Stories Published by 'Mystic47'

Danni -- Part One

Danni was standing in front of the floor length mirror holding a skirt to her waist, she was wearing only brief pastel panties and a matching bra. When she heard me she turned, looked at me with surprised eyes then spat “Go away, I don't have any clothes on!” She was a vision. My eyes locked onto the smooth round form of her ass as they absorbed the image of her in just delicate lingerie.

Dear Reader, I’ve been going back through my earlier stores and making corrections or adding verbiage. This story was originally a single tale, I have made it a two-part narrative. Danni - Part One “Are you flirting with me?” I was trying to watch TV but my sister was acting coy and playful, trying to get my attention. “No, why would I flirt with my brother?” “Maybe cause I’m hot and sexy...

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Allie the Alien

She caressed her body for a few minutes then pulled her panties off, put both hands between her wide spread thighs and started rubbing her sex. Even from his theater seat two rooms away he could tell she was turning herself on, getting hot. His hard-on was massive, swollen as never before watching his stepsister fulfill one of his fantasies. This is why he bought the voyeur toy, this was the moment he had been waiting for since he gave her Allie several months earlier.

She opened the gift box from Justin and found a layer of pastel wrappings around a football sized gift. When she peeled back the colored tissues the first thing she saw was a pair of black shiny eyes peering at her. She ripped off the rest of the paper and lifted a cute, cuddly stuffed toy from the box. She loved stuffed toys and this one was as cute as any of those that populated her bedroom....

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Punishing Carson

My brother took four pictures of me with my smartphone then sent them via messaging somewhere. I heard a buzz on the night stand and turned my head to see his phone light up. He snatched it up then showed me the screen. There I was, tied, gagged, nude and staring into the camera.

I was thirteen when the force of nature overwhelmed me. I started puberty and in the years since then my body changed radically, my personality shattered into about six different girls, some of them very unpleasant, some as sticky sweet as caramel. I hated the world, my parents, my life, school, most of my friends and more than anything else, my big brother. He was the most evil bastard that Satan...

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The mother swooned with the realization she was mind-controlling her children. For the rest of the evening she teased her children with salacious thoughts, planting the seeds in their minds that she hoped would bloom as lust and desire to satisfy her lonely, love starved life.

She was trapped in her chair, trapped by a severed spinal nerve; her legs were useless, her body limp and wasted below her shoulders. But her mind was still sharp, her thoughts, ideas and musings were as full, bright and normal as they always had been. She hated her life, often thinking she would swallow her entire bottle of preion sedatives. She thought often how free she could be; free to...

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A Proper Seduction

I was tired of getting fucked without being turned on.

My first boyfriend was Jacob Mancuso, we would screw in his car or sometimes we would be alone at his house but not too often. Most of the time we did it in the back of his little Honda where it was cramped and uncomfortable. I mean, he seemed to have more fun than me and most of the time after he smeared me up with cum we were done. My neck would hurt but I told him how great I felt so I could...

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Cheating with me on her Cheating Husband

Sonia didn’t go into a screaming rage, she didn’t erupt in sorrowful tears or wail in anguish, she looked at me, determination set in her eyes “I want to get screwed, I need to get revenge, do you know anyone who can come over here and fuck me right now?”

I was staying with my sister and her husband for a few days in a cabin on Loon Lake. We were fishing all day and drinking half the fucking night. The third night we were there my sister Sonia drank too much tequila and went limp on the sofa. Alex, my brother-in-law, picked her up and carried her to their room. Fifteen minutes later he came back tucking in his shirt and buttoning his fly. He...

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Mother's Proxy

“I want you to seduce your father. I want him to be a man again and since he won't leave the house, I'm asking you to fuck him for me. Be my proxy Renee, give him what I can't, please?” I stared at the roses in her cheeks and only two thoughts entered my mind. The color in her cheeks was beautiful but her words were the ugliest I’d ever heard. I leaped from the sofa and fled.

“Sweetheart, we need to talk, please come here and sit.” My mother patted the cushion of the sofa, she sounded serious. Until a few months earlier my mother was fresh, healthy, pretty and vibrant with laughter and a zest for live. But now she was anorexic thin and pale. She looked so tired she could hardly sit straight, my heart started bleeding again because of her sickness. She had been in the...

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Joyce on the Pill

I just stood in front of my pretty young sister and stared at her blushing cheeks for a few seconds then squeaked “Five? You’ve let five guys screw you?” Crap! She was two up on me. I am fifteen months older than her and she’d gotten more dick in her short sex life than I’d gotten pussy.

I stopped by my sister’s room to ask her if she had money to pay back the twenty dollars she borrowed three days before. She was lying on the bed, on her stomach looking at her smart phone. When she heard me she slapped the phone face down “What the hell are you doing here?” “I need my twenty bucks, you got it?” “Uh, you said I had till Saturday to pay it back, I don’t get paid at work until...

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Blackmailing Morgan

She was pale, stressed in another way, “I let you have sex with me and you tell daddy you did it? That’s blackmail you sick perv!” “That’s the deal Morgan, him or me.” With that Brad left his sister to ponder her fate.

As he walked past her bedroom he heard the unmistakable sound of his sister sobbing, crying out “What am I going to do? He’ll see it as soon as he comes home!” He paused at her closed door, concern rose for his sister as he could hear she was truly distraught about something. Curiosity caused him to open her door, to see who she was talking to, to find out why she was crying. She was lying on...

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