Stories Published by 'nbondage'


A couple explores their emotions of dominance and submission.

I. The weight of the cuffs feels good to you. The padding is snug on your wrists and ankles, a little warmth for your naked body. The cuffs hold you. Your hands were shaking while you put the locks into place. The little brass items seemed harmless enough, even puny. But snapping the locks into place made your heart quicken for a moment and you drew in a breath of release and purpose. The...

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The Pervert engages in some wet and messy self-love.

A small shift in his facial expression might be noticeable if you were just watching him and paying attention. A shift of his eyes down and away at the very thought of it shows his underlying fear. The fear he feels is not of the actions themselves, fuck, people have been fucking and jerking off since there have been people and some of those people are pretty strange. No, the fear comes from...

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Jules' Journey

Jules uses sexual adventure and fantasy to give her strength.

Good Morning Jules. Are you feeling better today? You've had a difficult time lately but you're digging deep into your bucket of courage. As we have talked before, sexual play and fantasy gives a person skills and experience they can draw on to help handle other parts of their experience. We had a chance, shortly before your diagnosis, to dive into your subspace and you were deeply and quickly...

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