Stories Published by 'MSTarot'

Mummers' shall Play

Temp not the fairies​ upon April Fools eve.

The man and woman were young -- so terribly terribly young. And their love for one another was equally youthful. Merely hours old it had already given birth to laughter and a thousand kisses. Each touch was now a burst of passion and every caress bespoke of insatiable lust and carnal desire. Spring, that time of lovers had begun and it had graced the night with warmth. Pleasant scents...

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury was hell, but for Felix and Rue it was home.

Big Alice was always hungry. And with her skilled hands on the controls it was Stephanie "Roulette" MacBaren's job to keep the big bitch fed. Following a path laid down by two seasons of steady work, Rue guided the insanely massive paddle wheel excavator on its way up and over a lobate scarp that made the big machine work for its meal. The slow turning blades in the front -- each...

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My Christmas Star

He saw what others didn't. And they hated him for it.

If I was going to write a novel of my life, 2017 would be the chapters were everything I knew and counted on to be a certain way in my life went all to hell. And Christmas was when I managed to claw my way back up out of there. The year before -- a bad year in its own right -- my hometown here on the ill-defined border between Florida's Treasure and Gold Coast learned that a tourist...

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Life on Short Notice

Gordon knows it's a joke, but can't avoid the​ trap.

Setting my laptop on my desk, I positioned the two black baseball-shaped speakers to the side and, with an automatic, rhythmic nod of my head, I let the tunes crank. ~Oh, yo, yo, there's a demon inside. Oh, yo, yo, just like Jekyll and Hyde! ~ With a pimp strut and an improvised dance step making me look, no doubt, like a complete moron, I went back to my unpacking. Nineteen years of...

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Spending V in the Neighborhood of G

Jimmy was a piano player but who was this dark-haired lady?

It was a soft night as if the whole world was gone mute. In the streets outside the snow was still coming down, but no one seemed to care. I know I didn't. Hell, I might stay here and play out the rest of the night simply because the joint next door was always open and their breakfast hash was second to none. My fingers drifted ghost-like across the worn ivory keys of this old _Chickering &...

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Killing off the Ho,Ho,Ho's

Detective John Taline can't even take Christmas off.

I'm sure that in the life of every private detective there comes a day when he is woken up by a pounding on his door. And that, after he foolishly opens the door without looking first, he gets his ass beaten up by three incredible women who were dressing in black vinyl, leather, studded belts, and high heels. Also of course, this theoretical private detective will have to endure those three sexy...

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Plaid Ties and Neon Lace

A man hunts at the rave for who in his office would be there.

Monday had been a normal enough day. Tuesday was boringly the same. So, why the hell did Wednesday have to be such a trip to the Twilight Zone? No, alright it wasn't the whole day that was weird, just from about that moment that I went to the copier to run off about thirty pages from the Giger file ... hum, maybe that should have been the clue for me. Giger, weird shit. Yeah, I should...

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Don't Lose Your Head

Madness in New Orleans.

There was a spreading pool of blood on the street, with the overhead halogen lights making bits of cranial bone shine like cold white stars. But that is not the beginning of my story. It's the end. My story began years before that moment, in the St. Louis No. 3 Cemetery in New Orleans, late one October night. It was only hours till Halloween, not that the holiday of candy and goblins meant...

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Ten Miles Beyond the Asphalt

The family cabin needed repairs, so did the family.

Ten miles beyond the Asphalt BUZZ With a sigh, I shifted my cup of coffee to the other hand and dug my phone out my pocket. Tapping the screen, I shifted to my messages and looked at the one waiting. BUZZ Two waiting. Sigh. Tap. ~ Mom: You father broke his hip on the riding lawn mower. Call me!!~ Eyes wide, I absently opened the second message....

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King of the Mountain

A simple game, just tumble the mighty from his hill.

In the game of life, we are all just pips on the dice. Destined to find ourselves either face up and valued or face down and ignored. It's a craps shoot, life. The question, though--one asked since the dawn of man--is just what hand is throwing those dice. Ours or God's? Well, in either case, the hands tossing them are not clean. You could even say they are filthy ... if you wanted to be...

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Lilibeth the Candy MILF

Sweets are not the only thing addictive in her house.

Carrying the grocery bags into the house, I stopped just inside the door, smiled, and took a deep breath. The whole house smelled of my handiwork. I wanted to just stand there and savor it, but I had so much to do. Only half my party decorations were up, and while yes the house was taking on a wonderfully creepy feeling of macabre, the end result would be so much better. I needed to finish...

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Absinthe Dreams

A sip between times.

"To me it's not really a green. When I think green, I think of grass. That's more like lemonade color." Erica's nose was far too close to the glasses for my taste. Pouring the nearly clear absinthe over the rough-cut, cane-sugar cubes I favor, I tapped my spoon for a second to get her to back up. I wished I had my full setup here like I have at home, my Absinthe fountains water drippers are...

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Brown Eyes in the Storm

John took a ride into hell. For Wendy he would do it twice.

Stalking through the thick jungle, hyperaware of my surroundings, with my twin Sith lightsabers in hand but not yet ignited--I did not wish those fiery red blades to give away my position--I moved in deadly silence towards the men I must kill. My companions were near me, but I ignored them. As an apprentice to the Dark Lord, I knew that the main focus of this battle would soon be upon myself....

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The Summer Maid

It was simple work and it paid well, plus she got to play.

_(This did not start out as a toy story, but it decided on its own to become one. So be it. The joys of creative writing. I hope you enjoy it and please remember to comment and vote. All participants are over the age of 18.MST) _ * At first I was in awe. In my whole life I had never seen such wealth. Even my cousin Everett, the dentist, didn't have a house as beautiful as these homes....

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Summer of Sibling Madness

Cody would do anything to save his sister. Anything...

Sibling Madness between July 4th Street and Labor Day Avenue. Life can go to extremes from just the simplest push. A slight tipping away from what is normal, what is expected, or planned for and whammy, you're in a shit storm looking for an umbrella. Now ... some people ... will tell you, that when such happens, it is best to ride out the "unusual situation" and let life return to normal....

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Victim's Ball

When we ignore what is in front of us the past can haunt us.

(On July 14th ever year the French celebrate La Fête Nationale, a holiday that here in the United States we call Bastille Day. It is celebrated with parades, period costuming and fireworks. Large parties with decorative food--blue, white, and red--also music and dance play a prominent part of the celebrations. This story is themed to fit that ... in my own odd personal way. Enjoy. MST) *...

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Detroit up in Smoke

In a world dying under an unforgiving sun one last smoke.

Behind me there was the soft patter of bare feet on the wet stone floors by the pool. But I didn't notice them. It was too fleeting a sound, when compared to the music I had playing. I was adrift through gentle melody, afloat not just in water but on the sweet lyrics that floated into my ears like lilies on a pond of still water. Carried there by the very water I was in. A massage of harmonics...

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Why be Yellow

Hot sweaty sex with Kevin.

I met Kevin for the first time at the mall; but that was not the first time I had seen him. No, I have been secretly watching him for five years. Call it stalking him if you wish, I don't care. Hell, at first I didn't even know his name. He was just one of the crowd. Anyway, there he was, just hangin' out in a store with his friend's Carl and Jerry. They all looked at me when I went up...

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Horse Pens 40

Papa Dan the Turkey man, meets his match in a kissing wench.

(This story goes out dedicated to my friend Tx Tall Tales. Happy birthday, Triple T. And many more to come.) * "Well my name's John Lee Pettimore." With my head nodding to the music as I sang along with it, I hit the blinker and checked my right-side mirror for any fools too asleep to see my flashing signal. Given the speed I was going, when this big Ford Econoline van--and the...

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It was a Typical Saturday Night

Some memories haunt us, some do more than that.

It was a typical Saturday night ... meaning I was drunk. But I'm not to blame. No. The fault lies in my morals and in the availability of a bottle and a half of scotch. See, if the scotch hadn't been there, I would be sober as a cat right now ... but then someone else would have drunk it. It was some very good scotch after all. And knowing that, I felt morally obliged to do my...

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Lost Times

The museum was full of memories of pain.

"All I'm saying is you should have known better, that all." With a sigh, I nodded my head at the truth of that even though I was already tired of hearing James bitch and bemoan. It's not like this was completely my fault. "I mean really, Allen ... what were the odd it was going to be what the girls said it was?" he continued. "James, put a cork in it already," Steve chimed in with...

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Sympathy for the Devil

A quiet drink in a bar may lead to Revelations.

(This story was a challenge put down by my friend and editor patientlee for her birthday. To turn on the radio and make a story from the next song heard was the challenge. And what did I get? See the title of this story for that answer. Okay lol, here we go. Best I could do with what I got. Happy birthday, you wonderful lady. And many more.) Walking into the bar, I breathed in deep...

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P40 Bedouin Dreams

He flew into hell and decided love was worth staying for.

This story was written to be the birthday gift of a friend and fellow writer, AMoveableBeast. He asked his friends to challenge themselves. Well, this is my best attempt to do that. I do hope you enjoy this story. Happy birthday, Beast. * "Come on, girl. Come on. No, no, no. Oh, damn it all!" Fighting the dead stick, I kept trying to get the damn engine to restart despite...

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Fool's War

An SCA weekend with the Knights of Knavery.

_( This story is dedicated to BuckyDuckman, and is a very belated birthday present. Happy Birthday Bucky, I do hope you enjoy the story. This story contains bi-sexual contact between men, in a two men one woman night of fun, erotic sex. If that is not your taste in erotica, please pass on this story. To all others, this story is meant as just hot sexy fun, I do hope you find it such, and...

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The Ice Queen

The Al-Can in February is no place for a rookie.

My dad, he's a long-haul truck driver. Why? Well, because his dad was one. And grandpa was one because...well...his dad, my great-grandfather was one. Ah hell, I bet if you were to go back another generation you would find one of us hauling freight with a wagon and horses. Want to hazard a guess what I've spent the last few months in training for? Oh my name is Brace, by the way. Brace...

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The Beautiful People

In a world lost to madness, he found her.

~ _"Being called the first shots in the War Against Ugliness, the petition for the so-called Narcissism Bill was presented to both houses of Congress today by the President of New You Incorporated, Jeremiah Ambrose. Following an impassioned speech about the horror of school bullying, Ambrose's followers gathered on the National Mall, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, began a chant of "Make...

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Trick Shot Hustler

Just a simple game of pool, but it went so much further.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18. * I blame the color of money. No not green! I mean the movie Color of Money. Paul Newman before he became the king of salad dressing, Tom Cruise when he was still more...sane, I guess. And the still young, hot-as-hell Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, oh my god the ass on that woman. She was a fantasy of mine from the first time...

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Love in the Lights

A tragic Christmas brings love to two people in need of it.

(all characters are over 18 when involved in sex.) * We moved away from the house I was born in when I was five. In a way I was to blame for it, I guess. The quality of grade schools in that area was not as high as in the area we moved to. I can't take full credit for it though, as you could say Dad's promotion had an equal amount to do with the move. He earned a promotion, and with it...

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Walk on the Beach

To Dance in the Sky... love turns back the clock.

Walk on the Beach, to Dance in the SKY The brown grass brushed the side of my calf with a feathery touch as I walked past it. I felt shivers, and then goosebumps ran up my skin. With my sandals starting to slip in the sand, I walked past the half-faded warning sign. ~NUDE BEACH~ How very strange that something as simple as a place where people take off their clothes is given nearly...

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A Day in the Cove

A day of sailing and snorkeling turns serious.

It had seemed like a good idea. Sail out to an island I know of, spend the day snorkeling on the reef that surrounds one side of it. A fun day doing something simple. A way of maybe helping my friend Peggy forget some of the pain, the bitter loss, that was making her so depressed that even I noticed it. Not that I'm unobservant. Take just then for instance. I was blissfully enjoying...

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