Stories Published by 'MissTeachers'

Daisy's Retraining Pt. 03

Daisy is punished for breaking the rules.

Daisy gulped as a supervisor told her to mount the stairs onto the stage and take her place in front of the audience for her strapping. Already the tears clouded her eyes and she had not yet even been through the broadcasting of her sentence let alone her hair cut, undressing or beating. Mr. Hamilton began, "Offences. Failure of uniform inspection - two occurrences, speaking without being...

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Daisy's Retraining Pt. 02

Retraining of under performing staff continues.

"Right girls – toilet, wash, strip, discipline and bed. Form two queues as you are directed. Fisher left, Bradley right, Taylor right, Kaul right, Montford left, Hill left ,Peters right, Douglas left," they were instructed. Daisy took her place at the back of the 4 person queue her hands still firmly clamped to the top of her head. "Right first pair your two minutes maximum starts...

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Daisy's Retraining Pt. 01

Project Manager is punished for her poor work.

Daisy could not believe she was standing here; it was bad enough that she had spent the last ten weeks confined in the Punishment and Retraining Institution for professional women as a result of poor performance at work and her desire to keep her job in the longer term. Somehow though she had managed to maintain her discipline despite the deprivations and humiliations of it all. Confined to...

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