Stories Published by 'magicman60'

Daughter's Surprise Ch. 03

Sam, Robin and Dan continue their adventure.

The next morning is the usual scramble to get ready for work and school. Before they head out the door, Dan reaches out and pulls Samantha to him. He gives her a lingering kiss. "I love you Samantha, I can't wait until I see you this evening." "I love you too! I'll have supper waiting for you when you get home." "Give Robin a hug and kiss for me and tell her I love her." The...

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Visit with Mom

Mom and son discover each other over school break.

I had just graduated high school and was heading off to college when the call came in. Dad had just been killed in a car accident. Of course Mom and I were both devastated. I told her I would hold off on college for a year to help her get through it, but she declined. "Oh, no Sweetie, you need to get a good education, Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." So off I went. I tried out...

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