Stories Published by 'Judge60'

Wife Controls My First Bi Experience

Wife calls the bisexual action between husband & another man.

First, let me thank "HeyAll" who functioned as my "volunteer editor" on this story. His assistance was invaluable to the process and to the content itself. I thank you, sir! BACKGROUND: Approximately two weeks ago I placed a notice in the Literotica Personals. My "Profile" read as follows: "Introduction I am a 65-year-old man and have been straight my entire life except...

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Wife Takes Control

Wife takes control of my orgasm and ass!

Just Cumming #1 This takes place in the early evening when Carol at least suspects that I haven't cum in awhile. We are either on the couch or in the media room maybe. She suddenly says, 'Bill, I'm in the mood to watch you cum, are you up for that? If so, go down to our bedroom NOW and don't do ANYTHING until I tell you to, especially touching your penis. Oh, and put on some underwear that...

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