Stories Published by 'novabifunone'

College Cock

My first experience ... with a college student.

With so many hook up apps on our smartphones, younger guys and newbies to gay hooking don't even remember the hefty trade that went on in online chat rooms. Living in Northern Virginia, but being deeply closeted, I didn't have a way to begin exploring my attraction to guys that might be more familiar to folks in the Big Apple, Chicago, San Francisco, and the like. I couldn't imagine being...

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Olympus Gym in Alexandria

A sexual relationship with a younger man at my local gym.

Chapter One: The Dark God This is my true life experience at a gym just outside Washington, DC, circa 2005-2009. He was young, his birthdate tattooed on his bicep told me he was just 19. Like me, over six feet tall, but unlike me, he had the body of a god. His skin a deep, rich cocoa. His abs formed an eight pack, his nipples were perfect, quarter sized and prominent. He sat in the...

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