Stories Published by 'kcwilder69'

Key to Her Lockbox

He had no idea his roommate's cousin was hot!

"Oh my god!" a female voice said. Startled, Kyle covered his business with his hands. He had padded naked into the kitchen and to the refrigerator. "What the... Are you Rajan's cousin?" "Yes. I guess you're Kyle," the woman said in her lovely Indian accent. The woman sat on the sofa, holding her hand in front of her eyes. Her spreading fingers didn't quite hide the sight of...

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Femme Fatale

Sasha was taught to never mix business and pleasure.

Sasha applied fire engine red lip gloss as the last step in "freshening up." She grabbed the long cigarette holder and lit the ciggie, then walked into the hallway. Entering her living room she felt Jared's eyes on her, saw his mouth gaping from the corner of her eye. She took her seat on the high stool at the bar, making sure to show a lot of thigh. "Darling, would you go into the kitchen...

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Making the Rounds

Nurse Kara knew that giving "special treatments" to male pat.

A helping hand Kara looked in disbelief at the sight before her. It was only a glance, but it was enough. The patient, Logan, hid the evidence with the bed sheet, but Kara saw the outline of his cock underneath. What a cock! The sight intrigued her. "Hi! I'm Kara, your new nurse. How's everything feeling today?" It looked to her that everything was feeling fine, except for his...

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Exxecutive Privilege

Tired and overworked, 40-something Sharon is pumping out...

The Penske files Sharon heard an unexpected noise in the cubicle areas outside her office. Who could be around here at this hour on a Friday before a three-day weekend? Through her office window she saw a tall figure walking through the rows of cubicles. The person stopped, and then made their way toward her office. In a moment Daniel, a marketing assistant, appeared at her office door....

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