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Ian's New Girlfriend

Lacey is home alone while her Mom is out with her boyfriend. It is date night and they should not be home for several hours.

On a late Saturday night, Lacey was lying on her bed reading a magazine when she heard the front door slam. Checking her clock she was slightly confused as her mom and her boyfriend Ian were not supposed to be back from their date for at least another hour. She did not really care and dutifully got up and descended the stairs to the living room to greet them. Seeing her mom taking off her coat she...

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Unlucky Cameron: Part 2

It has been a few weeks since Laura's death was all over the news. Cameron has been too afraid to even attempt hooking up with a girl since.

Cameron took a long break from trying to pick up girls at the local bars following the incident on Fifth Street. It was all over the news, a poor girl tortured, beaten and raped with glass bottles and then strangled with her own purse strap. Cameron kept waiting for someone to figure out that he was involved. Every day he expected a call from the police but it never came. Eventually he put the...

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Unlucky Cameron

It is a rather warm December night and Cameron is at a bar where he comes to hit on scantily clad girls who hopefully do not know who he is.

Cameron was always a very unlucky person. His friends at school used to tell him he was born unlucky. He never got good grades and he could not hold a conversation with a girl to save his life. Determined to change his luck, Cameron reinvented himself when he entered collage. He moved several miles away to a different city and changed his appearance and his style. He got new friends and he spread...

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My Little Sister is a Slut: Part 3

Victoria has been cautious around her sister recently but now she is ready to take their relationship further. She has bought a toy and wants to try it out.

The night after I first touched Theodora, I did not sleep. I kept dreading the next day. I was positive that she would hate me. I kept my distance from her for nearly a week. All the while I was positive that she and Luther kept fucking behind my back. Eventually I did what any sister would do. I bought a dildo so I could be the one fucking my sister. On a morning that I did not have work until...

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My Little Sister is a Slut: Part 2

Since the first time, Luther and Theodora have been having sex behind Victoria's back. Today is no different.

It was early morning when I awoke to the feeling of something warm encompassing my penis. My kinky girlfriend had decided it would be funny to wake me up with a blowjob. Once my eyes were fully open, she pulled back and smiled at me. "Good morning, honey," she giggled. "Are you going to finish?" I asked her with expectant glee showing on my face. "Sorry, but I have work early. I just wanted to...

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My Little Sister is a Slut: Part 1

Victoria lives with her sister Theodora and her boyfriend Luther. The two of them have never really spent time together alone. Today Victoria is late getting home and they are forced to be alone. What will they do?

Point of view: Victoria. My name is Victoria Rolland. I am twenty-two years old and I live in my grandmother's old house with my younger sister, Theodora. Now there is something you should know about my sister. She is mute. It's not a medical condition, she just refuses to talk. I guess she is just shy. I don’t really know. It's not too much of a problem for me but it was for our father. He got...

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I hate you big brother!

It is a normal day and both Hayden's mom and Britney's dad are out. Britney has broken into Hayden's room and trashed the place just for the fun of it. How will Hayden react.

To say that Hayden hated his stepsister Britney would be an understatement. Even before her father married his mother, each of them was aware of the other's existence, if just barely. Hayden was one of the stars of the basketball team at school and Britney was a cheerleader and the girlfriend of the basketball team's captain. At first Hayden's opinion of her was nothing more than mild disinterest...

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Unwanted: Part 10

It has been a few hours since Trent, Joe, Adam, David, Andrew and Jason first raped Tiffany. They have cleaned her up and gotten her a different outfit to wear, a sexy swimsuit.

When Tiffany regained consciousness, she felt extremely weird. Her skin was covered in goose bumps due to the cold of the locker room shower. She was already dry though, meaning it had been a while. She noticed that she was no longer wearing any of her original clothing. Instead, she was wearing a one piece bathing suit, light blue in color, the type the school issued to students who could not...

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