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Unusual Hostesses

Gigi and Bella Hadid attend a private party.

Every girl wants to become a model at some point of her life; the beautiful clothes, the admiration of the public, the graceful catwalks - there is something undeniably attractive about that occupation (as is the money) and most of it can be true. Gigi and Bella Hadid could confirm that assumption, just as they could say a word or two about the cons and hardship. But that topic has been covered...

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Successful Businesswoman Ep. 03

Samantha is being persuasive during important negotiations.

Monday came again. That meant that I would once more get the chance to reward my most productive employees, but on that day of the week I also wore naughty or even outright bimbo-ish outfits to give the others additional motivation. What I picked this time by some could be called slutty, not that it would bother me; I was a self-made successful businesswoman. I wore a white blouse with long...

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Distant Outpost

Female commander and 36 men sent out to an isolated garrison.

I know next to nothing about the army, it was only intended as the background of an erotic story, so please do not bash me too hard about that part :) But I would still be happy to get any other feedback from you, constructive criticism is most welcome. * The outpost was known as Fort Holidays among the soldiers, but the officers mostly considered it a place of detention. Your...

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A Day in Life of a Bimbo

An extended epilogue to Who Wanna Be a Bimbo.

Hello, everyone! My name is Nicole and you might remember me from the show Who Wanna Be a Bimbo. That experience took place nearly a year ago and had changed my life profoundly, if you want to know just how much, go and watch the first episode. I had received many letters from people asking how my new life looks after all the transformations; now I finally decided to give you a glimpse into...

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Feminine Fate Fulfilled

Eighteen year old boy gets in touch with his feminine side.

I would like to thank my friend Georgia Alice for her help with naming the characters. ------------------- THE BEGINNING Apparently appearance can determine the fate, at least it turned out to be true in my case. In order to explain my point I first need to describe myself with the necessary details. So let me start again. Hello, my name is Oliver and I am an eighteen year old...

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Second Youth Ch. 03

Eve and Tom's sex life flourishes and gets a kinky turn.

The relationship between Tom and me developed, although it was still mostly about sex; or rather anything else that we did ended up with having sex anyway. Not that I complained about it, that was exactly what I had needed. A significant change came when Tom asked to try anal sex. You see, my story with anal goes way back. After we had had our third child my husband decided that anal sex...

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Corporate Model Ch. 02

Nicole continues to work on the "offset" on the next day.

I once again would like to thank my friend Georgia Alice for her help with dressing the main character. ------------------- The Saturday photoshoot might have been an off schedule event, but the harsh reality of the model's life remained - it once again began at six thirty. Surprisingly enough Alex was there too which made me happy, never mind if it is lingerie or dresses, my makeup and...

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Corporate Model

Young successful woman gets unusual offset to her contract.

I would like to thank my friend Georgia Alice for her help with picking the clothes for the main character. *** The phone was ringing again. Eh... shouldn't all the phone calls be over now that the contract was finally signed? Oh, it was the boss. I might have been working on a position of power, but I was not the top dog yet. But at the age of thirty one I still considered that a...

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Aeriella and the Mermaids

Elf travels to sea to meet strange intelligent species.

Mermaids are not really my theme, I would have never thought about it if not for a friend of mine Georgia Alice. Thank you for the idea, your help with the writing and the expert advice :) I hope that other mermaid lovers will enjoy my approach to the theme and not bash me too hard on my lack of "professional knowledge" :) * Everybody knows that the elves live in the woods,...

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Second Youth Ch. 02

Affair between Eve and Tom develops.

Procrastinating does not pay off. This might sound trivial, but I had learnt it first hand last night. Tom, my neighbour's eighteen year old son had given me a steamy massage that ultimately evolved into groping with a strong erotic feeling to it. He left before it turned into anything more, his erection clearly visible under his tight pants. I should have talked about that incident with him, but...

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Second Youth

A mature divorced lady finds a young admirer.

I would like to thank Georgia Alice for the help with naming most of the characters. * INTRODUCTION Rich and unemployed - sounds like a pretty unrealistic combination, doesn't it? I am one of the very few lucky people who run such "unrealistic" life. I had not won a lottery, but you might say that luck was involved. I was twenty years old when I married, my husband was...

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Aeriella's New Toy

The elf receives a magical gift from the succubi.

Prologue Three years have passed since the memorable and fateful Ball at Laerinia's Court. For Aeriella getting pregnant was the most important part. She was not the only one though, Calindra, a young drow and newly appointed priestess of Sune, the goddess of love, had been impregnated as well. An angel named Sandalphon was the father of Aeriella's children and Vavan, a drow warrior was the...

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Laerinia & Ephra on Sune's Quest Ch. 02

Angel and drow have sex with more demons.

Tanariehl owned not only a dungeon full of perverted, magical devices. He also had more conventional quarters. Together with Ephra and Laerinia they took a long, hot, relaxing bath in a large, four-person bathtub. Then they shared a delicious meal, that tasted pretty conventional, not like something one could expect in a demonic dimension. The incubus even had wine, which he had most likely...

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Aeriella and the Bandits

The elf gets gangbanged by a group of highwaymen.

The lands ruled by Laerinia and Aeriella were safe and the crime rate was minimal. The band of highwaymen, that was scourging travelers and merchants as well as peasants must have come from neighbouring lands. They had been tempted by the abundance of crops and goods in these lands. They had also heard of the low number of guards patrolling the highways. As soon as Aeriella had heard of the...

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Laerinia & Ephra on Sune's Quest

Drow and angel persuade incubus to join their side.

This story follows the events of "Ball at Laerinia's court". It is not that important to read the previous episode, if you do not mind the plot. I will post the descriptions of the characters present in this story here, so that readers would not have to search for them elsewhere. * Ephra was an angel. She was 183 centimetres tall and had an athletic built. She had wide, round hips,...

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Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 07

FEPS leads investigation to catch Victoria and free Nicole.

_I would like to thank Georgia Alice for all the help she offered. Most of the characters and places got their names thanks to you. Your assistance with the English language allowed me to move forward with the work, when I could not find the proper word. And above all, being my most faithful reader, you mobilized me to continue the writing. This story would have taken a lot longer to finish, if...

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Aeriella and the Vampire

The sorceress fights another magical creature.

The four men set up their camp in the middle of a glade. There were some, who called them vagabonds, but they preferred the term adventurer. Their last adventure was not too adventurous, but at least it was moderately profitable. That was enough not to discourage them. They were on their way to the nearest town to replenish their supplies and spend some of the money on women, alcohol and food....

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Aeriella and the Werewolf

Not all monsters need to be dealt with by force.

News of trouble once again reached Aeriella at the court. The peasants were complaining, that a werewolf has been terrorizing the neighbourhood. The sorceress had certain knowledge about these creatures and knew, that most of them were not evil. The "terror" was most likely caused by someone, who could not fully control themselves in their animalistic form. The elf took good care of her people, so...

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Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 06

The FEPS protects a large sex-themed expo.

For the last few weeks the Female Erotic Police Squad has been preparing for a big event, they were supposed to protect. It was the largest trade show of the erotic industry called SEXPO. All the porn producers and pornstars were there and so were the manufacturers of sex toys and fetish gear with their latest products. Athena was in the command center with three other police officers, a...

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Calindra's Priestly Training

Newly married drow is trained by Valora, priestess of Sune.

The story follows the events of an episode called "Ball at Laerina's court". It is not necessary to read it before this one, but it might help to know the characters and their background better. As always I'd be happy to receive any form of feedback, so feel free to comment. * Calindra has become an apprentice of Sune only recently. She has been training for few weeks and was...

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Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 02

Eden and Alexandra interrogate a criminal.

The main characters of this story has been described with more details in episode 1 of the series. It is equally short and while there is no plot, that connects the two, I encourage you to read that one as well. All comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome. * Female Erotic Police Squad, like every other police force, not only chased the criminals on the...

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Aeriella and the Investigation

The sorceress searches for the truth about a theft.

The events of this story follow directly the ones described in "Ball at Laerinia's court". Some characters were also introduced there. To get know them better, please read that story first. I love reading your comments, so feel welcome to write them. Constructive criticism is even more welcome, than praises. * The combined parties of Calindra's wedding and summer solstice...

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Ball at Laerinia's court

Laerinia invites guests for Summer Solstice Holiday party.

I would love to read your opinions and suggestions about my stories. Please leave comments. Constructive criticism is even more welcome, than compliments :) * Summer solstice was an important holiday in the realm. But there was another reason to celebrate. Calindra was getting married! The young drow was captured during the battle with Matron Cortiva few months ago. Since then she...

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Laerinia Deals with Succubi

Laerinia gets in trouble, while summoning twin succubi.

Most demonologists dealt with demons to gain power. Although, it was not an uncommon practice among sorceresses and priestesses in the Underdark to summon beings from other planes to sate their own lust. Both could be dangerous, as demons were treacherous and wanted power or pleasure for themselves. But female drow of the Underdark were prideful and often overestimated their own strength. For...

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Fortnight with Seraphinia

Female warrior enjoys her stay at Laerinia's court.

Seraphinia refused to stay at sorceress' court, as she promised. The elves also kept their end of the bargain. They tied the naked noblewoman's limbs to bedposts, eagle spread. Aeriella knelt between her legs and began working her magic. It involved no spells, only flesh. Laerinia was watching the whole scene from a nearby armchair. It began softly with just kissing and licking of the labia....

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Aeriella and the Uninvited Guest

Aeriella hosts Laerinia's friend who pays unexpected visit.

Lady Laerinia spent most of the time at her court, but occasionally she ventured into her lands beyond the walls. It was a truly ill luck, that during one such excursion, her friend, Lady Seraphinia, decided to pay her a visit. Fortunately, Aeriella was present and she had proven many times, that she can play the role of the host. Lady Seraphinia arrived at the head of a column of two dozen...

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Aeriella and New Servants

Aeriella guides four drow warriors around Laerinia's court.

The drow dwelled underground in a place called The Underdark. Lady Laerinia was a very unusual representative of her species, because she chose to live on the ground. She left a position of power in a matriarchal society, because she despised its cruelty and complete lack of to empathy and respect the drow had for each other. That was also the reason, she tried to take care of other drow, who also...

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Aeriella and Satyrs

Aeriella has sex with dozen satyrs to collect their seed.

Recently Lady Laerinia received a gift from a genie named Beetoozzo. The bounty was his seed, but it was the way it got transported, that was truly interesting. Genie had sex with Lady Laerinia's apprentice - an elf named Aeriella. He ejaculated inside of her womb and sealed it. Through the night the semen was magically adopted by elf's body and was located in her breasts, which grew two sizes....

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Aeriella and the Artifact Merchant

Elven sorceress enjoys travel and visit to renowned merchant.

Lady Laerinia had an assignment for Aeriella. The apprentice was committed with a travel to a distant artifact trader, named Dariush, for shopping. Her task was to purchase several specific items and ingredients, and check, what other interesting articles the trader had for sale. Aeriella received a generous amount of money, but was told to make only reasonable purchases. Elf could recognize the...

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Ep. 01: Aeriella and Demon's Seed

An elven sorceress summons a demon to collect his seed.

Aeriella was a young female elf. Her hair was very long and light blond. She often tied some of it into fancy braids. As elves go, she was tall, 5'11" to be exact. But unlike other females of her species, she was very curvaceous. Her hips were round and full and her breasts big and firm. She was proud not only of her large C-cup, but also how stiffly they stood, not sagging at all. Her waist was...

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