Stories Published by 'Julia7642'

The Sister

Brother tries on sister's clothes, and sister likes it.

My interest began about three years ago. I was 14 then and my best friend David was same. I have always found his sister to be very attractive and when she was 16 I was not able to keep by eyes off her. She is tall, slender, with nice breasts and big pouty lips. I was in David's house often so I always saw his sister. One day I was using the bathroom and I saw the hamper was open. I looked inside...

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The Day I Was Raped

Cheerleader learns to love her attacker.

It was the Saturday of the big homecoming game at my high school. I was a cheerleader and I wanted to make sure I would get with a football player so I made sure I dressed sexy. I put on a pair of green lace thong panties so they would get a good look at my ass, a green lace bra that held up my firm 36C tits, and my two piece cheerleading outfit. The top was an extremely tight v-neck that only...

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The Great Day

Male enjoys panties, and what's in them.

I woke up on a Thursday morning in May with my usual hard on, so I took by yearbook to the bathroom and jerked off to the hot girls in my school. I then showered and got dressed and went to the bus stop where Julia was already standing. She was wearing a tight blue shirt and a very short black skirt that blew in the wind and gave me such a good look at her in her green satin panties. I had trouble...

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The Switch

Man dresses like woman and seduces boss.

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for my interview where I had to be "Julia". I just loved becoming a hot sexy girl. I took a quick shower, shaved my legs then began to transform. I put on a red lipstick, mascara, blush and then I put my shoulder length brown wig on. I then put a sexy pair of black lace thong panties on, nicely tucking my dick away. I then put on a black lace bra and put my fake...

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