Stories Published by 'rae121452'

He's My Brother-in-Law Ch. 04

A guy couldn't ask for a better dad.

This story contains gay incest. * Our nude bodies glistened with sweat as I, my father and my brother in law stood in the family room. I couldn't help but wonder if Thad's ass hole was throbbing the way mine was from the championship fucking that my father had just given the both of us. Dad made his way over to the towel draped sofa where he had earlier found me fucking Thad and...

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He's My Brother-in-Law Ch. 03

Dad catches me with my dick up Thad's butt.

This story contains gay incest. * When I got back from my adventure at the park with Thad, dad was still on the sofa where I'd left him. I went into the living room and saw that he'd fallen asleep in front of the TV. I switched off the set and shook him awake. "Time for bed, dad." I told him. It took a minute for him to wake all of the way up, and then he stood and...

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He's My Brother-in-Law Ch. 02

Thad and I meet up at a park.

This story has gay incest themes. * After I hung up with dad and called Sue to tell her the plan, I looked down to where my brother in law now had my stiff dick in his mouth and was bobbing his head up and down. "We need to find you something to wear." I told him. "Dinner with Sue and the folks." "I'm already working on the first course." he replied, looking up at me....

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Busting Broncos Pt. 07

Has Andy met his match?

Autumn was closing in; the nights were getting cooler although the days were still warm. I had come into town to meet with a new client, a farm supply business that had been in the same family for three generations. The current owner had told me that the business was a mess. That was severely understating the problem. As I came out of the business's doorway onto the sidewalk, my arms...

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His Special Something

Why did the security guard obsess an otherwise straight guy?

My entire life had turned into a steaming, stinking pile of shit and I had no one to blame but myself. I had married Susan 10 years before. It should have warned me of what was to come that we got into a screaming match at the church, in front of the altar, during the ceremony. Someone should have shot us both and put us out of our misery right then. But, no one did. I started drinking 8...

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