Stories Published by 'Katie Werner'

Shopping with Daddy: Repercussions

This is a continuation of "Shopping with Daddy." It picks up after the conclusion of that story.

It's awkward as Mark and Katie, and Kevin and Laura, come down off the sexual high they all just experienced. Mark’s daughter Katie gathers her clothes and slips away to her room. Mark stays with Kevin and Kevin's 14 year old daughter Laura as they get dressed in the living room where it all happened. Mark’s back in control of his thoughts and manners. He doesn’t peek over at Laura as she gets...

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Betting the wives.

Mark and Amy, a TV news anchor, along with Tomas and his gorgeous moroccan girlfriend Marcy are joined by Tim and his shy wife Lisa at the poker game with their boss Ron and his wife Wendy.

Amy sat on the patio with the other wives and girlfriends. It was a warm clean summer night. She leaned back in the mesh patio chair and admired the well manicured yard. She allowed herself to imagine for just a moment a possible, a hopeful, future with her husband in a house like this one. He was on the right track to get here, she told herself. He had for the first time been invited here to...

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Shopping with Daddy

Katie goes shopping with her dad and when she and a friend start trying on sexy clothes their dads get ideas.

SHOPPING WITH DADDY “Man, what I would give if that curtain wasn’t closed all the way.” Kevin whispers to Mark. Mark stands frozen in the moment as he looks at the row of curtained dressing rooms in a changing area sectioned of the store. Mark takes a moment to retrace the events that have lead him to his moment. ** Mark’s 14 year old daughter, Katie, was texting on her phone at the front...

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