeks ago. Their anniversary was two nights ago. I hoped, since they were going to the theatre, that they'd put Jill in charge, so her turn would only be for one night. They weren't staying overnight, though, so they didn't put anyone in...

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Who's in Charge?

Our parents left my brother in charge for the weekend.

"While we're away, Will's in charge. Do what he says, Jill." In my mind, I was smashing things and yelling, "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" For seven years, when our parents went away overnight or longer, they'd put our brother Phil in charge. (Some parents give their kids the same initial. They gave us names that rhyme.) The last time they'd done this, he was 20 and Will and I were seventeen....

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The Hungary Games

My girlfriend's mom visits from Hungary.

Author's note: One of my readers, in commenting on a story, told me about the arrangement he had with his girlfriend and her mother, who are in fact from Hungary. I used my imagination to guess how it came to pass. Some of the dialogue in the following story is lifted directly from his account. * My name is Nick. I'm an intern, getting ready to finish medical school next year. Mona...

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Samantha and the Wolf Ch. 04

Rebuilding Sam's confidence after baby.

Amanda is two months old, and my wallet is as thick with pictures as you'd expect it to be. Sam has been back at work for a month. I went back the next week. We staggered our FMLA time in case we had an unforeseen need, like difficulty finding day care or Amanda having special medical needs. Happily, everything was normal, and I had a week alone with my daughter. I see lots of her mother in her,...

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Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 07

Incest is nothing new in this family.

Scott pulled his car into the house where he and Tiffany grew up. They both got out and walked to the front door. Their mother greeted them, then shouted toward the back of the house, "They're here!" Their dad came out and said hello to them. Dinner was ready by the time they got there, so everyone sat down. Tiffany waited until she'd finished her first serving of lasagne and then opened up....

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Samantha and the Wolf Ch. 03

Recalling a canoe trip with another couple.

I woke up around seven. Sam was still asleep. I looked over at her and saw her belly and boobs rise and fall as she breathed. I cried because it's such a beautiful sight. It seems like every other night since she started to show, I've looked over at her in awe. Heck, even before we got married, when we'd spend the night together, I'd see her beautiful body next to mine and wonder how I got so...

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Samantha and the Wolf Ch. 02

Moving into the house and decorating for Christmas.

Sam was still under the covers when she woke me up. "What should we do today? Decorate? Paint? Unpack?" We'd made love the first morning in our new house. On the second morning, she was down to business. I thought for a second. "Unpack now, decorate tonight. I'm more concerned with how the tree looks at night than during the daytime. Besides, I wanted to put it up last night, but you wanted...

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Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 06-07

Tiffany wants to try again after her accident.

Scott helped Tiffany remove her shoes and socks and walk up the stairs. He tried to walk her straight to her bed, but she stopped to close the door. Once they were seated on her bed, she asked, "Disappointed?" Scott took his own shoes and socks off. "At what?" "At not getting to see me shake my ass, you ... ass!" Tiffany punched Scott on the shoulder. "I'm disappointed, but I'm...

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Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 05

Tiffany has a setback, but she plans on fucking Scott soon.

Tiffany awoke to the sound of someone singing "Uptown Funk". It wasn't Mark Ronson or Bruno Mars. It wasn't even someone who had a good enough voice to be a singer. As she gained clarity, she realized that it wasn't on the radio; the person was right there, singing to her. She could feel someone holding her hand. She opened her eyes and saw Scott standing over her. It was his hand and his voice....

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Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 04

Scott and Tiffany may have pushed their luck too far.

The last thing Tiffany remembered about her dream before she woke up was Scott wearing a Seahawks jersey, having just been traded from the Rams. In the dream, she felt Zane moving in her belly under her Rams jersey. Scott's contract with the Rams had allowed them to buy this house, and his broadcasting career had taken care of them since. Awake, she felt it under her nightshirt. After naming their...

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Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 03

Scott and Tiffany take even greater risks.

Scott had indeed told his mother that he'd be home for Mother's Day weekend, but he was deliberately vague about when to expect him. Tiffany told her parents that she had a date on Friday night. She worried that they'd say she should wait till Scott came home before she left, but neither of them thought it was necessary. This was fortunate, since her date was with Scott. They met at the same club...

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Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 02

Scott and Tiffany go to a club so she can show off.

After Scott went back to campus, he kept revisiting the sight of his sister shaking her ass. He went online to look at videos of young women twerking, but every woman turned into Tiffany. On Thursday evening, he called her on her cell phone. He tried to hide the reason he was calling. "So, did your dance work on Jimmy?" he asked. "No," she answered sadly. "We were in his room Tuesday night. I...

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Twerk, Little Sister Ch. 01

Scott walks in on his sister shaking her bare ass.

It was early April. Classes were cancelled on Wednesday for a faculty development day. Scott didn't have any classes on Tuesday, and the college was only an hour away from home, so he took advantage of the manufactured weekend and went home Monday evening. When he got there, only one car was in the driveway. He went in and heard some deep bass reverberating through the house. He followed the sound...

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Centerfold Ch. 04

I give Cami a very special present.

NOTE: I wrote this story in 2007. The ages reflect this. *** When I went to bed the night of my birthday, I was as happy as I'd ever been. The girl of my dreams was now the lady in my life, and I wanted to make sure it stayed that way. She was even giving serious thought to having my child, which was more than I had dared to dream with any other woman since I became an adult. I hoped...

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Centerfold Ch. 03

Cami gives Trent a new version of the pictorial.

I extracted a promise from him to buy more condoms before I come to see him in New York. We waited until he was home before we decided when that would be, so he could look at his date book. I was glad for the delay for a number of reasons. It gave me plenty of time to schedule my vacation time at work. I don't make a lot of money as a CNA, but I've managed my finances well enough that I could...

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Twice Forbidden Ch. 04

My uncle tells me more about my mother ... and my father.

Alert to the readers who have added me as a favorite author, or who favorite-d one of my previous stories: If you haven't figured it out, this chapter ties "Twice Forbidden" into a previous story. *** A SECOND CHANCE Uncle Jerry was right about finals week being busy. The way my schedule worked out, the finals for my own classes were before the weekend, and the two I had to...

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Twice Forbidden Ch. 03

The morning after our first night together.

This is shorter than the other chapters. It was originally the introduction to a longer chapter. * The first time we made love knowing that we were related was also the first time we spent the night together. When I woke up, I was facing away from the center of the bed. I could see my crotchless panty on the ground. I remembered that I'd wanted Jerry to fuck my ass after he came...

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Twice Forbidden Ch. 02

Dating your students is bad. This makes it worse.

In 2038, the Human Genome Project was officially completed. I say officially because the famous project really just opened the doors to all kinds of other research. Coincidentally, I finished my bachelor's degree in biology that year, with the announcement being the top news story the night before I received my diploma. I happened to get into grad school at St. Regis University in Indiana when...

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Twice Forbidden Ch. 01

Two encounters in college, one with my cousins.

NOTE: This story takes place in the future, but you'll be disappointed if you expect to read about two people having sex on a hoverboard or a woman using a hard-light hologrammatic dildo. (Feel free to use those ideas in your own story, though!) *** Very soon I'm going to tell you a story about my lover. In the course of that story, I related a couple incidents to him that I think...

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