Stories Published by 'Miguel59'

Angel Eyes Pt. 03

Angela leaves, marries Will, returns to Billy.

They finished dinner and together washed the dishes. He would wash them and she would dry them. She finally said, "I know you want to hear all about my weekend." "I do, but only if you want to tell me." His answer relieved her. The dishes dried and put away she told him to pour each of them a glass of wine while she changed. She returned a few minutes later wearing the...

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Angel Eyes Pt. 02

Angela returns from her date.

"Wake up sleepy head." Billy opened his eyes, but closed them as the room was too bright. "What time is it?" he mumbled. "Almost noon." "Seriously?" Billy had forgotten he didn't look like the Billy his wife knew. "Oh my God!" she said a little too loud worsening his hangover. "Shh," he said regretting all the beers and the Valium. He vowed he wouldn't mix the...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 35

Jean takes Miguel, tries bondage, works on getting pregnant.

She dropped off her letter at the post office. The week dragged. Without the sex, the rectory resembled a job. The priests were grumpy and she noticed she was too. She thought if Gil turned out to be a dud she would call Roger. She also thought she might call him anyway. She looked forward to Miguel's letter and he didn't disappoint her because each day she arrived at her apartment, peeked...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 06

Donny enters chastity. Susan gets pregnant.

I noticed as she returned the key to its home, nestled between her breasts, out of sight under her blouse, her breasts seemed much fuller than I remembered. I looked down and spotted what certainly appeared to be a baby bump. "Are you expecting?" I asked. "Yes," she answered before looking around, "We haven't told anyone." My curiosity made me ask, "Why not?" I wondered if she had a...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 05

Susie schemes with Father to bring out Donny's cuckold side.

My affair with Father and my marriage to Donny continued to evolve. Father and I became boyfriend and girlfriend. Donny and I were partners in my duplicity. He kept our sins secret, covered for me when he had to, and most importantly, he showered me with unconditional love. Instead of daggers to his heart, each stroke of Father's cock into my vagina made his little penis weep with joy....

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The Planted Seed Pt. 04

Father leaves. Susan reconnects with her cuckold.

After closing the door a small part of me dreaded having to face Donny, but a larger part told me to get it done and there was no time better than the present. I knew I needed to maintain control and the best way to do so was to treat Donny the way he had grown accustomed to. "Donny, are you awake? If you are, come out. I'm hungry and I want you to make me breakfast. And Father's gone."...

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The Planted Seed Pt. 03

Susan and Father Jack begin their affair.

I thought a lot about Father Jack. I wondered what prompted his sudden interest in me and I asked myself why was I so receptive. His popularity among parishioners increased his attractiveness. I wondered what he would be like on a date and in bed. Given his vocation I imagined he would behave like a teenager trapped in a middle aged man's body. I didn't care if he'd be clumsy because I, the...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 27

The Party.

The departure of Jean's mom to her bedroom made Miguel feel for the first time since he arrived at Jean's house all alone. Even though it wasn't but a minute or two before Jean would walk through the front door he found himself wishing Jean's mom were there when she did. He felt very anxious; his pulse and breathing quickened, his stomach felt tight. Standing there in the shorts, t-shirt,...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 26

Miguel Goes to Jean's House.

The distance between Jean's house and the rectory wasn't far and Miguel soon found himself in front of Jean's house. He didn't know how he felt as only minutes had passed since he had been on his knees performing fellatio on Father G while listening to Jean being fucked. Within seconds of the tape ending Father G had pushed him away from his cock and sent him on his way. Spotting Jean's car he...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 25

The Inquisition Continues.

Miguel threw Father's question back at him, "Why? I'm sure Jean told you her reasons." Father insisted Miguel answer the question, "I'm not asking her. I'm asking you." Miguel took in a deep breath then exhaled slowly, "Well, Father it's because of her faith. She believes conception should occur at the moment of coital orgasm. She could get pregnant from me, but she wouldn't conceive at...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 24

Miguel meets with Father G.

Jean's dried up juices on his face, her scent he smelled with every breath he took, Miguel headed back to school. Their last lovemaking session had been a one sided affair; he had licked, kissed, sucked, and fingered Jean to orgasm. She didn't ask him afterwards if he came or even encouraged him to masturbate, but instead thanked him for the big O and commented on how it was getting late. She...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 23

Miguel meets Father G, accompanies Jean to Leo's.

A few weeks later Miguel was back in town, but for only one day as he had to work Friday night and all day Saturday. He didn't arrive at his house until late Saturday evening. Jean had seen Leo throughout the week stopping by his apartment mid afternoon for an hour or more of lovemaking. Leo worked evenings and that week both Friday and Saturday. Miguel didn't like making the long drive for what...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 22

Jean Lays Out the Rules. Denies Miguel again.

Jean was always eager to have Miguel's mouth on her breasts, but she hadn't removed her bra at her parents' house and she didn't remove it at the school parking lot. He didn't ask until after he ate her. She was caressing the top of his head feeling completely drained. It had been a long day, but a very good one. "Jean?" "Hmm?" "May I suck your breasts?" "Not...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 21

Jean confesses to wanting Leo's baby.

Miguel only knew Leo was the first, not the third man, Jean had to some degree been physically intimate with. Jean decided it was better he not know about her previous deceit. They were water under bridge and no longer relevant. Learning about them might harm their relationship. They were in a mutually agreed to one sided open relationship and it began with Leo. Saturday morning Miguel awoke...

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Wife ponders pursuing a second boyfriend.

My wife works days and I work nights. Usually she's left the house before I've arrived after work. A few months ago on her birthday our paths crossed. I arrived home early from work. Her bedroom is upstairs while mine is downstairs in the basement. I rarely spend an entire night in her bedroom as the nights I am off I wake up after falling asleep with her. I get out of bed and go downstairs and...

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