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Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 04

Sex, love and marriage.

"Well," said Kathy when I got home. "You've nearly done it. You proved yourself as a woman in society, on a date and in the bedroom. And you've been dumped! Now what does Yvette want?" I said I wasn't sure, but I was hurt and I wanted the original dress. I got the original bra and panties and put on the dress, sat down and felt calmer. We had some tea and talked. She finally said that we...

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Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 03


If I was truly to be a woman, it could not just be at home, so we started venturing out. The first time was just a walk down the street and back again. I wore trainers as many women do, the original dress (of course) for good luck, and a coat as it was quite cool. I was shaking, but managed. Slowly we increased the time and range of our adventures, but always together. I was of course terrified...

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Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 02

Learning to be a woman.

Having tried on my girlfriend's dress, I had felt the desire to be a woman, and Kathy said she would help me as far as I wanted to go. We also agreed to marry, despite the unusual situation. So began my education and transformation. Which started not quite how I would have guessed. "OK, if I am going to share the flat with another woman, then I am going to share the woman's jobs. You can...

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Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 01

I put on a dress and wanted to be a woman.

I put on the dress and my life changed. I cannot now remember exactly how it came about. Kathy had bought the dress second-hand, put it on, and asked me how she looked, so I said very nice. Then somehow she said I should put it on and I did. Perhaps it was a joke, I can't honestly say. It should have been ridiculous, a middle-aged man in a dress, but it wasn't. It was wonderful. I had been...

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Magic Dress - Michelle Pt. 05

Living the dream

After my birthday my crossdressing became known at work, but I still went there as Michael. A few women said I should dress as Michelle, but I noticed some men had become standoffish with me, and did not wish to make a scene. I was also still shy, and only dressed under relatively protected conditions with my family or Anne or Kathy. Maurice said that there was a possibility of a job in the...

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Magic Dress - Michelle Pt. 04

Sex and plugs and...

I was working for a charity as Michael during the day, while in the evenings and weekends I wore dresses and was Michelle. I lived with Anne, the love of my life, and we frequently fucked, as I was not gay. One day Anne said "You remember how I said I would tell you if I wanted something in the way of sex? Well there is something, but I don't know if you would be willing." "Of course I...

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Magic Dress - Michelle Pt. 03

Michelle at home and away

When I got back home on Sunday it was less than 24 hours since I had said I was going out on a date. In that time I had slept with a woman (actually slept), had my first fuck, my first nightie, enjoyed being a girl, fallen in love and decided to leave home. Mum of course was relieved that I hadn't been involved in some sort of accident. "No need to ask how the date went," said Dad happily....

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Future Sex Ch. 03

Synthcock for women.

SYNTHCOCK X DOES EVERYTHING A MAN CAN! Yes, girls. Now you can PISS like a man, FUCK like a man and COME like a man! With all the sensations of a cock coming through your own nervous system as you explore a cunt or ass, or get sucked off. And you can still be fucked in your own cunt while wearing it! [footnote: Not advised from the front as the clitoris is obstructed: see manual for details...

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Magic Dress - Michelle Pt. 02

Sex and love

I began my secret life: for a few hours a week I was Michelle, just relaxing in a dress with my friends Kathy and Yvette, who kept my female clothes at their home. It was nice to look at and talk about pretty clothes, and even to try on some which they had. They also taught me to put on makeup and loaned me a wig, but it was mainly about enjoying the time I spent being a girl. My parents were...

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Magic Dress - Michelle Pt. 01

Michael becomes Michelle.

I didn't do well enough at school to go to university, so found myself eighteen years old and unemployed. I wasn't physically strong enough to do some jobs and was too shy for others, so after God knows how many failed job applications it was suggested that I could do voluntary work in a charity shop to get some experience. This proved to be a happy time for me. Most of the volunteers were...

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Future Sex Ch. 02

Office party of the future.

The Office Christmas Party is supposed to be a relaxed time to have fun in casual clothes. In reality it is like the court of Louis XIV of France, with behaviour and clothes adjusted according to fashion, status and a keen appreciation of current politics. Dress "casual" was anything but easy. Obviously my wife Kay was in charge of getting us ready. "Which codpiece shall I wear,...

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Future Sex Ch. 01

The Shape of Things to Come.

AT GRANDMA'S I had never thought about my grandparents having sex, though obviously they do. I was visiting with my twin brother Jack, and Grandma asked if we wanted to use their sex room, so we said OK. What a surprise! It was so retro! Almost everything was manual! And so limited! Even the ejaculator only had basic spunk - they didn't even have chocolate flavour! Grandma said she...

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Magic Dress - Angela Pt. 05

After the ball.

I was approached by the Union Reps again. "It was a great party, boss. Shame you weren't there. But on behalf of our members, we sincerely hope it is going to be an annual event, or we may down tools." With the emphasis on 'tools', of course. Susan told me that the women had greatly appreciated our efforts to get their husbands going, and no-one was offended, but they would also like to meet...

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Magic Dress - Angela Pt. 04

Coming out and party time!

While we were both in our lucky dresses, Jane made a suggestion, which Angela said she would pass on to Arthur. Next week, I called a meeting of all employees, stressing that it was good news. I told them that our last contract had been completed within time and budget and they were very satisfied with the quality of our work. As a result, we had more orders coming in and would be looking for...

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Magic Dress - Angela Pt. 03

Angela goes on holiday.

Iris decided that she wanted to go on holiday with Angela, and we packed suitcases with no male clothing. It was just a few days in Brighton, by the sea, in an interesting hotel, travelling first class by train. I wore the heels for the journey and when out of the room in the evenings, but was in flats during the day. We visited various attractions, including of course the pier. The first...

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Magic Dress - Angela Pt. 02

Learning to be a lady.

I had discovered that I liked dressing up as a woman in my time away from work. I wasn't gay and I didn't get excited by women's clothes, I just liked dressing up as a woman. Pretty clothes, not like my business suits. My dear wife Iris saw how relaxed it made me, so supported me. And in fact she decided to make me better at it. "The aim is to pass as a woman. We can't expect you to stand up...

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Magic Dress - Angela Pt. 01

My wife called me Angela.

My name is Arthur, and I am the boss of a medium-sized engineering firm which I founded. But as I write, I am Angela sitting at home in a nice dress. The one that my wife Iris and I always refer to as That Dress. (Please note that what I am about to tell you starts some time ago, when the Internet was more limited and certain things were less available and open than today.) The company is...

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Magic Dress - Jane

I bought my husband a dress.

It was a shock. Finding another woman's panties in my husband's possessions. They were larger than mine and not a pattern I had. And they had been worn. I cried and cried. Then pulled myself together and put on a brave face, from the makeup table. When he came home I was (fairly) composed. He was scarcely through the door, when I said "What is the meaning of this?" and flourished them in his face....

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Magic Dress Pt. 04

Getting out and about as a woman.

"Oh, you do look so great," said my darling wife Eve, gazing at me. "As it's such a lovely day, why don't we take you to the park and show you off?" But she wasn't talking to me: she was talking to The Dress. If that sounds odd, then I must explain we lived an unusual life together. We now had a ménage à trois with Jean, who had who slept with her and had lesbian sex. But on the other hand, I...

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Magic Dress Pt. 03

Another woman enters our lives.

I had been wearing dresses at home for quite a while now, with my wife's encouragement. The first one I tried was very special and we called it The Dress. It just made me happy. On Wednesdays I was sucked off while wearing it. On Fridays I dress up as Sexy Sally and fuck her. On Saturdays, for her entertainment not mine, she would dress me in various outfits and put on different makeup as if...

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Magic Dress Pt. 02

She educates me, and I oblige her.

Having tried on one of my wife's dresses, I discovered that I liked it, and she liked the way it relaxed me. We bought others and I relaxed in the evenings as a Man in a Dress. But that first dress was very special. We called it The Dress, and I wore it at least once a week and she sucked me off. Things were going well. I actually enjoyed my work, my home time and most of all, my wife, Eve....

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Magic Dress Pt. 01

My wife's dress transformed me.

I was doing my usual Friday evening activity of sitting exhausted after the week and gazing at some drivel in the television. My wife Eve came into the room carrying a dress she had not worn for a couple of years. She held it against herself and looked at me. "This is such a nice dress. I always liked it. The only thing I regret about losing weight is that this dress is too big. I wonder if I...

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Handjob Club Pt. 02

A husband is pleased to help his wife's friend.

If I say so myself, I am a pretty sexy guy. OK, I was never an athlete, and I might have put on a few pounds and I am a bit thin on top, but I am pretty good in the dick department, and at least three women think so. Not pornstar ridiculous, but definitely above average. And as to being attractive to women, that comes down to the Girls' Club. My wonderful wife Fiona started meeting up with...

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