Stories Published by 'PhilippaMaQuente'

Before We Were Demons Ch. 00

PROLOGUE: Meet three boys growing up the best of friends...

Randy On the school bus, I'd learned to sit near the front. Right behind the driver if possible. Outside, it was different. In the open air, I was a sitting duck. The bus was easy. Sit by the decent kids and close to the driver and the troublemakers had a line they couldn't cross without at least some penalties. And after my mom started driving me to school everyday that last half year, the...

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In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

Four scientists find their mission led astray... by paradise.

Yet another short piece conceived for a contest of smut between myself and friend, this one was written specifically with some of his biggest fetishes in mind. It has a fantastical twist and a is quite unconventional! Dive in. * You know, the job of a scientist is not always easy, but it's usually pretty rewarding. I've helped discover new species of plants and animals, and I...

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Remember That Time?

An odd gift brings perplexing but sexy results.

This short piece is another one written as a challenge between a friend and myself and is pure fun. Just a little something to read while my longer works are being updated. Please enjoy! * I had a day off, and was enjoying the sunny mid-morning when the mail arrived. Everything poured through the slot, and as I bent to pick it up, a manila envelope caught my eye. The return...

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First Contact

An encounter with an intriguing alien being.

Another short story written as part of a set of challenges between myself and a friend, this was one of my first jaunts into a more science-fiction flavor. Enjoy this tale of intergalactic mating. * I've always thought traveling space and meeting alien races was mankind's eventual fate, but never would have guessed I'd see it in my lifetime. Well, I was dead wrong. I...

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Choose Your Pleasure

Getting ready for an evening out has never been so fun.

This is another one of my stories written as an erotic challenge between myself and a friend. I dreamt this one up to explore a futuristic world where medical technology is so advanced it is possible to entirely customize your body how you see fit, with sexy results. I would certainly try it. * Kyn rose to the day and stretched, feeling a primordial tug deep inside. The evening...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 11

Secrets, challenges, new friendships and intrigues abound.

"Go, Philostrate-" the man started, casting his glace and free hand to the side, addressing an invisible bit player not yet cast and part of the scene. "Stir up the Athenian youth to merriments; awake the pert and nimble spirit of mirth." Without breaking his false eye contact with the character, he carried on deftly deflecting Valentine's blows, albeit barely. "Turn melancholy forth for...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 10

Plots and plans take shape within the asylum's walls.

At least until Charles had finished getting the point of the poetry through Wilson's head (not educated as much as himself or Charles were, after all), and came up to wrap his arm around Henry's shoulders. "Isn't this bloody marvellous?" The boy sneered in obscene glee. "She's begging for it, lads! On every page!" Henry had to nod, because it was the literal truth. She was begging,...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 21.2

Final revelations before final desperations...

J The days became blurred. The guys ramped up their sexual attentions, keeping me in orgasmic stupor, rarely leaving me alone. They upheld their word, using condoms every time they fucked me- if they didn't blow their spunk somewhere on my body. C made sure to keep me in my own head. There was no hint of our conversation, and I wondered if that promise was ever going to come to fruit, or if...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 21.1

The cracks in J's psyche show glimpses of what lies inside.

R Before J conked out and I took off to my computer to join in on a bout of CGI temple ransacking, I turned to my girl. There was something on my mind, and even if I didn't go through with it, I had to know the answer. I could be the hero she needed, even if it cost me everything. I had to at least try. "Hey... Jane..." she perked up. I hadn't used her name before. She looked at me with...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 09

Valentine begins to unfold plans to build a better future.

"Dreadful!" Valentine cried out, shaking her head. "I cannot wait to turn this entire system bottom-up. Oh God, am I going to enjoy it." Annie was all smiles. The little waif leaned in to her newer friend. "I'm looking forward to getting a few kicks in, myself." " Vive la revolution ," was the Valentine's gleeful response. "It is time we took our power back." Rosamund nodded...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 08

Threads of deception- and sisterhood- are woven by one hand.

"Oh, do you mean it? How wonderful of you!" In a blink her arms were around his shoulders, her breasts brushing his chest above the eye-catching cut of her neckline, and Valentine's mouth was so close to the skin of his neck... She embraced him a little too warmly, and Charles had to keep himself from moving. He felt the ascent of her breath on his skin, and she brought her mouth up to his...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 20

All can feel the end looming fast; the pressure's on...

R I moved forward with my plans, ordering four different outfits plus wigs and accessories. J's whole outfit would have to be custom-made, as well as coats for the three of us. I needed hats, too, and one pair of custom gloves. On top of that I needed a Halloween costume. A few hundred bucks and like two hours later I was ready to do some serious recipe research for Thursday. Maybe I wasn't...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 19

Collaring their woman, the guys look forward to the future.

J Sunday morning came with the disconcerting knowledge that C had found one of my dire warnings. Yet, he hadn't questioned me about it. Instead, he'd gotten me to say something forbidden- and I'd found there was more truth in the words than I liked to acknowledge, even if I was just hanging on by my fingernails from tumbling off that cliff. He was sure as hell in a good mood, though....

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 18

Suspicion grows as the boys plan to claim the girl forever.

"I have to say, this is pretty cool," she remarked as we climbed on. "I've never done a professional costume photoshoot before. Posing for people at cons doesn't count." I laughed and pulled her in for a kiss. She melted against me, moaning on my lips, and I chuckled. "It is a lot of fun," I said, nuzzling her nose with mine. "Better than clothes modeling. Everybody I worked with when I was...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 07

A villain is revealed and a lovers' pact made.

"I 'ave," the girl said. "Indians too. Certainly never knew any to sacrifice people to gods, 'eathen or not." With her arms folded tight across her chest, Valentine turned back to her companion. "Are there no other patients, or even staff here, that are not white?" she asked. Annie shook her head. "No, not one. It's not like London out 'ere. You know 'ow much it costs to come...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 17.3

Will the boys steal J's heart before J steals their lives?

R J spent that evening quiet, dreamy. She ate whatever we got on the pizza, she agreed to whatever we wanted to watch or do. She let us all satisfy ourselves in her body how we wanted, but it was... weird. Off. J wasn't home that night. It just looked like our girl, and she was all docile and meek. We didn't sleep with her. The next day was Friday, and by my rule, it was a day for her...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 17.2

J plunges down the rabbit hole, faltering against C's might.

C I got the email about 20 mins after the text, and I was shaking within seconds. A white-water tide of emotions coursed me, so fast and so hard I barely made sense of them. Jealousy. Lust. Possession. Betrayal. Understanding. Fucking amusement. And beneath it all, the need to control. Always, the control. I leaned toward the open door of my office and called down the hall....

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 17.1

J plays and plants seeds of competition.

J So warm. So comfortable. But my body was moving. Gently. I was being unearthed from my warm bed just a little at a time, by someone determined to wake me from slumber. For what game this time? I giggled, the petals around me parting, the sweet flower I slept in blooming to let me out. The sleek, warm touch of my bower slid away from my body and cooler air met my skin. I shivered. Arms...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 16.5

Unexpected discoveries and fun and games for J.

J The guys worked together to drive me into one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I'd had since first entering their captivity. By the time it hit, I didn't know whose hands were whose anymore. I didn't know whose fingers I was rippling on or whose mouth was biting my left nipple. I didn't know who was stroking me so fast I felt the heat of the friction between our skin. All I knew was that C...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 16

...But the guys' reaction whets her fury and resolve.

R When me and M we both done using her, my Babyslut was back, but I wasn't going to just pretend I hadn't seen something inside her I was all too familiar with. I don't think, when this started, she ever intended to show us those parts of herself. It made me think, and I knew I had to get some alone time with her. On our way to the kitchen, she broke my concentration by asking me "Hey...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 01.5

BONUS: In the mind of a man about to commit the unthinkable.

C I was white-knuckling the steering wheel. According to our intel, the target would be along any minute. It was Friday afternoon. She would have left her shift at five, and would be along the road in approximately fifteen minutes. The lookout was waiting. The sweet-talker was on standby in the back of the van. I glanced at my reflection in the side mirror; the getaway driver, the muscle....

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 15

Unexpected revelations expose J's weaknesses...

"That... explains a lot, honey." M said, in a hushed voice. "I get it, baby girl," R said, squeezing tight to me. "I so fucking get it." "You are far from alone in feeling that way, J," C added, petting my hair over and over. "You can't see what we see, much like I have trouble seeing what you - and these guys- see in me." "From our side, sweetheart, we see a light inside...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 14

The trio uncovers the 'real' J, but not all her secrets...

J The peaceful fuzz over my mind was fading away, and I emerged from my mental cocoon feeling warm, weak, and sated. I could barely move, and dimly registered the hard lap I was draped upon. Touches on my body reminded me I was not safe at home, with the man I had chosen. I was a captive, just fucked completely senseless by three men, and totally at their mercy. I stirred myself, trying to...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 13

The game pushes forward; the guys try to unravel their girl.

Spunk rose, and I started to come looking at her debauched expression. It wasn't the rape. It was her. The twisted, tricky fucking crazy bitch. I only wanted to conquer her , to claim her. So I hammered her cunt and let loose my sperm inside her, driving as deep as possible while it shot out of me. The stream poured from my balls and I injected every last drop into her snatch, exactly...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 12

As time begins to pass, J casts her lures and waits...

"Oh just something fun I came up with when I was bored and alone," I told him. "Got the idea from my bukkake bet with the guys. You can consider these like 'Easter eggs' for our game. Some of them will be just like that, random little things about me you wouldn't otherwise know. Some of them will be like- cheat codes and hacks." R's eyebrows rose. "They'll all have rewards attached, most of them...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 05

'Treatment' begins for Valentine; for August, analysis.

Valentine's meal was finished, and he at last tidied his things in his lap, ultimately setting them on her bedside table. He stood to remove the breakfast tray and its support on the bed, alighting them both on the cart for removal. Before he spoke, he bent and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Wash and dress, my Valentine. I must prepare a little for the day's work, and I will be gone a...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 04

The lovers find new resolve in their clandestine union.

"Exactly. I do not think we've been treating the whole person, here. We've been feeding them herbal mixes to treat 'malfunctions' in the brain we cannot see, much less prove are actually there. And how do we cure the spirit? Can an apothecarian concoction or a bloody electrical current touch the soul of a patient?" Silence fell. They stared. He hadn't even noticed he was standing up,...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 03

In lust and rage, the woman meets what she does not expect.

Note: Over the course of the novel, you will encounter characters speaking in the Scots dialect- a subset of English spoken by the Scots, of course. Most of the time, context and similarity will make meaning clear. I will provide a glossary for the more unusual words as needed. One steady fingertip stroked the thoroughly wetted folds of her untouched sex, and he felt her tremour. Slowly, he...

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Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 02

The journey and arrival reveal the girl's inherent darkness.

Approaching, Charles cleared his throat and beamed with polite welcome. "Good evening, miss. I will be giving you a brief tour this evening." The lad before her was about her own height, but much leaner. He had neatly coiffed black hair, trimmed just below the earlobe with bangs falling playfully over his rich brown eyes. He smiled big, and the lass was not displeased. He was rather...

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While Courting Our Demons Ch. 11

J provides a spectacle; the guys begin to pamper her.

J Dinnertime. R made steak. I asked for mine rare. I wasn't cuffed. Probably too hard to cut it up to feed me. The food hit the table, and everyone sat. Laughter went up as we ate. C, across from me. R next to him, M on my left. There were steak knives on the table. My mind flashed. How? Three to one. R was too hard to reach. M easiest, but C would be on me in seconds. I'd fail quickly....

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