Stories Published by 'RobertVance'

Big Brother does the Laundry

No sex in this story.

All of the technologies depicted in this story exists now. Like individual words in the dictionary it is how they are put together that creates something new. Thanks to Green MGB for editing! * Hearings! More bloody hearings! I won't be testifying at these anymore than I did the others, I won't be making an appearance. As much as they'd like to, they can't compel me to attend...

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The Diner Ch. 01

A non erotic story.

I am Canadian. Canadian spelling is used here. Care to edit my next story? Send me a message. * On her eighteenth birthday Jenny aged out of foster care and was facing homelessness, not that she'd ever had a real home to begin with, only a succession of houses to survive in and a series of guardians for parents. Some of her 'parents' didn't expect her to be a daughter, but rather a...

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The Devil Gets His Due

The Final Part Of A Trilogy.

This is the third installment of a trilogy. Read The Devil And Danielle Webster and The Devil Is In The Details first. I use Canadian spelling. * For once I caught a break and not only did I need it I deserved it! My life had gone to shit and I was out of options, I couldn't even pay for the drinks on my tab and that was the least of my problems, this wouldn't be the first bill I'd...

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The Devil is in the Details

Confused and misused.

This is the second part of a trilogy. Read 'The Devil And Danielle Webster First". I use Canadian spelling and don't have an editor. I probably need one, so if you understand why some words end in re instead of er and that other words end with our instead of or, I could use your help! * Part Four Tom held Melisa's hand as she slept, I watched the iv drip into a tube...

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The Devil and Danielle Webster

The devil is where you look for him.

I am Canadian. Canadian spelling differs from American spelling. Canadian colloquial expressions may also be used here. * Prologue It's January so the cold weather has thinned out the vagrants from around the doors to my office building, only the pale waif with the dead green eyes and the crazy ginger Santa remain. I should probably have more empathy for them since it's likely...

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Not all strays are animals.

This story is the third part of a trilogy. Read 'Stalker' then 'Lost And Found' first. * Strays I became aware of the cat long time before I ever saw him. His presence became obvious when my tomatoes and raspberries stopped disappearing. The first time I saw him he was tackling a large black squirrel that was casing my garden. I rewarded him with a piece of ham from my...

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Lost and Found

There is no sex in this story.

I am Canadian. Canadian spelling differs from American spelling so be advised. This story is part of a series. Read 'Stalker' first. *** I hated school. I had trouble sitting still in my seat and every lesson was a study in boredom, french class was the worst. The only good thing about french class was the supply teachers. My favourite trick was to raise my hand and ask in my most...

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A non-erotic story.

I watched her from the shadows, unseen, unnoticed. She has grown up in the four years since we first met. Then she was a skinny twelve year old with braces, now a beautiful young adult. Four years ago I was homeless, sleeping on park benches and begging for handouts. Unless you have been homeless yourself you have no idea how demoralizing it is. Dirty and hungry all the time, people either...

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