Stories Published by 'Riverdog'

Library Passion

Justin and the head librarian, Ginger get off to a slow, not so friendly start. After a confrontation, the two realize they have more in common than they thought. Misunderstanding turns to passion, and eventually pure lust as Justin and Ginger discover hot, passionate sex. They even enjoy a threesome when Ginger's old college roommate comes by for a visit.

After spending four years in the military and another eight years working at a dead end job, I decided to go and get my college degree in hopes that would lead me to a better job after I graduated. It was a risk at 35 years of age but I didn't feel I had much to lose. To help make ends meet I got a parttime job working at the library. The head librarian is an attractive woman in her early 30's....

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The Awakening

Amanda is awakened to new sexual experiences with her stepson's girlfriend as well as her stepson in a hot threesome.

Amanda laid out on the veranda listening to the waves as they rolled up onto the shore. The smell of the salt air was invigorating as she lay there, her nipples stiffening as the cool morning air wafted over them. The warming rays of the morning sun felt good once the breeze calmed. Amanda thought back to her life as a child, growing up on the islands. Her mother was Polynesian and her father was...

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His Best Friends Milf

Alex goes to visit his best friends Mom, feeling sorry for her after going through a tough marriage as wells as having her son turn his back on her. What starts out as compassion turns to pure lust and hot sex between Alex and his friend's Mom. Lust, passion and hardcore sex follow after Alex finds his best friends Mom taking care of herself.

Billy and I have been friends since we were in junior high school. I spent as much time at his house as I did at my own house. I really liked this mother, Crystal. Even then I was attracted to her. She is about 5' 7" tall with really nice tits and a great body. What I liked most was her personality. She was always really sweet, always happy and always glad to see me. I loved it when she hugged me...

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The Seductress Nextdoor

A beautiful 35-year-old woman takes a liking to her young neighbor Jason and teaches him lessons he would never learn in college. She teaches him the art of making love to a woman and so much more.

I was asked by someone what shaped my life and made me wh0 I am today. It was really an off the wall question that I wasn't really prepared for, nor did I feel obligated to answer the question. At first, I thought they were just trying to be a smartass and not feeling comfortable with the question so I didn't answer it. Once I got home that evening after work I kept thinking about it and it came...

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Her Passionate Neighbor

Tammy finds a passion for pussy she never knew she had thanks to her hot neighbor Kim and her forgetful unattentive husband. She is treated to a very erotic massage and much more after her husband forgets his wife's birthday. Tammy thanks to Kim explores her lesbian side, a side she never knew she had until now.

Tammy woke up and looked over at the clock. Here it was her birthday and her husband was gone on another business trip and he had completely forgotten it was her birthday. It was so depressing as she got out of bed only to find her lower back was hurting her. She had tweaked it a couple of days ago and now it's really starting to hurt. She went in and took a warm shower, hoping that would do the...

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MILF and Taboo Fun

Jeff visits his ex-girlfriends house to pick up some things. Her mother Karen, knowing of Jeff's foot fetish and his passion for a hairy pussy thanks to her daughter telling her, plans to seduce Jeff to satisfy her own love of feet along with some other things she has in mind for him. She finds him more than willing to please her.

I drove up to the house dreading having to go there in the first place. I had been dating Rebecca for over a year and I thought we had something special together. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. In the beginning, everything was great but then things slowly changed. What was once a passionate relationship started going downhill, when it came to a sudden end. Now I needed to pick up...

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The Babysitter

Kelly finds herself in need of a babysitter at the last minute. She called Amy, a young college student that more than fill her needs. After coming home with a drunken from a dinner party Kelly finds Amy awake and pleasuring herself because she can't sleep. From there the two women explore their fantasies and much more.

Kelly was busy getting ready for her husband's big dinner party at the bosses house. He and some other employee's were being honored for their accomplishments. She called her regular sitter only to find out she couldn't sit for her that night and wasn't going to be available for some time. Now what was she going to do, she had to find someone and do it quickly. As she racked her brain trying to...

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Joe goes to his grandparent's house for the holiday gathering and gets more than he bargained for when a couple of his sweet Aunt's need more than a little holiday cheer. Joe also has some hot fun with a cousin he hasn't seen in some time. All in all, it turns into a very horny holiday season for all involved.

Like most every holiday season the family would gather from all corners to celebrate the holiday season. It would start out at Thanksgiving and end just after New Year. Since I had plenty of vacation time coming as a result of working for other people over the last couple of years when they needed time off for various activities I had accumulated a lot of vacation time. The boss even owed me some...

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Aunt Liz Pt 1

Tommy goes to help his Aunt Liz do some home improvements. While there, Tommy's fetish for naturally hairy women is realized when he finds his aunt is the woman of his passion. See the lust, the passion and the forbidden love develop between them.

Normally I hate it when I get volunteered by my mother to do something for someone without asking me. Such was the case when I came home and found she had volunteered me to help my Aunt Liz with some work around her home. It was just not some yard work or little stuff, she is redoing her porch, replacing the rotted out wood slats and other things. It was a lot of work in the heat of the summer....

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Aunt Liz Pt 2

In trouble and in need of a place to stay a timely phone call from Tommy finds his girlfriend Katie (his very hairy girlfriend) in need of help. Turning to his aunt, Tommy invites Kate to come to visit and hopefully find a place with his aunt. While Tommy leaves to take care of some family business, his Aunt Liz and Katie hit it off very well. So well they find that a passion for one another not to mention Tommy when he returns.

By the time Friday rolled around we were almost done with the porch. It was 5 in the afternoon and Liz and I was calling it quits for the day. We were just about to go inside when a car pulled up to the house. I recognized Katie immediately as she got out of the car. She looked even better than the last time I had seen her. Her pretty blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders and her sexy blue...

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Best Friends Mom

Brandon explores sex with his best friends mother and opens up a whole new world to her.

Brandon got off work a little early as it was slow and the boss let him go for good behavior as he liked to joke. Since he has nothing pending and not much to do, Brandon decided to go see if his buddy Tom was home. Tom is still in his last year at the local community college. He and Brandon have been friends since junior high and Brandon has known Tom's mother Connie forever it seems. Brandon...

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