Stories Published by 'Miguel59'

The Companion Pt. 03

Mistress Sylvia pushes Frank's buttons.

I felt out of sorts wondering if I should start preparing us dinner as lunch had come and Saturday night couldn't arrive any faster. Mistress Sylvia went to nap and after doing the kitchen I dressed and did yard work. It wouldn't be long I thought before I'd be raking leaves. Mistress was right; the days were getting cooler. I enjoyed yard work and gardening, but liked the break winter offered...

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The Companion Pt. 02

Sylvia and Frank explore submission.

Our marriage flourished even as it changed. We didn't have any long discussions about John because I didn't pursue them. I didn't probe because I knew it would make her defensive and because I concluded it didn't matter. What they did on their time was their time. When she was with me her focus was on me. She often told me how much she loved me and more importantly how much she felt loved by...

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The Companion Pt. 01

Lonely wife, widower, loving husband.

Sylvia and I were cuddling in bed after having made love. We had spent the day apart, me tending to the yard and repairs around the house or on the cars and she at the gym. She suggested we go on a date as the next night was Sunday and she would be in bed early because Monday was a work day. Our date was enjoyable, but it did seem crammed with an awful lot. By the time we got home we were tired,...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 06

Donny enters chastity. Susan gets pregnant.

I noticed as she returned the key to its home, nestled between her breasts, out of sight under her blouse, her breasts seemed much fuller than I remembered. I looked down and spotted what certainly appeared to be a baby bump. "Are you expecting?" I asked. "Yes," she answered before looking around, "We haven't told anyone." My curiosity made me ask, "Why not?" I wondered if she had a...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 05

Susie schemes with Father to bring out Donny's cuckold side.

My affair with Father and my marriage to Donny continued to evolve. Father and I became boyfriend and girlfriend. Donny and I were partners in my duplicity. He kept our sins secret, covered for me when he had to, and most importantly, he showered me with unconditional love. Instead of daggers to his heart, each stroke of Father's cock into my vagina made his little penis weep with joy....

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The Planted Seed Pt. 04

Father leaves. Susan reconnects with her cuckold.

After closing the door a small part of me dreaded having to face Donny, but a larger part told me to get it done and there was no time better than the present. I knew I needed to maintain control and the best way to do so was to treat Donny the way he had grown accustomed to. "Donny, are you awake? If you are, come out. I'm hungry and I want you to make me breakfast. And Father's gone."...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 03

Susan and Father Jack begin their affair.

I thought a lot about Father Jack. I wondered what prompted his sudden interest in me and I asked myself why was I so receptive. His popularity among parishioners increased his attractiveness. I wondered what he would be like on a date and in bed. Given his vocation I imagined he would behave like a teenager trapped in a middle aged man's body. I didn't care if he'd be clumsy because I, the...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 02

Susie falls for priest and exerts more control over Donny.

The next day I resumed my trip down memory lane. I don't know why I was feeling nostalgic, but I was. Perhaps it was the realization youth is fleeting and we can't go back in time. I didn't feel old, but I was. I really enjoyed my life. I had a long term boyfriend and a sweet, cuckold of a husband, both of whom I loved very much. Maybe I was thinking about the past because the present was so damn...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 01

Susie reflects back on her marriage.

"Penny for your thoughts, Susie," my sweet husband inquired, the side of his face resting against my wild, unruly, untrimmed pubis. I don't know how long we had been laying there. Basking in my post orgasmic afterglow I had been daydreaming about a much earlier time in our marriage. I ran my hand over his now bald head remembering when it had been covered with long, thick almost golden blond...

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Seduced Pt. 05

Donna and Steve discuss raising a family with Marvin.

Sipping on my beer, Donna asleep in our bed, I thought about the past twenty four hours, the past year, and our future. She and Marvin had guided me down this path. Most people would have been angry at their manipulation and duplicity, but I felt just the opposite. I don't know if I would have so eagerly embraced being in a wife led marriage, becoming a sexually submissive husband, and an...

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Seduced Pt. 04

Donna starts confessing.

Donna's toes felt so good, but she was right. I needed to slow down. It was shaping up to be like our discussions when we she was in the woman superior position. Only this time she was on her back and I was the one theoretically in charge my climax. The conversation would last only as long as I could. Donna began, "After our dinner where he told me about impregnating another woman I was...

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Seduced Pt. 03

Donna calls Steve a cuck.

Our discussion would have to wait because afterwards we both needed a shower. We went to our bedroom and showered together, soaping each other, then rinsing one another. It was like we were newlyweds. Afterwards I dried her long hair, wrapped it in a towel, then dried the rest of her body. I was on my knees toweling between her legs, then between the crack of her ass when she commented, "Pampering...

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Seduced Pt. 02

My seduction by Donna continues.

I wanted to keep talking, but Donna's yawn signaled to me she was done for the night. She tossed the wet wash cloth into the laundry basket, hit the bathroom for a final pee, brushed her teeth, put on a nightgown, and climbed into bed. I followed suit. She was on her side and told me to spoon her. She mumbled, "I love falling asleep in your arms." Within minutes she was out. She slept well...

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Seduced Pt. 01

Part one of my cuckolding.

"Wow, that was intense," she said, her breathing sounding as though she had just run around the block. "I felt ravished," she giggled before continuing, "Ravished by your long, wet, soft, tongue. You were so in charge and so masterful. It felt good to just lay there and be taken. I have been wanting it all day." "Me too," I answered, "You were so wet and tasted so good. I'm really hooked...

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Angel Eyes

Newlywed husband cuckolded by his uncle.

Jeff Healey's song wouldn't be written for 12 more years. His hit described my life. My wife, Angela, and I hadn't been married long, when my uncle Will, whose nickname was Tex, came rolling into town. He was an oilman. Long sideburns, hair slicked back, tall, wide, heavily muscled, vise grips for hands, custom made boots, Stetson, bolo tie, he fit the part of a Hollywood caricature. He was in...

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My Path Pt. 05

Virgin no more.

Moira, my ever so patient black widow, beautiful and poisonous, drew me into her web. Unlike the eight legged arachnid, her goal wasn't to kill and consume me, but to mold me into her vision of the perfect husband, a drone dedicated to his queen, but unlike the drone she had no intention of ever allowing my sperm to fertilize her eggs. I was falling harder and deeper for Moira. It was easy to...

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Val's Dark Desire

Interracial cuckolded and pregnancy.

In vino veritas. A pitcher or two of margaritas will do the same. My wife, Val, was working the remote searching for something to watch. She shot past the channels she normally watches and entered the channels for adult viewing. So unlike her to watch porn I thought, but I was certainly not one to judge. I had my own secrets. "Chuck, let's watch this one." I almost too eagerly agreed. It...

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My Path Pt. 04

I find out Moira's cheating on me, but I stay.

Moira gave me the security code to her garage which allowed me to enter her house. on the kitchen counter were my instructions. Pretty straight forward. Vacuum, dust, mop, clean the bathrooms, strip the bed, put new sheets on, wash the dirty ones. She emphasized the need to pretreat the stained area. After shedding my clothes I went to work. Being nude was relaxing and arousing. I wanted to be...

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My Path Pt. 03

Moira continues to train Pat into being a good pet.

Arms full I entered Moira's bedroom. Her bedroom was magnificent, with its own sitting area. It wasn't feminine, but masculine. The furniture was oversized, the wood a dark cherry. The bed was a four poster. The chairs in the sitting area were leather recliners. Between them was a table. They faced towards the bed. She exited her closet as I entered the room. She was now wearing a floor...

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My Path Pt. 02

Pat sees Moira the following summer.

Nine months later I found myself doing another internship at Peabody. I had kept exercising and even did intramural sports. I was still a virgin. I was in the same office, but given a different supervisor which bummed me out. Moira had moved up the ladder. She now had several offices under her. I sought her out still trying to figure out exactly how she saw me. She was very friendly and...

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My Path Pt. 01

Pat's summer internship.

Not the quintessential nerd, but I was close. No time for dating. Always early. Always overachieving. Grad school got my dream internship. Day two on the job and I meet my direct supervisor, Moira McGillicutty. 6 feet tall, athletic, brunette hair cut short, minimal makeup, long arms, long legs, muscular, surprisingly big breasts, she took one look at me in my cheap suit and bad haircut. She...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 11

Jeanette sees Richard.

I didn't follow Frank's advice. Richard called and said he wanted to see me, asked if I had gotten the flowers and his note, asked what I thought of them. I told him I loved the flowers and appreciated the note. He asked if he was forgiven and if we could start over. I said yes and asked what he had in mind. He asked me out on a date. I said we needed to be discrete, but...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 10

Jeanette hooks up with her neighbor.

I surprised Roland, but in a good way as I affixed the chastity device to his penis before heading to the airport. His penis didn't cooperate as it kept trying to harden. I told Roland, "This isn't working. Wait here. I'm going to get a bucket of ice from the ice machine." The ice did the trick. In a few minutes his penis and scrotum were cold and small. Roland instructed me on how to put it...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 09

Jeanette Goes to Rome.

As Ricky's bus left the terminal I found a pay phone and called Roland. I didn't know what to expect. Would he sound wounded, surly, or even answer the phone? Last night he eagerly embraced what I hoped was a successful impregnation, but how did he feel afterwards when I departed the theater with Ricky and not him? Would he still be thankful? On the sixth ring he picked up the...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 08

Jeanette Flies to Rome.

Richard woke up before I did. He grabbed his clothes, dressed, and headed out the door, but not before kissing me. "Call me." he said. "At work or home?" "Either one." "I don't have your home phone." "I'll write it down for you. And Jeanette I had a wonderful time last night. Thank you." "Richard, I should be the one thanking you. That was the best sex ever." He...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 07

Jeanette and Richard become lovers.

He handed me the camera and I took photos of him as he disrobed. He was heavily muscled had more body hair than Roland, but it just made him look more manly. When I saw his cock my jaw dropped. His manhood was bigger than my oversized dildo, Jan. My eyes got wide. What was lust he mistook as fear. "Don't worry. I'll go slow." "I assure you. I'm not worried. I have complete...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 06

Jeanette and Richard have lunch and dinner.

As I drove to Roland's place of work I was a bundle of nerves, a very aroused bundle of nerves. Scared, but turned on. Worried about what I was about to do turning out badly, but I was also feeling something else, empowered, emancipated, confident, and very much in charge. It was heady and overwhelming. Much to my surprise it felt right. Having grown up in a patriarchal family where my dad was...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 05

Roland and Jeanette plot Richard's seduction.

Roland commented on the agony of being caged, something he had voluntarily committed to doing. He could have said no or not told me, but he volunteered the information even telling me about the key and tiny padlock. Until he told me I had no idea chastity cages existed. "Just a few more days, Roland, and you'll be home and your little penis free, but only after I've had enough of your face...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 04

Jeanette establishes some ground rules.

The next morning I woke up and immediately thought about Ricky. I wondered what he was up to and what would have happened if I had gone to his hotel. I knew all he wanted was sex. He wasn't looking for anything long term or to break up my marriage. He wanted the same thing I had given Mr. Married Man the night before last. Raw, no strings attached sex. My marriage was intact. I still loved...

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Roman Holiday Ch. 03

Jeanette has a few secrets of her own.

I rubbed the dildo against my lips using the head to separate them, to get at my wetness. It was bigger than the cucumber, but not as rigid. "Why black?" I gasped as I tried to insert the head, "You've only had one black friend in your life and he's dead. We don't even associate with any blacks socially." "I know, but we used to, when we were dating." "Are you thinking of Jan?" Jan...

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