Stories Published by 'Richard Janice'

Trudy: The Rape

She's taken by gang, and comes back for more.

Her date was to take her dancing after drinks and dinner, and told her to dress "Hot". To her, that meant sexy. She spent all afternoon shopping. She bought a short, red evening dress. The top of it suspended by spaghetti straps, showed a little of her cleavage, but not too much. She loved the way her breasts stood out, even without a bra. The bottom half of the dress draped over her ass and...

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Trudy and Tommy

The siblings spy on couple having sex.

Trudy lived in a nice middle class neighborhood with her brother, Tommy. He was one year older than her and had seen Trudy in various stages on undress many times. Often, he would masturbate as he stood next to her bed and watched her as she slept. Trudy would often sleep in just her panties, providing Tommy frequent opportunities to see her budding beauty. Finally, it happened that Trudy...

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Trudy Strips

Trudy takes bump & grind lessons.

Brian was spending a few days with his old high school buddy, Tom, and his sister, Trudy. Brian hadn't seen Tom in years, and when he found that he would be in his town on business, he had called to say hello. Tom had insisted that he stay with them, instead of at a motel. That evening, after a good dinner, the three of them were sitting in the living room drinking beer and talking. "By the...

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Letter to Trudy

Trudy is seduced by handsome stranger.

Trudy, Remember when we met for the first time in a crowded subway station in Manhattan. I, a successful investment banker, dressed in only the finest. You were dressed in a beautiful white short evening dress that just barely covered your ass. We got on the train together and just casually exchanged glances while I found a seat in the back. You were forced to stand in front of me...

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The Commuter Bus

Trudy is had by stranger on crowded bus.

Trudy awoke to the soft classical music on the alarm clock radio. As she lay there thinking about the last evening with Ginger and Scott, Trudy realized she was very horny today and needed a stiff cock in her aching pussy. Trudy climbed out of her bed and went to the patio window to look at the morning sunshine in the wooded yard outside her apartment. "It was going to be warm today,...

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Trudy: Day at the Office

Sexy Trudy wears no panties to work.

Trudy swung open the door with "FRANK ALLISON C.P.A." stenciled in large, black letters on the frosted glass. "Good morning, Mr. Allison." Trudy sang as she let the door swing closed and walked toward her desk in the large reception office. Her desk was toward the back of the reception office, which was divided by a single step up to a highly polished wooden floor. The desk was in the center of...

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Trudy: The Interview

Trudy meets her Master.

Trudy had been having these strange feelings about her sexuality for years. She had always fantasized about things that would be considered "kinky" by most of her friends. Now, here she was in a situation that only a few months ago she could not have imagined. It all started when she and Courtney had been talking about each other's fantasies. Trudy had gone first and she had shared her...

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Trudy is Captive

Trudy is tied up & taught a lesson.

Trudy had been looking forward to this evening since yesterday. She had been invited to the party at her boss's country club on the West Side of town. She recognized George Wilson sitting at a table with a couple other pompous looking men across the room. Trudy could see he had been glancing at her with that certain look that indicates he is interested in her. He was so handsome, with his graying...

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Trudy is Bound to Please

He ties up a sexy blonde.

Trudy stood in the doorway as I made my way down stairs. She was absolutely beautiful. Trudy is about 5'6" with small features and a figure that would make you melt from her beauty. She has large blue eyes that are accented by her long blonde hair. Trudy was dressed in one of my favorite outfits, black lace bra and lace panties with matching garter and sheer nylon stockings. The high heels...

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Submissive Trudy

Mr. Wilson dominates the sexy nympho.

It had been almost a month since Trudy's first foray into the exciting world of dominance and submission and she and Mr. Wilson had enjoyed adventure after adventure. Trudy had found a whole new level of excitement in surrendering herself totally to her lover's desires. Just putting on a blindfold was now enough to cause her pussy to literally drip with excitement. Mr. Wilson had tied Trudy in a...

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