Stories Published by 'Oberon_80'

Vacation Souvenir Ch. 02

Continuation of my wife being used during our vacation.

What have I just witnessed? I could have stopped it and reported it to the hotel management. But I didn't; I enjoyed watching it. Was that rape? Did he blackmail her in the end? Surely he would not go that far and it was just an empty threat. Why would he risk getting fired? If my wife had reported this he would most likely get fired with even possible jail time. I was not able...

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Vacation Souvenir Ch. 01

Watching reluctant wife cheat on vacation.

My name is Sam and I have a beautiful wife of Vietnamese origin. I sometimes wondered, when we were dating, whether I was punching above my weight, even though it was she who originally asked me out. She first spotted me when I was working in my parent's Chinese take-away after I left university. Maggie is 5ft 6in tall with long reddish brown hair, slim dress size 6 with 32A breasts. I...

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