Stories Published by 'MissTeachers'

Daisy's Retraining Pt. 07

Daisy receives her conditions for release from the institute.

The next eight weeks past with inevitable slowness. Daisy did everything to ensure she did not find herself back under further punishment. The regular reminders from the disciplining of others in assemblies, classes and at labour were myriad. Bergstrom, Daisy never learnt her first name, who was clearly Scandinavian had been humiliatingly been found to have been fondling herself. Her...

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Daisy's Retraining Pt. 06

Daisy continues her punishment along with other girls.

As expected Daisy was soon back on her hands and knees on the rough concrete of the scrubbing area. The now familiar instructions were delivered. "Right children in the next six hours you will scrub your lane so that all of the yellow colouring is completely from your lane. Remain on your knees at all times with your uniform always ready for inspection. Do not speak unless spoken. Any...

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Daisy's Retraining Pt. 05

Daisy suffers public humiliation for the first time.

Although she had managed to sleep as she was woken up at 3 am Daisy immediately thought of the public humiliation that she was to be made to endure. Even as she was stripped and then drilled around the yard her legs receiving the frequent attention of the martinet she struggled to drive it from her mind. She was returned to the dormitory to at least have the privilege of using the toilet....

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Daisy's Retraining Pt. 04

Daisy's punishment for misbehaviour continues.

"Right girls test time on the Bible reading in assembly and this morning's dictated passage. Thirty questions -- one minute to answer each one." Mrs. Robinson placed a new single A4 sheet on each desk and the test commenced. "Question 1 -- which book, chapter and verses was this morning's reading in assembly taken from?" She began. The questions rolled on. "The questions required short...

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