Stories Published by 'Soazoldman'

A Day Early Present

Blindfolded, Jimmy gets a surprise from his mother.

This is my entry in the April Day 2019 contest. If you enjoy it please vote. Thanks. ***** I loved my parents very much, especially my mother. I had to come home and help her out when my father passed away last month. I left school in California and transferred my credits to the university here in town where I grew up. I will attend in the fall and finish my final year, but for...

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Jackie and Holly

Jackie lusts after her brother.

Jackie and Holly were first introduced in the story "Uh Oh, Mom? Dad" Ch. 03". While I hope you read that series, it isn't necessary to enjoy this one. * "Have you heard from Jimmy?" Jackie asked her friend Holly as they were ready to board their flight to Newark after a two hour layover in Miami. "No. How about you? Anything back from Bill?" Holly responded. "Shit no,"...

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Uh Oh, Mom? Dad? Ch. 03

Dan and Kari get married and the family goes to a swingers resort in Mexico.

Kari's father had been out of the picture for fifteen years and she didn't know where to find him to even consider an invitation to her wedding. Kari's mother, however, was still close to her daughter and when Kari called her she was surprised and upset. "But you hardly know him," Patti, Kari's mother, insisted. "Marriage isn't just about having a good time in the bedroom. I don't want you to...

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Uh Oh, Mom? Dad? Ch. 02

Dan's sister joins the family sexual adventures.

This is a continuation of the story of Dan, his mother, Alice, girlfriend, Kari, father, Carl, and their swinger friends. ***** Friday morning was passing quickly before anyone stirred, exhausted from a night of unbridled sex. Kari had fallen asleep spooned on Alice who was spooned on her son Dan. Carl had crashed in the other bed after an early morning last fuck with Cindy....

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Uh Oh, Mom? Dad?

Young couple goes to swingers party, anonymously.

This is an entry in the 2019 Valentine's Day story contest, so if you enjoy it, please favorite it. Thanks. **** Dan and Kari had been dating for only six months. They met on an adult dating website designed to casual hook-ups for singles and couples into the swinging lifestyle. Their first encounter was a torrid weekend of sexual expression and real attraction between them....

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Tina and Ed's New Year

Hotel owner helps employees get together.

"You look like you're enjoying all the hard work," the busty middle-aged woman with the platinum blonde hair said to the athletic twenty-two year old bartender, Tina. "I like New Year's Eve," Tina responded. "It's great money and everyone is partying, so I might as well be in the same attitude," she told the woman. "My name is Rebecca," the woman introduced herself handing Tina a fifty...

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Peel My Costume Off

Liquid latex paint makes Halloween party interesting.

This is an entry into the 2018 Halloween Story Contest. ***** This was going to be Kim's first date in two years since her ugly divorce. It wasn't the idea the her ex-husband was fucking escorts or spending their savings. The worst thing that happened was that he caught genital herpes from one of the sleazy hookers he visited. Kim was lucky she noticed the signs, the sores and...

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Over One Hundred Degrees

Young nurse wants older patient.

This is an entry into the 2018 Annual Summer Lovin' Story Contest. If you like it, please vote. ................. Jacqui and Pam had been friends now for almost three years, since shortly after Pam started working at the urologist's office. Both were well liked RNs, by the doctor, staff and patients. Fun, always professional and never without a smile is the best way to describe their...

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Hot Nude Yoga

A Nude Day naked yoga class saves a marriage and more.

The company I work for is very progressive in that it has all sorts of perks for its employees. There is a cafeteria that serves fresh, organic non-gmo food, a meditation room with guided meditations twice a day, a fitness center, a library and a wellness program. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are yoga classes, which I have come to thoroughly enjoy. As a middle-aged man, I definitely needed to stay...

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