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Long Trip to the Cabin Pt. 02 - Alternative

Brother and sister explore each other more deeply.

_Note: This is the first time I've done this. This story is a different version of that second chapter. While most people liked the roleplaying in the original second chapter (and so I'll leave it on the site), many of you didn't like the shift in theme. Here's a story that's more in line with what you were expecting. Also, while there isn't actual anal sex in this story, there are some teases. If...

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Witch Mother

Magic creams and potions work too well for mother and son.

Warning: as the title implies, there is magic element in this story. Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks! * Evanora was grinning, breathing hard and covered in sweat. She was even moaning faintly with each breath despite the fact the peak of her orgasm had passed long minutes ago. She was reclined on her bed, completely naked with only the long strands of her hair partially covering...

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Tan Lines and High Heels

A fateful trip for mother and son.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks! *** Lew, standing in the hallway, watched his mother packing her suitcase. "Well, at least she's smiling!" he thought, a small smile on his own lips. When he and his girlfriend had hatched this plan he could have sworn that it wouldn't work. But given that they were to take a plane later today, it was clear that he had been wrong. Shifting his eyes...

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Sleepwalking Son

Was he really sleepwalking?

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks! * Lea was a wanted woman. At work, with her friends or with family. Lea was popular for very many reasons. She was a hard working woman, really knew how to have a good time and she was a wonderful cook as well as a remarkable hostess. She was charming, always smiling even when life was tough and she usually attracted people from the moment they met. The...

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Midsummer Legacy - Roleplay

Having fun with Eleanor.

Note: This story is a sequel to the Midsummer and Midwinter story series. More precisely, it's a bonus story for my followers who have read those two series a while ago. It can also be read as a stand-alone, with a few paragraphs explaining some of the background. Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks! *** Well, it looked like three months wasn't enough time for me to get used to this. These...

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Towards the Summer Solstice Ch. 03

The ritual, the conclusion and all those futas...

Important note: as always for futanari stories, this is a very crazy story! It is not for everyone. In it, you'll find something akin to transsexual transformation, deepthroating, anal and magic. Enjoy! *** Edited by: Pop1944. Thanks! Leonard was now pretty much convinced that the whole sex thing with Lilian was a dream. An amazing dream, but alas nothing more. Thankfully, there...

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Towards the Summer Solstice Ch. 02

Another student is curious about futanaris...

Important note: if you have read the first part of this trilogy, you know what to expect. If you haven't read the first part, know that this is a very crazy story! Futanari stories are not for everyone! In it, you'll find something akin to transsexual transformation, deepthroating, anal and magic. Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks! * Leonard watched the pretty brunette walk by him...

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Sweet Breastfeeding Sister Pt. 02

How does life go on for the three siblings?

Edited by: Pope1994. Thanks! *** Mia was all alone in her apartment. It was the first time in months that she was completely alone and she was enjoying this precious moment. Her son Logan was at his grandparents, one of her roommates was away at her yoga class and the other was gone for most of the night. She was sprawled on the couch, completely naked. And she was lazily caressing...

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Snowed In

Brother and sister get trapped together in a cabin.

Warning: this is a very long story. IF this is not your thing, all of my other stories are shorter! Edited by: Sam. Thanks! "Stop looking at her tits!" part of Will's mind was screaming, while quite another part kept playfully stealing glances at the remarkable cleavage. The cleavage in question was right next to him, in the passenger seat as he was driving. He had seen it very many...

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The Experiment Pt. 03

The final tease and abandon with my love.

Note: With this final story in this storyline, just don't forget to mind the category. If it's not for you and you want to know how the story ends anyway, you can read the last few paragraphs... Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks! * "You know Heather, despite everything I've discovered about you these past couple of months, there's one thing that absolutely has to be clear." I told my...

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Futanari - Young Mother

Walk in the forest changes a depressive young mother's life.

_Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks! Very important note: for those of you that don't know what futanari is, please read this carefully. This is a very crazy story! In it, you'll find something akin to transsexual transformation as well as magic. For those of you who know futanari, I've done my own version of it, mixing the classic futanari concept with other magical stuff. Second note: the...

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Rekindling Forgotten Love

Unusual birthday gift reminds twins of their old closeness.

Edited by: Friendlyreader99. Thanks! * "Oh you've got to be kidding me!" my twin sister Kim cried out, scaring the hell out of me. Reflexively I dropped her bra back into its drawer, and moved away from her dresser. I had been caught, again. My sister was standing in her doorway, with nothing on but a towel wrapped around her torso, all her visible skin dripping with water. She had...

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Walking Lessons

Shy girl has to learn to catwalk and I'm willing to help...

Edited by SexyGirlWhore. Thanks! * It all began with a simple request for help from a fellow teacher. I teach philosophy at a junior college and late last evening, just as I was about to leave, my drama colleague popped into my office and asked for a simple favour. One of her students was having trouble with her role in the upcoming play, and needed extra time to rehearse, ideally...

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Surprising Camping Trip

Drunken brother mistakes his sister for his lover.

Hailee had been looking forward to that camping trip for weeks! It was supposed to be the best trip of the year! Yet now that she was here, she had spent the first two days moping and frustrated. It wasn't her fault. None of it was her fault! Currently, Hailee was alone high on a hill that overlooked the small lake and beach where they were camping. The place was magnificent and she was sure that...

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Son's Innocence

Spying on his mother, son gets shock of his life.

Note: English isn't my first language, and you will find minor grammar errors. If this bothers you, please find other great stories on this site. Thanks. * How can one define innocence? Leaving your back-pack in the bathroom; is that an innocent act? Without a doubt. Leaving it just before your mom goes in there to take her shower? Well, it can certainly be seen as a coincidence....

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The Remote Cabin Pt. 01

Milla's first day of nudism at her cabin, first of many.

Note: English isn't my first language, and you will find minor grammar errors. If this bothers you, please find other great stories on this site. Thanks. Also, this is a rather short story, but it sets up the following two! * "Can you do a striptease if there's nobody to look at you for miles around?" wondered Milla as she tried her best to make it happen. The tall blonde was...

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Sweet Breastfeeding Sister

Teen mom draws her brother & sister into forbidden milk lust.

Note: English isn't my first language, and you will find minor grammar errors. If this bothers you, please find other great stories on this site. Thanks. * I was sitting in the hallway of my home, listening to my two sisters talking in the living room. They had no idea I was there, probably convinced that I was still in my room playing video games. I honestly hadn't planned on spying...

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Breaking Clichés Ch. 02

Scarlett pushes me to the edge between anger and lust again.

Edited by Dark Star. Thanks! Note: This story, like most the Breaking Clichés stories, is slightly edgier than my other stories. If you absolutely need your erotic stories to be pure vanilla, then I recommend that you read some of my other stories. ** Since that fateful first day with Scarlett, where she rocked my body and my entire world as well as forcing me to...

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For dad and sick daughter, the bath changed everything.

Note: this story has been written many, many years ago and got lost somehow. I just found it again and decided to publish it anyway. English isn't my first language, and I apologize for the mistakes. I groaned out loud as my wife was squeezing the base of my cock with her impressive pussy muscles. "Stop that Jonathan! You're going to wake Elly!" She whispered, smiling. She was on top...

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Midwinter Weekend Pt. 05

A soft awakening with Eleanor, and a life changing decision.

_*Edited by Gustavca Note; this shorter story is the epilogue, and while it's clearly erotic, it's not paced like one of my typical story. _ I woke in the middle of a dream, a funny, completely non-erotic dream, and began laughing in our room. Nella moaned softly, bothered by my laughter, and pushed me out of the bed. As I was getting up and putting my boxers on, she...

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Midwinter Weekend Pt. 02

A ski accident opened the door to an unexpected first time.

*Edited by Gustavca The night in the plane made some things very plain. There were not going to be any awkward moments so long after Midsummer, none of us regretted anything, we had all grown and sexually matured since and were essentially even more open than we had been. In Iceland, during Midwinter, we were all going to reap what we had sown during the last few months. These...

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Midwinter Weekend Pt. 01

6 months later, the entire gang reunites for the first time.

-Edited by Gustavca Iceland. Although I've always been fascinated by its landscape since it reminds me of my hometown in Quebec, I never thought I'd go there. I also never thought I'd go for free! Lincoln and Kate's young business got its first major deal a couple of months ago with a big firm here in Iceland. Somehow they managed to transform their all-expenses-paid four-person trip into a...

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Midsummer Weekend Pt. 04

The bonfire wasn't, in the end, our hottest experience...

Edited by Gustavca * The morning following of our not-quite orgy was pretty silent. Even the usual early risers lingered in bed for a long time. In the end, as usual, I found myself with Eleanor in the kitchen. Lincoln and Kate woke up early as well and shared a cup of coffee with us. Everybody was clothed normally despite everything that had happened. Soon Lincoln and Kate went...

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Midsummer Weekend Pt. 03

Finally the Midsummer bonfire dance.

Edited by Gustavca * The entire weekend so far had been one of a constantly deepening sense of unreality. Each year for seven years now, our group of friends meet in this wonderful wooden lodge in the middle of the northern forests for the Midsummer weekend. The first one happened almost by accident, with the then-boyfriend of Kate explaining that the ancient Celts celebrated this...

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Midsummer Weekend Pt. 02

Our group of friends delve deeper and deeper into the magic

As the Midsummers came and went, our group shrank or grew, but I think we never ended up being more than sixteen. That's still a huge number for such a unique event, but some of us talked about it to intimate friends, and, of course, most of them wanted to come. Our Midsummers are very different experiences for single people than they are for couples. Of course they expect to have sex with new...

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Midsummer Weekend Pt. 01

A group of friends under the influence of Midsummer magic...

Edited by Gustavca * As jet after jet of my sperm began overfilling the spasming pussy of a woman who was not my wife, my mind was screaming: "This was not supposed to happen, even on a Midsummer's night!!" Let's go back a few days to try and understand how everything went wrong somehow. Each year for the past seven years, on the closest week-end to Midsummer, our eclectic...

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From One Thing To The Next

How small steps can open a couple's life.

I think we were all getting tired. I mean really tired: getting up early to enjoy most of the perfect winter days on this mountain, skiing all day, partying just about every night and doing our best to sleep in a cabin full of people... Not easy. The first two or three days and nights were fine, but now, at the end of this wonderful spring break week, the signs of fatigue were more and more...

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A Tiny Decision

Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impacts.

I could not believe the number of coincidences that have led me to this precise moment. A Saturday morning, in the bathroom of a cabin in the mountains. All I had to do to tempt fate and perhaps set in motion a week-end that would be drastically different than the one I had planned, was to break a very small piece of plastic. Just a twist of two fingers would be enough to do it. Alone in the...

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The Reunion

Disastrous relationship bring siblings closer together.

I hadn't seen my baby sister in three years. At seventeen she decided that she wanted to move to Europe, with a promising husband and a wonderful job waiting for her there. She had met him on the internet and the relationship had apparently (I was not privy to every detail) evolved from cybersex into friendship, then through emails and phone calls into a fully blown romantic relationship. My...

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The Red Bracelet

Anonymous letters and a red bracelet unlock a friendship.

Note: this is a somewhat long and slowly developing story. Everything started when I woke up on a later autumn day with a strange idea in my head. Well actually it started the first time I saw Bianca a couple of years ago, when she was a work colleague of my then girlfriend. I met her a few times at work parties and even though I quickly noticed that she was both gorgeous and desirable, we...

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