Stories Published by 'PAS'

Blind Lust

Brigit's temporary poor vision leads to an unwanted surprise.

This had not been Brigit's year. For starters the pretty thirty-four-year-old had been laid off at work, then her diabetes had gone out of control, causing her to have to change insulin and other medications to try to get it back to normal. And she had even been diagnosed with high blood pressure, which added another medication. As if all that wasn't stressful enough for her, only a week after...

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Karma for Christy

Christy's affair leads to a surprise gangbang.

Christy looked in the mirror as she slipped her bra over her firm, 34-B breasts. Her large, thick nipples were still hard as the thin red material covered them. The beautiful 30-year-old redhead could not believe that she had gone through with cheating on her husband. Mark was a good man, and a great provider. Together they had two children. But Christy had been feeling bored and neglected...

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Gang Bang Rendezvous

Sneaking out gets Kayla and her chaperone in trouble.

Suzanne Waters woke up just in time to see Kayla Lane exiting the motel room. Seeing the pretty 18-year-old dressed in a short black skirt and a tight fitting red tee-shirt affirmed Suzanne's notion that Kayla wasn't simply making a run to the vending machines, especially since Kayla had been in a pair of pajamas when Suzanne went to bed less than an hour ago. Suzanne jumped out of bed and...

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Flight Attendants in Peril

Pair of flight attendants get taken in their hotel room.

John watched the two stewardesses leave the bar on their way up to their hotel room. He had seen them in her a few times before, and once had tried to hit on Anne, the pretty brunette with green eyes and nice boobs. He thought that the way she wore a short red scarf tied around her neck made her resemble the old school porn actress Desiree Cousteau, who he fondly remembered jacking off to as a...

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Jessica Gets Taken

Lonely wife tricked by husband's friend and gangbanged.

Jessica blushed when she realized that her pink vibrator had been lying next to her alarm clock on the bed stand the entire time that Rick had been there working on her laptop. She seriously hoped that he had not noticed the toy. She often felt uncomfortable looking him in the eyes to begin with, but thinking that he was aware of her using toys to masturbate with while her husband was stationed...

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Exhibitionists Encounter

Exhibitionist's plans go awry when bikers show up.

Kym and James Rollins found the clearing they were looking for with ease. As soon as they were there Kym pulled her black tee-shirt off and began undoing her jeans. James watched as his attractive, 32-year-old wife, stripped down, admiring her slender body and her long, sexy legs. Kym's auburn hair hung to her waist, draping her thin body. Her hard, half-inch nipples protruded from her perky 34-B...

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Neighborly Relations

Teasing the neighbor backfires on Claudia.

Claudia sat on the edge of her lawn recline chair, rubbing suntan lotion over her bare, 36-B breasts. Her nipples became erect as she softly caressed them in the process. Once finished, she sat the bottle of lotion on the ground next to her yellow bikini top, and then pulled her blonde hair back and secured it into a ponytail before picking up her wide-brimmed baseball cap off the ground and...

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Submission of Sandra

MILF surprised and taken by son's friend.

Sandra hurried up stairs, embarrassed at having been seen by her son's friends in her nightgown. The fact that both Richard and Dennis were 18, just like her son Jake, did little to ease her humiliation. Sandra had not realized that Jake had brought them home with him. When she heard noise downstairs she realized that Jake had returned home from his night out and she went downstairs to see...

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Mom's Surprise

Judy catches her kids in the act, so they make her join in.

20-year-old Justin lie naked, flat on his back, on his bed as Julia, his beautiful 21-year-old sister undressed for him. Justin grinned his Julia pulled her tee-shirt over her head. Her pretty, tanned face and big brown eyes looked down at him as he long, black hair cascaded about her shoulders. Her round, firm, B-cup tits pressed forward as she reached behind her to undo the clasp of the lacy red...

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Eric's Lucky Night

MILFs 18 year-old's daughter walks in on them, so...

Jackie could not believe that she was doing this; kneeling on the floor beside the bed in her motel room, performing oral sex on a twenty-one-year-old total stranger. She had met Eric in the bar across the street from the motel that she was staying at, with her eighteen-year-old daughter, Karen. Jackie had not been with another man since marrying Bob, Karen's stepfather, ten years ago. They...

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Julie's New Years Bang

Julie's son arranges a return visit for mom.

Lance awoke the morning after being a part of his mother's second gangbang, relishing the memories of the night before. He noticed that his mother remained distant from him throughout the next day. He wondered if she could feel the lust in his eyes as he surveyed her shapely figure, remembering how enjoyable it was fucking her three holes. The following day, Julie was able to discuss her...

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Census Taker Taken

Hot blonde knocks on the wrong door.

Christy Dunlop was not thrilled with her part time job as a Census Taker, but the addition money was helpful. The twenty-nine-year-old blonde had a full-time job, and her husband worked too, but times were tough. So she took this opportunity. It was not the job itself that bothered her. Christy did not mind walking door-to-door asking questions to complete census surveys for those who either...

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Tables Turned

Dominant wife gets the tables turned on her for a change.

Vickie had a secret; one that she absolutely could not let anyone ever find out. The attractive 34-year-old had a reputation of being a sophisticated professional trainer, president of the home owner's association, and volunteer with the local school board amongst other things. She was seen by everyone as the perfect wife and mother. Vickie had been married to her 36-year-old husband, Tom, for six...

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Jennifer’s Step Nine Mishap

Making amends wasn't supposed to go like this.

Jennifer Williams did not go to bars anymore. The 22-year-old the beautiful, long-haired brunette with the shapely 36-D, 26, 36 body had already realized her addiction to alcohol and had entered an AA program following a DUI a year earlier. Jennifer had been a hard drinker since her early high school days. The DUI wasn't the only negative result from her inability to control her drinking:...

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Captured Coach

Coach Kim is captured and taken by students.

Kim hated the requirement to put everything away immediately, even following a road trip. But rules were rules, and when you were the assistant track coach for the team then you were the one who usually got stuck with the task. The 25-year old, second-year teacher enjoyed her job. And she enjoyed coaching track. But sometimes she wondered if she had made the right decision. Perhaps she would...

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Room Service

Karin's hotel massage gets her taken by two men.

Rick had always found Karin desirable. Even in her late thirties Karin was still a very attractive woman. Tall, with a pretty face and long, light-brown hair and brown eyes and a 36-C, 28, 36 body that she kept in shape with regular workouts to the gym. She didn't look like a woman who had two kids just into high school. When Karin was promoted Rick moved into her office. The first few days...

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A Tale of Two Titties

A stacked M.I.L.F. gets some unwanted attention.

Unlike most of her co-workers, Donna enjoyed her job at the post office. She had been working behind the counter for over twenty years now and had long ago established a rhythm that made things go by smoothly and quickly. Donna also enjoyed talking to people and this job brought them to her in droves. Sure there was the occasional asshole or the distraught person who made things difficult....

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Shamed Siblings

Brother and sister forced to satisfy couple...and each other.

Mike and Liz Lyons stepped off the bus that carried 32 of Liz's fellow high school seniors and ten chaperones for Liz's high school class trip. Mike was Liz's 22-year-old brother. He had agreed to be one of the chaperones to give him something to do this weekend while his fiancée' worked with his mother on their upcoming wedding. Mike was a quiet guy. He stood just over 6'2" with short...

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The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 08

Mother and Son help Jackie and Ed to get back in control.

Stephanie pulled into her driveway, happy to be home. She knew that Josh, her 18-year-old son, had probably beaten her home, but her late arrival wasn't her fault. Stephanie had stopped off for a couple drinks with co-workers during happy hour as she did once in a while. She usually left early, but tonight she had misplaced her wallet out of her purse. At first she had thought it stolen, but...

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The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 07

Tables are turned on Jackie & Ed by a previous victim.

Vickie could not believe her eyes when she looked across the bar and saw Jackie and Ed sitting there. This was the couple that had raped her in the cabin she had rented less than two months ago when she was traveling. She could not imagine the odds of running into them here in her hometown. She remembered all to well how Ed slammed his large cock into her pussy, and then forced it into...

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Sarah's Midnight Therapy

Nurse gets tables turned on her while punishing patient.

Sarah walked down the hall with a smirk on her pretty face. The tall, blue-eyed blond nurse was surprisingly enjoying herself tonight. Her scrubs did little to conceal the shape of her firm 34-B, 26-36 body. In the past the pretty 32-year old didn't mind men ogling her, or even trying to peek down the V-neck of her scrubs top in hopes of a quick view of her tits. But that was before her...

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Donna gets taken while audience watches online.

Donna Ladon was a very attractive 24-year old with a fantastic body that she loved to flaunt. She was a tall brunette with long, straight hair. A cute face and a 38,DD -- 26, 36 figure. Donna loved the way men watched her walk down the street, knowing that their eyes were usually glued to her shapely bosom as it jiggled against the constraints of her bra. When Donna received a webcam with...

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Viagra Vendetta

Two women drug guys for revenge.

Liz and Brittany had little in common: Liz was a very pretty 20-year-old nursing student with shoulder length brown hair and eyes with an adorable face. She stood 5'10" and had a slender, tanned body, long sexy legs and perky B-cup breasts. She had been an honor student since before she could remember. Had never been in any real trouble, was active in church until beginning college and...

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Mistaken Identity

He takes advantage of Natalie's case of mistaken identity.

Ritchie pretended to read his sports magazine as he listened to the conversation at the table next to him. The 6-foot tall 26-year-old with short brown hair and eyes could not believe that he was hearing Natalie Long talking about her personal sex life with the woman at her table. Natalie was a very pretty 34-year-old mother of two. She had medium length brown hair, a pretty face and a nice...

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Time to Kill

He has plenty of free time and a hot woman to spend it with.

Ted got into his pickup truck and slammed the door. "Fucking rain!" He spat as he started the engine and turned the windshield wipers on. The 24-year-old construction worker was going to miss another day of work due to bad weather. He had driven over an hour from home to get to this new site and the rain began just as he pulled in. The Foreman called the job off after listening to the...

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Double Entendre

A misunderstanding gets innocent housewife gangbanged.

Kari Bates is an attractive 36-year-old mother of two. She's no supermodel, but she has the look of that good looking school teacher that most boys had a crush on during their school years. She stands 5'6" with a slender 34-B-24-24 body. Brown hair, parted in the middle and hanging almost to her shoulders. Bright blue eyes hidden behind her thin rectangular framed glasses and an ever-present...

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Laura's Lesson

Prying activist gets caught in a bad situation.

Laura Smith entered the alley with caution. She knew that she had to be careful not to be seen by anyone. She kept her digital camera concealed as she rushed to the wooden fence dividing the alley between the two buildings. She found the loosened slat in the fence that she had heard some of the teenagers talking about: Which was another reason why she had decided to take this quest for proof....

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Shawna's Night Out Ch. 02

Shawna's night continues on the bus ride home.

Shawna climbed the stairs to enter the bus and walked down the aisle looking for a seat trying not to look anyone in the eyes. She felt bad enough that she had just been forced to have sex with Brad, Paul, Larry and their friend, Richard; all in front of the three wives of the first three men. These were people she had known. True, she had been guilty of teasing the men in the past. And she...

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Shawna's Night Out Ch. 01

Jealous wives help get even with cock tease.

Phaedre was pissed. She could not believe that Shawna had come, uninvited, to this party. She watched as she strolled through the room acting like she belonged there. There was a time when Phaedre liked the pretty 33-year-old woman. But that was back when Shawna was in her fun loving punk rock days and before she learned that she was teasing her husband, Brad. Shawna was drinking a beer,...

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Late Shift

Disgruntled employee arranges a night to remember.

Lori was running closeout on one of her registers while Chuck rang out the last few customers on his. The 27-year old Assistant Manager of the Quick Hut had never liked working nights. But it was necessary tonight. She tugged on her long black hair with her right hand as the register churned its receipts. She was a pretty woman, black hair, brown eyes. A nice body and attractive looks. Sure...

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