Stories Published by 'sexy_bexy'

Reluctant Orgy: Elise's Adventure

She is manipulated into a foursome by a friend.

What a horrible evening. Elise and her husband had just had another major blowup and decided to part ways and give each other some space. They'd been having some problems lately, compounded by a difference in opinion on what they should do with their free time. Her husband had become a bit of a homebody, wanting to watch movies and chill out at the house all the time, while Elise enjoyed the...

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Reluctant Young Widow

A young widow reluctantly revives sex life with old friend.

Please be kind. This is my very first story to write. Thanks! * She'd had too much to drink. She knew that, but how could she decline an offer from an old friend, especially one that had been friends with her and her husband when he was still living. Grace had been a widow for nearly a year, spending most of which trying to keep it together after losing a husband she had adored and at...

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