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Here Cum The Parkers! Ch. 01A

My LOVING TWINS treat me to an "anal free" evening at home.

patty_parker60, karin parker, and karinna parker As few and far between as it is, it is a nice and very welcome surprise when my darling daughters "treat" me to a session of oral love this night. After a week of the usual (daily and multiple reamings, of which more than a few are two "cocks" in my rear at once), I'm more than ready to have a break from that activity. As much as I am "all in"...

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The Anal Travails of Patty Jones Ch. 02

Patty Jones' 'anal travails' continue.

by patty_parker & The SOTS (Karin and karinna parker) Patty Jones: 41 yrs old Blonde, Mother of Two, Married (Separated) Young Mistress (not named): 20 yrs old, Dark hair ALL PERSONS IN THIS FICTIONAL TALE RE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD *** My instructions are to be ready for a young brunette visitor, in the early afternoon, a classmate of my Mistresses...she's to spend The...

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The Anal Travails of Patty Jones Ch. 01

Patty Jones Indulges Her Hunger for Incestuous lesbian anal.

ALL Characters are 18 years plus or Older. *** It's half 10pm on a Saturday night; Halloween is a few weeks away, and the nights are brisk as Summer becomes the upstairs master bedroom of the Jones household, I'm seated atop my daughter Cyndi 20 yo blonde), trying desperately to relax my sphincter enough to accommodate the very thick, 10" latex strapon she's wearing; here comes...

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Hilda Humper Meets Laurita Martinez

Hilda Humper meets Laurita Martinez, lesbian anal domme.

HILDA HUMPER MEETS LAURITA MARTINEZ, LESBIAN ANAL DOMME PATTY PARKER & JOLI CAMARILLO BE WARNED: This story includes HOT, NASTY, semi-nonconsensual Lesbian sex between characters 18 years old+ Hilda Humper: Blonde 44 years old Mother of Two, Married Substitute Teacher Laurita Martinez: Latina HS Student, 18 years old, Cousin of CHRISSY MARTINEZ Hilda Humper: no one will...

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Young Miss

Young Mistress Gives Me the Rough Buggery I want & deserve.

YOUNG MISS Patty Parker Karin Parker Karinna Parker ME: 52 years old Auburn Hair 38EE-32-42 Widow Young Miss: Blonde (I am housekeeper for a quite wealthy (and young!) "dot com" entrepreneur whom I'll call YOUNG MISS...I'm unsure of YM's orientation, though I've never seen her with a Man, nor has she ever brought one home. What I DO know is that Young Miss is...

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Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 01

Busty, big-bottomed milf Eileen taken "anal captive".

_Eileen Warren: Mother, 40 (38DDD-31-40) Shelly Warren: Daughter, 18 (34B-19-35) Keisha Cook (18), Joanie Morrow (18), Rosie LaCoco (18): Shelly's friends I am so grateful for the continued encouragement, advice, and positive feedback I get from you darlings! I will try to keep giving you the story-themes you want, and I hope to turn-out a chapter every 2 weeks or so. I will...

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Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud Ch. 06

Chrissy's next-door neighbor pays an anal penalty.

Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud #6: Aftermath Hullo! I know its been awhile; I had some things to finalize, which I sort've done, a bit...anyhow, I have a new Chrissy Martinez Episode for you, and I hope you lovely, loyal darlings enjoy it -"Jill" n "Jack" to your lil' hearts content! The luscious housewife's mind has been in a torment since her savage butt- fucking at the hands of...

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Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 05A

Nasty lesbian threeway with Majik, Lorna, & Donna.

Lulu is away on a cross-country haul; Majik has just returned from one of her own and is MEGA-horny. She orders the two kidnap victims to dress in some naughty lingerie (Donna in royal-blue bra, suspender-belt, and stockings, red stilettos, no panties); Lorna in classic black silk suspender-belt, sheer hose, black stilettos, no bra, no panties) she's returned with, and gathers them into Lorna's...

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Wanda Teaches Her Daughters To Fuck

Sue & Penny meet TYRA, the ANAL TERRORIST!

CONTINUED FROM THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER, as last we left Penny and Sue..... Penny and Sue are in a hired car, on their way to the airport to visit Wanda and her family, when Penny, who can't keep her hands off of (or her 13" butt-rammer out of), her lusty mum Sue, end-ups (pun-intended) pounding the insatiable anal slut's bowels to jelly in the back of the coach...they are noticed by Tyra, the...

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Anal Nurse Ch. 06

Spending the day in Nurse Harriett's delightful arse.

by britisha_luvs-anl, patty parker, nastilatina & lila_luscious Exerpt from Chapter 5A Yet again, the bleary-eyed nurse is presented with a "cock" fresh from her backdoor, and again she opens her mouth, submissively accepting the soiled prick like the true anal slut she has become. Once she is finished with her task of cleaning Irinia's strap-on to the Head Nurse's satisfaction, she...

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Anal Nurse Ch. 05

Other members of the hospital staff get a crack at Harriett.

NOTES: Irinia Kalenko's machinations have caused a series of changes in what Harriett had once deemed a hopeless situation: The call she made after her first session was to a cousin of hers, who happens to work as "muscle" for the Russian mafia. At her request, Harriett's blackmailer is brutally beaten and forced to leave town, solving the busty nurse's immediate problem. Now Harriett's...

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Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 03

Luci Lovejoy gets a butt-load of cash-and of big rubber dick.

From Chapter 2, where big-boobed CONNIE provides lusty Morrocan lesbian NADIRA some of the infamous "customer service" the Lovejoy Law Firm is known for: Nadira's insistently-probing erection finds the busty bitch's anal tract squishy and silky-soft; after several minutes of deep screwing she pulls-back until only the head of her prick remains inside the redhead, then goes back in, slowly,...

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Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 05

Donna & Lorna plowed anally by strapped female truckers.

From Chapter 4: "AhhhhOhhhh", Lorna groans helplessly, jerking as the oily knob of her partner's massive anal intruder butts-against the ball of soft, slushy ball of shit at the entrance of her lower intestine. The stink of anal sex fills the room; the fact that she can smell the rich, earthy aroma of her own inner bowels ignites a series of erotic tremors within the hapless housewife. With each...

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Anal Nurse Ch. 04

Horny Latina gets a "crack" at Harriett's butt.

_FOREWORD: The word is out about Harriett, and all of the dominant female staff are lining-up to get a piece of her. The Assistant Hospital Adminstrator is a sexy 25 year old from Puerto Rico named Jessica (Jessie) Mendez, a knock-out beauty who stands 5'-8" and measures 36D-25-38. She has striking green eyes and long reddish-brown hair, (she strongly resembles Daisy Fuentes), and is "cut" for a...

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Anal Nurse Ch. 03

H.N. Kalenko "breaks-down" Harriet's resistance.

NOTE: WE suggest that you read the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS, in order to understand what's going-on in this third installment......... Harriet Burnside, our mega-stacked main character of this series, has been summoned to the office of Iranian Kalikow, her department's Head Nurse and lesbian butt-buster extraordinaire. After being confronted with the evidence of her crimes, Harriett begs and...

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Anal Nurse Ch. 02

Poor Harriett Burnside gets in deep.

Introducing IRINIA KALENKO (head nurse) Irinia Kalenko is a tall, slender, auburn-haired woman, 40 years old, and a native of Irkstuck, in the former Soviet Union. She had earned her advanced degree in hospital administration from the University of Kansas, and had a record as a highly competent nurse and supervisor at the two other hospitals she'd worked at, as well as the current one....

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Anal Nurse

Buxom Nurse initiated into lesbian anal sex.

Harriet Burnside is a luscious black-haired beauty, 35 years old, and recently widowed. Her husband, Ben, had crashed his luxury SUV two years ago and died, along with the three high class hookers that were his passengers. Ben was a very successful heart surgeon, very handsome and not immune to the charms of the many women who find money and power irresistible in a man; many of the staff nurses...

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Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 03

Mega-titted sex slave is pounded anally by captors.

_Hello, everyone...I realized that I had not done a chapter in this series in some time, and while working on some of the other series recently posted I decided to give some attention to this one as well. I invite everyone to find and review my profile and all of my stories, as I to hear your opinions, advice, praise (lol), and ideas about these and any others that you find appealing. I also...

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Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 02

Naughty, uber-busty Connie, anal-ized.

Connie & Nadira Nadira is a beautiful, successful lesbian from Morocco, one of the firm's best and richest clients. Lucy had negotiated a very satisfactory end to her recent divorce, and she's become accustomed to taking advantage of the law office's main "perk": their luscious and randy owner and staff! Having arrived at the office for a surprise visit, she discovers that Lucy is already...

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Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 04

Lorna's anal horizons expanded.

The prim and proper housewives have been transformed into wanton lesbian anal sluts after two weeks of almost non-stop anal sex. They have also been exposed to group sex, orgies, and all manner of perverted sexual acts. At first, all they could think of was escape; now, at times, they even dread the time when their husbands can gather the funds necessary to buy their freedom. Their captors have...

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Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 02

The randy women get into Eileen's ass.

In the previous installment, Eileen Warren is set-upon and ravaged by some of her “loving” daughter’s friends, unleashing lesbian lust she never even realized she had... (NOTE: this is a SERIES, so reading the first installment will be very helpful in understanding what is going on in this chapter). Now, Eileen’s sexy, full butt writhes and sways as Rosie fucks her relentlessly from...

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Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud Ch. 05

Chrissy takes Louise Parker for anal ride.

When we left-off the last time, Chrissy has invaded the safe haven of her next door is preparing the busty MYLF (Mother You'd Like to Fuck) the fucking of her life.... "Turn around; face me" Chrissy ordered. Dazedly, Louise does as she's told. "Unbutton your blouse and take it off." Hands shaking, the other woman's fingers fumble at the buttons of her blouse. Her eyes wander...

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Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud Ch. 04

Chrissy's huge-titted mom-ANAL-YZED.

A smile lit Chrissy's beautiful face as she entered her bedroom and noticed her mom reclining on her bed, dressed in her sexiest lingerie. "Hola, Mamita" she greets her, walking towards the bed. "Did you wait up to give me a kiss goodnight? How sweet" "You know perfectly well why I'm here, you little devil" Sylvia retorts in a low voice. Chrissy closes and locks her door, then saunters...

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Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 03

Kidnappers expand captive's anal horizons.

Donna cannot believe how she has caved-in so easily to this black woman's advances. She should be fighting her, struggling to prevent this horrible rape....but is it rape? She's never been with another woman and never wanted to. She tells herself if not for the situation she would not give in to these perverted, sinful, WONDERFUL sensations coursing through her. Magic is reaching places deep...

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Wanda's Sister Joins The Fun

Kinky anal antics are a family tradition.

_Dedicated to: Liz Sue: 45, Wanda's older sister Penny: 24, Sue's daughter Wanda Lila: 25, Lingerie Shop Sales ++++++++++++++++++++++ Hi, everyone. I can't thank all of you enough for the great comments and nice suggestions that I receive on a daily basis. I hope you like this latest chapter. It's really KINKY!! Dedicated to: Liz Clements (liz_zxz) _ Sue and...

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Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 01

Big-breasted mom betrayed by "loving" daughter.

_Eileen Warren: Mother, 40 (44DDD-31-40) Shelly Warren: Daughter, 18 (34B-19-35) Keisha Cook (18), Joanie Morrow (18), Rosie LaCoco (18): Shelly's friends I am so grateful for the continued encouragement, advice, and positive feedback I get from you darlings! I will try to keep giving you the story-themes you want, and I hope to turn-out a chapter every 2 weeks or so. I will...

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Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 02

Lorna deals with her lesbian lust.

Author's Note: You guys are the best! I enjoy reading your great comments and advice, and I will try to use some of your suggestions in future stories. I have had a few suggestions about finishing a story before starting another. I see their point, but as the majority of the stories are "series", I'm writing them chapter by chapter, which works better for me, time-wise. * * * * The...

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Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud Ch. 03

Chrissy "finishes off" Mrs. Dalton.

"Reach back and spread those cheeks" the horny latina orders. "Wider!" she barks, and the scared teacher pulls her buttocks apart as far as she can, wincing as the skin at the top of her ass-crack stretches painfully. Chrissy finds a small tube of KY in her jeans pocket, and after un-capping it she squeezes a gob of it onto her fingertips, which she then pastes onto the softly-weeping blonde's...

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Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers

Kidnapped MILFs are taken for a ride.

Donna Dunnigan: 40, mother of four Lorna Fitzbaugh: 40, Donna's best friend, mother of three Lulu DeLong: 33, OTR (over the road) truck driver "Magic" Moreau: 28, OTR driver, part of Lulu's gang Donna Dunnigan & Lorna Fitzbaugh huddle in a corner of the chilly, dimly-lit room they'd been brought to a few hours earlier, crying softly and trying their best to comfort one another. On...

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Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud Ch. 02

She takes the voluptuous Mrs. Dalton.

This second part answers the question of how Chrissy began her quest of conquering and dominating busty, mature women and turning them into her sex slaves. Her first conquest: Her Calculus teacher, Mrs. Dalton)... Chrissy is so pissed she can spit nails! She paces her bedroom like a caged tigress, staring over and over again at her latest Calculus exam: C-! Her dad will go ballistic when he...

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