Stories Published by 'Planiack'

Laura. Part 5

The continuing story of Laura and I. The names have not been changed.

Laura called me the next day and asked me how the meeting went. I figured since we were not a couple, just friends with benefits, I had nothing to hide. I told her what went down. I could tell by the tone of her voice and the way she asked questions that she was a little pissed. I had to figure out how to put out this fire. I attempted to change the subject a couple of times, but she kept drifting...

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Marina Fun

What started out as listening to a band, lead to more.

I had a sailboat that was on a river that lead to Lake Ontario. The marina had a outdoor bar and many nights live music. This particular night I went to the bar to listen. I had my two dogs with me. Dogs were forbidden on the deck, so I stood off the deck and listened. The dogs were a small breed and brought a lot of attention. Three women came down to chat with me about my dogs. It was a...

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A Drive-In Story

My fun time at a local drive-in.

I was working for an auto repair facility that repaired your vehicle on the road. My duties were to deliver the parts to the techs that repaired the vehicles. There was a lot of driving involved. I would stop and get gas at my favorite station. There was a girl that worked there that I took a liking to. Her name was Karen. She was about my height with brown hair down below her shoulders. We had...

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Spring Break

Spring Break many years ago.

This happened many more years ago than I care to admit. The names that I can remember have not been changed. My friend Jim and I decided to go to Florida on college spring break. We took turns driving my car. It was pretty far because we lived in New York State. We knew that Daytona Beach was the popular spot, but no rooms were available. We decided on Cocoa Beach. I remember the hotel we stayed...

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Laura. Part 4

The ongoing story of Laura and I.

We arrived at Laura's apartment after the long ride. Laura asked me if I would like to stay for the night. Since I was tired, I said yes. We got up the next morning and talked about our encounter. I asked her if she had a good time. Laura said "It was fun. I liked you behind me and me sucking Joe. I just wish he was hard when I was sucking him. " I asked her what she thought about Darlene playing...

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Laura. Part 3

This is the continuing story of Laura and I. None of the names have been changed

We got back to the table where Darlene, Joe , Sandra, Tom and Laura were. There were 2 other couples there. Introductions were made. I do not recall their names. Laura said she had to go to the bathroom. I said I would go too. I waited for Laura outside the bathroom. I asked her how she was doing. She said "OK." Then she asked me if I had fun. I said " Yep. We can talk about it on the ride home."...

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Laura. Part 2

The continuing story of Laura and I . None of the names have been changed.

Laura and I decided to go to the next meeting and greet. It was a month later. I could hardly wait. I guess this group had them once a month. Laura said she wanted to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time. I asked her if she wanted one of the guys to be me. She said yes. I asked her " What guy would I be?" She said " I want you to be fucking me." I said So you will be blowing the other...

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Laura. Part 1

A continuing story with Laura

Laura was a girl I had known for a while. I had met her while I was grocery shopping. I was on my way home from work and I needed some groceries. At some point during my shopping I turned my cart around a corner and my cart bumped hers. I said I was sorry and continued shopping. We passed a couple of times in different aisles. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw her walking with two...

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Denise. Part 2

More fun with a pretty black woman.

It was a Monday night. I was tired from work I grabbed something quick to eat and took a shower. I decided to turn in early. It was not later than 8:30. I no sooner got to the bedroom and the phone rang. I reluctantly answered it. It was Denise 2. She asked me if I would like to stop over. Tired or not, how could I say no. I said "Sure." I threw on some clothes and headed for her apartment. I got...

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Penny and my boat.

Penny was a girl I had met online.

It was a warm afternoon and Penny and I were sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat. This was my fourth date with Penny and her first time on my boat. Penny was my height with blond highlighted hair just below her shoulders. Her well proportioned body supported what looked to be C cup breasts. We were at the dock finishing up lunch and having a drink. We were going out for a sail, since there was...

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The Business Trip

Tambra was a large black woman. The biggest woman I have been with.

I was out of town for business. I was in my hotel room and bored.I thought I may as well do my laundry. I always wait until I get home to do the laundry, but as I said, I was bored. I thought to myself, how pathetic doing laundry. I went to the laundry room and the washers were being used. I went back to my room to look up nearby laundromats. There was one close by. I grabbed my dirty clothes,...

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Denise. Part 1

Two different women that were friends. Both were named Denise

I had finished cutting the grass. I was washing the dishes and the phone rang. It was Denise. She wanted to know if I would stop over. i told he I could but I needed a shower because I was sweaty from cutting the grass. She said to hurry up.I went upstairs and took a quick shower. I knew that when Denise called, she was horny. Horny for anal sex. I think that she enjoyed it because at some...

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Gail and the Bar

Gail was a woman that seemed like she really liked pleasing a man.

It was a Wednesday night and I was watching TV. There was nothing on TV worth watching. I thought I would give Gail a call. Gail was a skinny lady with about B cups. She had large hips and short sandy brown hair just below her shoulders.I called her and asked her if she would like to go out for a drink. She said "Sure, I can be ready in about 30 minutes." I hopped in the shower and got ready as...

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