Stories Published by 'kathrynmburke'

Wife and Ex-Wife Ch. 05

Patrick agrees to marry Nina - and meets her mother.

Things did quiet down over the next few months, as Patrick and Nina seemed to get into a rhythm that worked well for them—so much so that Patrick gave up his apartment and moved his remaining belongings into Nina's house. (Most of his furniture, which wasn't as nice as Nina's, was sold or given to various charities.) Summer turned into fall, which turned into winter; although Seattle really...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 17

Julia and Arthur get together in every sense of the term.

When Julia came home that day, everyone could tell that something strange had happened. She hardly said a word when she entered the house, and she at once headed upstairs to her room, paying no heed to her daughters' casual greeting or to Rod's attempt to give her a welcome-home hug. After Rod and Melissa exchanged worried looks, Melissa followed her mother up the stairs. Julia had already...

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Wife and Ex-Wife Ch. 04

Patrick moves into Nina's house and learns about her past.

Monday morning, Nina arrived at her bank a few minutes late. At the desk next to hers, Teresa was sitting there glaring at every move Nina made until she too sat down at her own desk. "Wh-what's the matter?" Nina stammered. "I think I'm going to kill you," Teresa said with quiet menace. "Why?" Nina exclaimed. "What did I do?" It almost seemed as if steam was coming out of...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 16

More on Jessica and Robert; Julia's ex comes back.

The issue that dogged Jessica's mind, as the weeks passed and she and Robert continued to learn every inch of their bodies and what exactly they liked done to those bodies, was the obvious one. How am I going to explain what goes on at my house? To her immense relief, Grant would not be a problem. He had responded neutrally, perhaps even with modest enthusiasm, to Jessica's bedding down...

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Wife and Ex-Wife Ch. 03

Nina begs Patrick to come and live with her.

Nina dragged into work several minutes late. Her tardiness was not the first thing her co-worker Teresa Schuster noticed about her. Teresa had been a friend of many years' standing, and she had been invaluable in helping Nina through the trauma of her divorce. She was several years older than Nina, edging toward forty, and had been happily (or at least satisfactorily) married for nearly...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 15

Jessica meets Robert, and they click immediately.

Jessica loved her job. There was something so heartwarming about teaching elementary school. She was usually in charge of third- and fourth-graders, and she thought that was just the perfect age: young enough that they still respected adult authority and hadn't descended into the depths of teenage hooliganism, but old enough that they were starting to become rational creatures. And they were...

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Wife and Ex-Wife Ch. 02

Nina and Patrick's date extends into the night.

Nina decided that pasta was the simplest and quickest thing to prepare. She got out a box of spaghetti, took down a jar of meat sauce ("This okay? You're not a vegetarian, are you?"), and put Patrick to the task of cutting up some artisan bread and making a substantial salad. There were all kinds of salad fixings in the refrigerator—Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, olives, carrots, and so on. He got...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 14

Isabel tells Rod of Julia's wild past.

Julia, Melissa, and Audrey were up earlier than the others, and Julia sternly warned her daughters not to make a big thing of Aunt Isabel's seemingly sudden conversion to sexual rapture—and certainly not to tease her about it. She emphasized that the experience had been wondrous, deeply emotional, and even transcendent; and the last thing Isabel would want was to become the butt of a jest. That...

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Wife and Ex-Wife Ch. 01

Nina and Patrick's first date starts off with a bang!

A dating website for divorced people! Well, why not? There were sites for baseball fans, Christians, even farmers, for God's sake—so why not for those whose marriages had blown up in their faces? Every divorce is different, of course, and the fact that you've gone through one is not necessarily the main thing you want to have in common with another person; but, as Nina Wilkerson reflected, it...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 13

Rod relieves Isabel of her virginity, with Julia's help.

Julia, Audrey, and Melissa returned to find Rod staring off into space on the living-room couch. The women looked at one another, wondering if their master plan had gone horribly wrong. Why wasn't he chatting up Isabel and making her feel comfortable around him? Was she so appalled at his sheik-like ways that she couldn't bear the sight of him? Melissa, at least, had thought that Rod was...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 08

The explosive conclusion to this hard-hitting novel!

Cassandra's Plan (Chapter 8) Kathryn M. Burke David Phillips / June 6, 1996, 8:39 p.m. I reach down into my pants pocket and give a reassuring pat to the surprisingly heavy object there. I don't know why I should feel nervous, but I'm trembling a little. Everything is going to work out tonight; nothing will—or can—go wrong. I feel rather quaint: hero comes to rescue...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 07

There's no satisfaction for Lauren, David, or Cassandra.

David Phillips / November 24, 1994, 3:22 p.m. Dad is sitting in the easy chair looking intently at the TV screen. There's a football game going on—Detroit Loins against somebody or other. The Lions always play on Thanksgiving. It's about the only exposure they get, I suppose. The game is almost over; Dad seems very keen on the outcome. There'll be another game after this one—always two on...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 06

Cassandra and David's marriage goes down the tubes.

Lauren Oxley / March 18, 1986, 5:12 p.m. "Hi, Lauren. It's good to see you again." "Good to see you, too, David." "It's been a while. Hasn't it? Almost a year." "Yes, I suppose so. I've been really busy." "That's good, I guess." He stops abruptly, then, as if to fill up the silence: "That's good." I look up at him over my coffee. "I'm sorry I haven't called....

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 05

More about Lauren, Cassandra, David, and Justin.

Lauren Oxley / July 14, 1984, 10:47 p.m. "Would you like to come up for a drink?" Jake seems hesitant. It's like he's almost afraid to get out of the taxi. He must be the first shy man I've ever met in New York. Except for David, that is, and he doesn't count. "Sure, I guess so." He hastily pays the cab driver and scrambles clumsily out. "It's still early," I say. "I just...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 04

More on Lauren and the porn industry.

Lauren Oxley / October 13, 1980, 8:17 p.m. "Hi. I'm Marge." "I'm Lauren." "Pleased to make your acquaintance." I don't even know what to say to that, so I don't say anything. Marge is a flaming redhead with big hair. In fact, a lot of her parts are pretty big, although she's not fat by any means. She seems a good bit older than me—maybe late thirties—but it's so...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 07

Rod and Melissa get better acquainted.

Rod and Melissa agreed to meet for dinner—nothing more than Kidd Valley hamburgers, just north of campus—two days later. To say that the meeting was a tad awkward would be an understatement. Their initial encounter in Grant's house had turned the whole art of dating on its head. My God! Melissa thought. _I put that guy's cock in me without even knowing his name, and after being...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 03

Lauren gets involved in the porn industry.

David Phillips I wish I knew how our marriage went wrong. Maybe it was a mistake from the beginning. I was just swept off my feet—didn't really know what I was doing. Cassandra and I are not well matched; I don't even know what she ever saw in me. She seems to have wanted me as some kind of prize. Maybe she just wanted to hurt Lauren, although she didn't know her very well and didn't...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 06

Melissa hooks up with Rod in the bathroom.

It was on Monday afternoon that Grant issued a proclamation to his mother and sister. "I want Angela to move in with us." The decision could not have been entirely a surprise to either woman, but nevertheless they were both a little shocked. Grant had only spent a weekend with his new love, and already he wanted her to cohabitate! Did he really know what he was doing? "Grant,"...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 02

Cassandra lures David away from his longtime lover, Lauren.

Cassandra Phillips I wish I knew how my marriage went wrong. Sure, fifteen years is a long time to be married, and maybe people grow a little bored with each other, a little tired of being together all the time. I've tried to give David his space. What does he want from me? I'm still attractive. Certainly he found me so when I first met him. _Cassandra Connolly / April 3, 1980,...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 01

Cassandra wants to have her husband killed!

Cassandra Phillips / May 27, 1996, 8:14 p.m. The bar stank. Why do people drink American beer? Why do people drink beer? I hate places like this. And I wouldn't even be here if David hadn't . . . Oh, fuck him. Fuck him for what he's making me do—for making me what I've become. And where the bloody hell is Justin? Always late, the little shit. And why on earth did he have me meet him...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 05

Grant services his women under the dining table.

"What do you make of that?" Carrie said to Marcia. Marcia, lost in thought, made no reply. "I've never seen him so smitten. Have you?" "No." "I mean, she's really pretty, and all that—but what gives with him? It's as if she already has him wrapped around her little finger." Without warning, Marcia burst into tears and flung her arms around Carrie's neck....

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The Slumber Party Ch. 04

Grant is smitten with the succulent virgin Angela.

"Grant, this is Angela. Angela, this is Grant." When Carrie said that she had a particularly special virgin for his consumption this Friday night, Grant was skeptical. Sure, the two dozen cute young things that Carrie had fed him in the past several months were all quite nice—and some of them quite a bit more than nice—but they didn't really raise his temperature all that much. He had taken...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 03

Grant finds his mom enjoying herself, decides to help out.

"You know, Carrie," Grant said as he squeezed his sister's bare bottom after pounding her in both her pussy and her ass, "I think I like virgins. Can you send me some more?" Carrie pried herself out of his grasp and looked him in the face. "What the hell are you talking about?" she said hotly. "That slumber party," he said dreamily, his face breaking out in a smile that Carrie...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 02

Grant wants Marcia to come over for more fun.

Carrie felt the need to confront Grant over his treatment of her friends. The girls had all left; to say they were in a sour mood was an understatement. It had taken a lot of effort on Carrie's part to dissuade them from having Grant dropped off to jail: she did get them to admit that they had not been entirely blameless in the matter. They were all of that age when matters of love, sex, and...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 01

Five virgins get deflowered in one night!

Carrie Norton had to confess that, at her advanced age, a slumber party seemed just a wee bit ridiculous. She had attained the lofty age of eighteen a month before, and she knew that the four other girls she invited had also become "adults" in the past few months; although, if she were honest with herself, she would have had to admit that she really didn't feel ready to take on adult...

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