Stories Published by 'partwolf'

Alpha Killer Ch. 11-15


Randall Meechum's POV "Are you going to kiss her or kill her when you find her, Randall?" I looked over and glared at my brother Bobby, who was looking out at the North Texas landscape flying by as we went north in Interstate 35. "Not funny, Bobby. This woman has my head spinning." "You always did have to do things the hard way. Leaving for the University of Texas, going to law...

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Alpha Killer Ch. 06-10

Choices and Consequences.

Day of Tania's Rescue Talia's POV We left after I made sure Tania had eaten all she could and had plenty of juice. I was still in shock over her appearance; she was thin and weak, while my body was solid muscle. The past four years had treated us far differently, and my heart broke every time I looked at her. I was happy she had good clothes now; she had jeans, boots, a clean...

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Alpha Killer

Betrayed and Abused.

Talia Stillwater's POV Fort Worth, Texas I adjusted the deep purple dress I was wearing, pulling the deep neckline down a little farther as I stared at the cards on the table. The private game had been going on for six hours, and it was now almost two in the morning. My five-thousand-dollar buy-in to the twenty-person game meant that my stack of chips was nearly seventy-five thousand...

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Treasure Ch. 81-85


Sawyer and Ashley walked hand in hand following Rori and Chase back towards the Pack House when Chairman Coffey caught up with them. "We need to do the ceremony soon," he said. "We can do it on the front porch where everyone who wants can witness it," Sawyer replied. He was thrilled with how things had transpired; they had rescued Donna, proven the guilt of Craig and Daniel, and had their own...

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Treasure Ch. 76-80


Orlando, Florida Donna stirred from her sleep, her face tucked in to her husband's shoulder as his chest rose and fell. She was sore, satisfied, hung over and tired in some order she would figure out later. They had been back home for a few days, as Roadkill had to get back to running his company and she had shifts at the hospital. Their honeymoon wasn't what they expected, not with...

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Treasure Ch. 71-75

Cleaning House.

The next week flew by for most everyone at the Oxbow Lake Pack except the men held in the cells awaiting trial. Sawyer and his team had completed their interviews and were putting together their case. He was working long hours, then coming back to Ashley and spending all night loving her. By Saturday night, she put her foot down. "You can't keep this up, and you have to be ready for trial on...

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Treasure Ch. 66-70

Choosing Sides.

Chairman Gruber arrived in a rented SUV, surrounded by Council Enforcers. He had flown in from Germany overnight on the Council jet and was in a foul mood. "Everyone here," he asked. The parking lot at the Silver Creek Cliff Wayside Park was full of SUV's and dangerous-looking men. "Almost," Alpha Forrest said. "We're just waiting for Alpha Daniel and the Donner Pack warriors to arrive. They...

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Treasure Ch. 61-65

Return of the Arrowhead Pack.

Alpha Forrest held it together until the three Warriors left the room and closed the door. The three, all members of the Banff Pack, had just informed him their Alpha was recalling them immediately and they were leaving the Pack. It had been a bad day, starting with the loss of all his Omegas. He hadn't been woken with his coffee as he normally was at 0530, and before six the Pack was in an...

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Treasure Ch. 56-60

The Truth Comes Out.

Beta Carlson was glad that Alpha Nygaard left shortly after their discussion, because holding back his revulsion at the man was becoming difficult. With Coral gone and a challenge coming, Alpha Forrest told him to return to his Pack and prepare for the challenge. Enforcers, along with Counselor Long, would be sent in two days to conduct the voting for the Pack. If a third of the Pack didn't accept...

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Treasure Ch. 51-55

Sawyer and Coral.

Sawyer ended the call and followed one of the Omegas to the guest room he had been assigned. He didn't have much time, but luckily most of the forms needed were standard and quickly modified for his needs. He sent the forms to his younger brother, then pulled out the forms he would need to file with the Council to be recognized as the lawyer for his sister Coral and her Alphas. He sent a text to...

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Treasure Ch. 46-50

Alpha Rori King.

While Chase took the dishes back down to the kitchen, Rori had a few moments to just reflect on everything that had changed in her life in the past few days. She felt free; free from fear of her inner voice, free from fear of being kidnapped, and free from the fear of being unlovable. She had a handsome and caring mate, and she and her wolf finally belonged. " _We have a Pack, and they will love...

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Treasure Ch. 41-45

Destined for each other.

Rori felt like she was floating under the water; her senses were deadened, and she didn't know what was going on. It wasn't the first time she'd woken from a drug-induced slumber, and she knew to relax and let herself wake slowly. Over the next few minutes, her hearing sharpened and she focused on the scents. It smelled like oil, gas and sweat. She picked through the scents, most were...

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Treasure Ch. 36-40

The Secret is Out.

The next morning, Dr. Chase Nygaard tracked down his attending before morning rounds. "I want to release Miss King to her mother," he said. "She doesn't meet the requirements for a hold and I don't see the value of continued inpatient treatments. She can follow up with her doctors back home," he said. Dr. Bach reviewed his notes and they discussed his plans. "I have to agree she isn't a...

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Treasure Ch. 31-35

Trust Your Wolf.

Coral rolled into the parking lot of the Renton chapter of the Steel Brotherhood just after ten at night. Her blonde hair was braided back under her helmet, and the Prospect at the gate smiled at her as she went by. She backed into a spot, taking off her helmet and setting it on the handlebars as she put the kickstand down. "Hey, pretty lady," a man in a Brotherhood cut said, "Welcome to our...

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Treasure Ch. 26-30

On The Run.

Rori followed the directions to the Manchester chapter of the Steel Brotherhood and was met at the gate by a prospect. "Have her put the motorcycle inside," a woman said from the door, and he opened the gate then ran over to the multi-bay garage attached to the warehouse-like building. She parked her baby in the back. As she got off and removed her helmet and chaps, the heavyset woman was on her....

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Treasure Ch. 21-25

New name, new home, new life.

Rori stretched on the back patio of their condominium, getting ready for her morning run. She smiled as she loosened up her legs; moving to Florida had been good for a lot of things, but late afternoon exercising in the June heat was not one of them. As the humidity rose she started waking up before the sunrise, something she hated to do, but it was better than the alternative. Wearing...

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Treasure Ch. 15-20

Victim Protection Program.

Chairman Erik Gruber closed the videoconference and made a few calls. Twenty minutes later, he had the jet being spun up, a flight plan filed, and a squad of four Council enforcers meeting him at the plane. He sat back in his chair, thinking of what he would say before he opened the contacts list on his phone. He used to know the phone numbers of the twelve American and ten European Packs by...

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Treasure Ch. 11-14

Snatch and Grab.

Dawn was standing by the cruiser, waiting for more information on her daughter, when the radios crackled to life again. "All units, we have a pedestrian with injuries on Cripple Creek Parkway, crossroad McKnight." The Chief pointed to two of is officers. "Go," he said. "Caller reports victim is teenage female and was nude," the radio continued. "OH GOD, TREASURE," Dawn yelled. The...

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Treasure Ch. 06-10

Tragedy and Hope.

Freshman year was done by the beginning of March, and Rea was halfway done with her sophomore year classes by the time summer arrived. Her parents had been relieved that the drug therapy was working, and her mind and emotions weren't so clouded any more. With nothing else to do, Rea spent her time on three things. School, with the idea to graduate as soon as possible. Running, because...

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Treasure Ch. 01-05

Lost and Found.

The invaders tore through the border defenders like one of those posters that cheerleaders hold up for the football team to run through before the game. In seconds, over fifty bloodthirsty wolves had ripped the throats of ten Pack members and left them bleeding into the pine straw that lined the forest near the edge of the lake. The Alpha looked at what was coming and knew it was hopeless. " _Get...

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Order of Protection Ch. 79-82

Today We Settle All Family Business (Conclusion).

Jessie's POV Larry collapsed to his knees as she was hauled out of the courtroom, being taken to the field out back where punishments were carried out. John helped him back up. "Come on, you don't need to see this," he said as he turned him around. "NO!" Larry shook him off. "I promised her I'd be there to the end. Someone has to be there for her." I looked at him, he was dying...

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Order of Protection Ch. 75-78

Crime and Punishment.

Javier's POV I had survived many battles in my years. I had fought in wars, both human and werewolf, and I had seen things that I kept buried deep in my mind where my mate would never find them. Still, I had never seen a scene like this, and I had never felt such pride in the men and women who were in my Pack. The dead men who lay in pieces around the shredded entrance door were true...

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Order of Protection Ch. 71-74

And Boom Goes the Dynamite.

Jessie's POV Patrick stood protectively in front of me as I stood in the corner of the office, staring at the men who had just burst in. The three men lowered their weapons and yelled the place was clear. "почему ты в моем офисе (Why are you in my office)", Olga asked. "In English, please," nodding towards us. "Our investigation in St. Petersburg turned up an imminent threat to Miss...

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Order of Protection Ch. 66-70

Choices to Make.

Jessie's POV "How bad is this going to be," I asked Charles as he joined us in the back of our Excursion. The three vehicles we had brought down were filled with warriors, and those with carry permits were carrying. They would only go as far as the building security checkpoint; Charles and Sven would be the only ones going in with me. "You're going to stir up a lot, but the videos and...

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Order of Protection Ch. 62-65

Avenge Me.

Beta Polina's POV The pilot who Shura had hired had returned to his home, sending a text message to me saying he never showed up. I sank into my chair, closing my eyes, my head tilting forward so my long black hair could cover my face. I didn't want anyone to see me break down. I was stronger than this, I could survive this. Shura must have been captured again, and this time they...

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Order of Protection Ch. 58-61

Aftermath of War.

Alpha Sven's POV I walked out of the Pack House with my mate at my side, holding hands as we looked out on the aftermath of war. Wounded wolves were making their way back, the nurses doing triage, taking the seriously injured in first. First aid kits were open everywhere, as warriors tended to their own using their first responder training. We walked among the men, a hand of thanks...

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Order of Protection Ch. 54-57

Defending the Pack.

John's POV I climbed up the ladder, feeling bad about leaving her alone. I could hear Sven talking, so I followed the sound to the dining room where he was sitting at the table. "Alpha Stan," I said as I spotted him at the table. "Betas Peter and Abigail, I did not expect to see you up here." "This is where the action is, John. I understand your mate helped out a bit." "She...

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Order of Protection Ch. 49-53

Pressure on Both Sides.

Two Weeks Later Alpha Yuri's POV I threw my glass at the television, shattering the screen as glass shards exploded onto the Pack members in my conference room. " Coast Guard and FBI Call Off Search for Jessie Donato's Remains," the CNN crawl says as they interview a former FBI agent on what it all means. The search had been hampered by bad weather and deep water, and later...

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Order of Protection Ch. 44-48

A Secluded Honeymoon.

Abigail Clarke's POV I was exhausted, and my wolf was on edge by the time I left the plane in Moscow. Crying babies, turbulence and a businessman who stank of cigarettes and body odor, while ignoring my ring and trying to hit on me at 30,000 feet, pretty much did me in. I turned on my phone and texted my son I was on the ground before heading to baggage claim. He met me just outside...

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Order of Protection Ch. 40-43

New Wolf, New Mates and New Challenges.

I must have been dreaming, that was the only explanation. I saw her die. I broke as my mate was taken violently from me. This can't be real. I felt the tingles on my cheek, I smelled her scent as I lay there on the bottom of the boat. I opened my eyes, her jean-clad thighs under my left cheek, her boots against the seat opposite us as she sat on the deck of the boat, my...

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