Stories Published by 'SlightlyRude'

Handjob Club Pt. 03

A new member for the club and things get out of hand!

(As I have previously told, I was in a group of wives who met each week, and had started giving handjobs to each other's husbands, with each man thinking he was the only one.) *** We occasionally brought other girls along to our evenings, such as a visiting relation or someone temporary at work. The only problem was that we had to guard what we said. I suspect they guessed this and...

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Handjob Club Pt. 02

A husband is pleased to help his wife's friend.

If I say so myself, I am a pretty sexy guy. OK, I was never an athlete, and I might have put on a few pounds and I am a bit thin on top, but I am pretty good in the dick department, and at least three women think so. Not pornstar ridiculous, but definitely above average. And as to being attractive to women, that comes down to the Girls' Club. My wonderful wife Fiona started meeting up with...

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Handjob Club Pt. 01

A group of wives have a naughty secret.

With a group of wives we were discussing our husbands. (Believe me boys, you don't know how much we girls share about you!) The subject turned to handjobs: don't the men love them? Some of us had a regular night, some used it as a treat; some used it to stop being bothered, especially during periods. Some said it was boring, some said they loved doing it, and all agreed it was funny. I should...

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Goldie Lock and 7 Small Men

Confused fairy tale with porridge and a queen.

Goldie Lock was a very plain woman with long black hair. Mr and Mrs Lock had named their dark haired daughter Goldie because they were fans of Goldie Hawn, and because they were stupid. Now she was lost in some woods and had just discovered a cottage. Meanwhile, at Palace Street police station, Detective Superintendent Queen showed her crime file to Detective Sergeants Hunt and Man, and...

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Away Wife at Christmas

A time for sharing - my wife.

(This takes place within the story "Away Wife" and is the husband's account.) *** I had never been so excited about Christmas since I was a small boy, possibly even more than then. It was going to be a very special one for me and my wife. She was going to be fucked every night by a black man with a big cock! (And I would certainly be fucking her too.) It started when she met...

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Away Wife

An English wife meets an African man far from home.

CHAPTER 1 It all started so innocently. And yet here I was, in a hotel room, a white English woman about to have my first sexual experience with a black man, while my husband was in the bar downstairs. I work in local government. Once or twice a year we go on courses, sometimes a single day, sometimes a few days in a hotel. My husband always "Enjoy the orgy," when I am going away, but we...

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Alibaba and the Jinn Bottle

Two tales from the Arabian Nights.

Ali Baba and the 40 independent suppliers of goods Ali Baba overheard a group of thieves talking, and learned how to get in to their treasure store. When they were away he went in and took a little, and they did not notice. He did the same again and again later. Unfortunately, he got greedy, so they realised they were being robbed, which they thought unfair, so lay in wait and caught him....

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