Stories Published by 'saphirechick123'

Such a Good Boy for Mummy

Jay's having trouble studying but his mum has the solution.

I was never a particularly hard study at school, but this was one of my final exams and if I didn't do well I'd be held back a year. That had been made perfectly clear. Not wanting to be an 18 year old in a group of younger kids, I really, really did try to get my head down over the kitchen table but nothing was going in. My parents had both been brought in to the principal's office and made aware...

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The King's and I Ch. 04

Daddy has his way with his princess on the balcony.

Daddy's balcony looked over the courtyard where many of the guests were milling, and it was there that he carried me over to. He'd wiped me down after by rough fucking outside his room and I was now a lot less sticky, but still wet between my legs. Cum still dripped from my asshole. I moaned quietly as Daddy set me down on the balcony in front of him, facing me to watch as some guests below were...

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The King's and I Ch. 03

Proving to her daddy that she's the desperate slut he needs.

The halls of the castle were mostly empty as Daddy carried me down them. His thick cock was still buried inside of me, and with every step it throbbed in my wet cunt and had me moaning over his shoulder. "Listen to you, you little slut," he laughed, slapping my ass as he walked, "desperate for any cock to fill you up, huh?" "No!" I moaned, even as I tried to writhe against him. "Only...

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The King's and I Ch. 02

Having gotten her daddy's cock once, the princess needs more.

Daddy's cock was no once again hard between my thighs and my pussy was still wet from both of our cum. I expected and wanted him to push me over onto the table and fuck me again, but to my surprise and disappointment I felt him pull away from me. His huge cock slid from between my thighs, his head grazing my pussy as it did so and making me moan out loud. As if on cue, two of the women from...

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The King's and I

The princess finally gets her daddy's cock the way she wants.

The feast was glorious, as always. Succulent meat set out on the table in front of the hundreds of guests with the most deliciously juicy food on the head table right in front of me. As daughter heir of the kingdom, all eyes were on me tonight as my father presented me to the crowd; 18 was the coming of age in this city, and suitors were sure to follow. Our head table was lined up...

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