Stories Published by 'RisiaSkye'

Birthday Cake

Nina gets a hot (wax) birthday celebration.

"Have you given any thought to what you want to do for your birthday this year?" He dropped it in casually, on the daily ride to the gym. Honestly, I hadn't really given it much thought, other than to realize that I was in no way pleased about the prospect of this birthday; maybe for the first time in my life, it held little or no excitement. This is it, I thought. This is when it turns around,...

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Experimental Ethics Ch. 04

Cromwell discovers the chemistry of a dream marriage.

* Chapter Four: Consciousness is Key * Twelve days after the start of their gentlemen's agreement, Cromwell came by the lab and asked Victor if he could stay late to help him "run some numbers" on a possible biochemical refinement to the formula. When Denise came over to see what was up, he explained that his chemistry background had provided him with an idea quite out of the blue....

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Experimental Ethics Ch. 03

After hours work--in the interests of science, of course.

* Chapter Three: Crossing the Threshold * Truth be told, their nominal boss William was really the instigator of the illicit pre-testing. Victor had forgotten his wallet in the lab somehow and returned after-hours to retrieve it. Entering the air locked complex of inner observation and examination chambers, he was surprised to find the corridors well lit, but figured Denise was working...

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Experimental Ethics Ch. 02

Bringing the team together.

* Chapter Two: Looking Back, Moving Forward * The renegade researchers left the room with surprisingly minimal celebration; during the whole circuitous walk back to their secure laboratory, each had far more in their thoughts than they showed to the others. Power might corrupt, but they'd all just gotten a lesson in the reverse reality: corruption creates power. It hit them differently,...

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Experimental Ethics Ch. 01

Scientists race to understand power of sexual pleasure.

* Chapter One: Meeting the Makers * Doctor Denise Moore nodded to Drs. Navarre and Amanpour as they entered the lab together. "Ready to do it?" she rushed on from the ambiguous question, too excited to wait for an answer. "William, um...Mr. Cromwell, should be calling us in any minute now. We'd better get ready to head up there!" Her voice betrayed her eagerness. Victor Navarre...

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Bellagio Blues

Three women, one will, two days in a casino: murder?

There it was, in obscenely banal black and white: her grandfather's will. He'd been dead for years, and she'd heard rumors about the disposition of his estate, but she'd certainly never expected to see the actual document, much less have it casually handed to her as if it were a grocery receipt and not a real person's final words to his loved ones. Her mother handed the red folder to her....

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Melting Point

Committed couple takes 'playing with fire' literally.

Drip.... Drip... "Dammit." The wick base slid off center, sticking to the far side of the mold. Karen set the pan of wax back on the stove, intending to detach the base before the sealing layer she'd been pouring was irretrievably lost. Luckily, she was alone in the house, or Jeff would have come running at the sound of her curse, and would have smiled that beautiful and terrible...

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Quick Change

She learns she likes it when a professor sees.

It began by accident, of course. It was the end of my Thursday night; my history seminar let out at 9pm and I had just enough time to duck into the bathroom and quickly change my clothes. The department offices are closed on Fridays, and the ivory tower was all but totally locked down for the weekend. I tried the bathroom door, but it was already locked, like practically everything else. _Great....

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Blackberry Autumn

Burying her mother, she finds comfort in an old friend.

It was an unseasonably warm August day, only two weeks before I would start college. The sun seemed unnaturally bright to me; the lack of clouds made me angry, infuriated at the sky's inappropriate cheer. It was a day for picnics and flirtation. Mothers are not buried on such days , I thought to myself. My mother deserved somber greys; the world should have been washed in it, made sterile and...

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Claustrophobia Cure

Candace's anal elevator adventure.

Candace punched the button for the elevator with mixed feelings. She was already running fifteen minutes late, and if she didn't make up the time somewhere, she'd be late meeting Jeff. Usually she arranged her day to allow herself an extra twenty minutes to walk up and down the stairs from her 40th floor office, to avoid suffering through an anxiety-filled ride in the express elevator. But...

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Power Surge

Mike and Stacy learn to struggle.

I guess I didn't know what I needed to set me free. When it finally came, it wasn't really like being forced, or made to give in to his desires. In fact, the whole night was more like living out a dream; it was strange, a little scary, and always threatening to come apart, exposing itself either as false or worse, as real and inescapable. But, it was the most difficult sexual adventure we've ever...

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Surviving in Vegas

Chris's birthday is more than she bargained for.

"What are you doing? Can you SEE the other cars here, or is your head too far up your ass?" It seemed that David was having real trouble controlling his temper. Ordinarily, I would have made a joke about the wisdom of yelling at people who can't hear you, but this weekend, I was trying to keep my sense of humor to myself. I was tense, and my jokes get proportionately less funny according to the...

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Brenda buries the past.

"I'm sorry to pull you away from the rest of the family, hon, but I just wanted to get away for a little bit. I swear if one more person tells me how sorry they are, I'm gonna scream." She paused, seemed to collect her thoughts. "I'm so glad you came. Your father would have been glad, too." I just listened, not really knowing what to say. It came to mind to say something flippant about the...

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Blood Lust Ch. 2

Chryseis takes Miriam.

_Mark _ I have been spending far too many of my nights in poorly lit basements and shriekingly loud clubs. I’m turning into a Barstool Charlie, chatting up bartenders, drinking whiskey and scanning the crowds but remaining cynical, bitterly detached from the good times being had around me. That was actually why I was leaving Sabbat; part of me thought I was tired and unfocused, another part...

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Blood Lust Ch. 1

Unlikely girl becomes a vampire hunter.

I turned up my coat collar as I left the bar, although the night was neither dark nor stormy. In fact, it was another in a series of crisp, clear, beautifully mild early summer nights by the ocean. Southern California sometimes lacks moody atmospherics. I had spent only an hour in the place, a waningly popular downtown place called Sabbat, before I had to leave. Thinking back on my hour, I was...

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