Stories Published by 'SpankerSam'

Unloved Ch. 04

Helen Gets Her Due.

Helen. The doorbell rang at 9 o'clock. I had already been up since 6 like I am every morning. When I opened it, Helen stood in the doorway looking at me as hard as she normally does when we see each other. "Ok! Let's get this over with fast! I don't appreciate having to get up this early in the morning. Especially not for you!" I looked at her and had to smile. "Well, good morning to...

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Unloved Ch. 03

Mark's sister is next.

Monica Makes A Choice. By the time she got home, the idea of confronting her daughters had her frowning. She wished she could turn around. Turn around, and go back for more of her son's wonderful dick. What would he do with them? Would he make a deal with them? Would he use them like he used her? Would they go for it? In a perverted way, she hoped that he would put them in their...

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Unloved Ch. 02

Mom learns her fate.

Chapter Two! Sarah Learns Her Fate. Mark drove her home, and noticed the two fairly new cars in the driveway. She looked at him sheepishly, and bowed her head as he looked at her and shook his head. "I guess they are waiting to find out how much money they can get from you. Be on time tomorrow! I hate it when people are late. And remember mom, keep this to yourself or forget about it."...

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Unloved Ch. 01

A son's neglect by his mom for his sisters gets even.

Mark sat at his desk, in his big office and looked across at the woman seated before him. It had been three years since he had seen her last. Three years! And looking at her face, she had aged. Oh, she still had her youthful figure. Even at 53, she still had the body of a 30 something. Mark allowed his eyes to travel from her face to her feet. He had purposely placed the chair back, so he...

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Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 04

Younger man claiming the older woman he loves.

The drive home was quiet. Martha sat in her seat and would look over and smile at me. "What are you thinking", I laughed? My hand reached over and pushed her dress up her thighs. Since my car does not have one of those middle consoles, she was sitting close to me. Martha laughed. "I'm sitting here fantasizing about what a good slut I want to become for you. Thomas. The things that you told me...

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Taking Dad's Place Ch. 03

Son claims his Mom.

Taking Dad's Place (3) Claiming Mom. We left a trail of clothes from the front door to my bedroom. I had mom lying naked on the bed, as I lay besides her kissing her. Then I started kissing my way down to her tits. I loved that she didn't have big tits. I was never a big titty man anyway. I licked and sucked on her tits and nipples. Mom was moaning and lifting her ass off the bed....

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Taking Dad's Place Ch. 02

Son and Mom continue their love affair.

Chapter 02: The Morning After I awoke to the warm sensation of lips slowly licking and sucking on my hard dick. Smiling, I reached down and felt mom's soft hair. "Mmmm! I see someone woke up in a good mood. Good morning. I hope you slept well." Mom lifted her head up and looked up at me. "Oh James! I can't remember sleeping that good in ages." She gave a little giggle. "In fact, I...

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Taking Dad's Place

A mother finds love with her son.

Mom comes to visit I could always tell when mom and dad had a really bad fight. Mom would come out to visit me for about a month. It was her way of punishing dad and of getting away to think about whether she really wanted to stay married to the jerk. Yes, dad was a jerk! He had a lovely woman who dotted on him, and he still acted like a jerk. He all but ignored her, so totally absorbed in...

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Pleasing Dad's Client

Daughter does what is needed to get dad his contract.

The Adventures of Brooke Pleasing Dad's Client Brooke should have known, when her step-dad insisted that she accompany him to see a client that something was up. But this was not the first time he had wanted her to ride with him and she had no other plans for that evening. During the half-hour ride, her step-dad mentioned over and over about how important this contract was. That...

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Stella's Joy!

An intense session of pleasure between father & daughter.

Stella looked into the mirror at herself. She was dressed exactly as he had told her he wanted her to be. She could remember his call exactly. He never gave her mundane conversation. It was always short, direct and to the point. "You will wear the blue plaid skirt, a white blouse, white socks and the black and white Buster Brown shoes." He didn't have to tell her no bra or panties. she was...

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Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 03

Mrs. Sherbitz begins to let go.

Sunday morning, my phone rang. It was Mrs. Sherbitz. "Thomas! Would we be able to take a drive this morning! The day seems so nice, and I really don't want to wait till this evening to see you. That is, if you do not have other pressing business to take care of?" I smiled. Mrs. Sherbitz was always thinking that she was bothering me. "It's funny that you would call me! I was just thinking that...

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Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 02

They take flirting to a deeper level.

I looked at the Caller ID and saw that it was Mrs. Sherbitz. Smiling, I picked up the receiver. "Thomas? Did I wake you?" "No Mrs. Sherbitz! In fact, I was just lying here thinking about you?" She didn't say anything at first. Then she let her words come out in one big rush. "Thomas! I don't know what came over me! It's been so long since any man has paid any attention to me. And when...

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Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 01

White lady is in love with younger black neighbor.

Young women are nice. Their bodies so soft, yet firm. And they can give you one hell of a good fuck. But then there are times when only a more mature woman can give you the things that you desire. This is a story about my older neighbor. But it is not just a fuck story. This is a story about my love for her and her love for me. I have known Mrs. Sherbitz forever. She had been our next-door...

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Canista's Phone Sex

Coed enjoys phone sex with an older man.

Canista and I had been talking by phone for some time. And over that time, i knew that she was getting turned on by the things that I would tell her. I decided to see just how far she was willing to go. Canista's voice grew quiet on the phone. We had been talking for awhile. And our conversations had grown more and more intimate. I knew that she was alone in her dorm. Canista is a college...

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The Fantastic Fuck-Machine!

He helps Mom try out his Fuck Machine.

Pt! - Mom's Wild Ride! When I walked into the house, I could hear mom on the phone with Aunt Jo. Mom is 55, and her sister was 10 years her junior. Not wanting to interrupt, I didn't announce myself. After hearing her talking, I was glad I didn't. "Honestly Jo, I saw it myself. ... It was tucked in his closet, behind some stuff. ... Yea, I know I was snooping, but that's a mother's...

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Turned Tables!

Young black man used by rich older white woman.

He didn't want to be here. Had it not been for his wife's insistence, he would be at the gaming tables in the casino. But a promise is a promise. Jeff stood by the side of the bar and let his eyes roam over the crowd of people. He hated these charity functions. They were the pet project of his wife, Eleanor. And since she had been called out of town on business, she had insisted that he attend in...

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Mrs. Gumshot

Horny black stud & eager older white woman.

Chase wiped the sweat from his brow. Damn, but it was hot in this attic! He had promised to help his neighbor, Mrs. Gumshot, clean out her attic in exchange for her late husband's jazz albums. Mr. Gumshot had been a bandleader and had a massive collection of old jazz hits. Mrs. Gumshot did not offer to help. Looking out the attic screen, Chase could see her lounging on the chaise lounger. Her...

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Time travelers fuck their way through the 21 Century.

Although I have written many erotic stories, I have always wanted to write sci-fi. This is an attempt to combine the two. I would appreciate any feedback from readers and writers. If I get enough encouragement, I will work on the rest of the story. GALENDI! Galendi paced back and forth in the tiny cubicle that had been allotted to her. She could feel the droplets of moisture that...

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Uncle Mark & Janice Ch. 02

Jennifer joins her brother & daughter.

Jennifer stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked like she had been fighting all night. Well in a way she had. She still couldn't believe the things she had done or the things that had been done to her. It was all a bad dream. That was it, she had drunk too much and had experienced a very bad dream. But the pain in her pussy and her ass told her that the bad...

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My First Time!

Friend teaches him about golden showers.

My first introduction to the world of 'Golden Showers' came at the young age of 23. I am now 50 and have enjoyed many sessions since then. But you never forget your first time. I won't give her name only say that she was older than I was by more than a few years. I had met her in a bar I liked to go to. She was in there a lot also and we would say hello to each other. As I said, she was a few...

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Uncle Charlie Ch. 4

Uncle Charlie finally has both his sister and his niece.

Mom had fixed the coffee machine sometime during the night, I guess. Because, when she got up, I could hear it start. But I just lay in bed savoring the memory of last night. Damn but mom learned to use the strapon quick. I heard a car drive up and then the door opened. “Hey Michelle!” I heard Uncle Charlie’s voice. “Hey handsome! I put on the coffee. Guess you could use a cup after that long...

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Two Big Girls!

Man enjoys the pleasures of two heavyweights.

I stood in the hotel elevator, staring at the doors. As it came to the next floor. The door opened and two young women stepped in. Both were black, neither was a raving beauty, and both of them were heavy. They wore terrycloth robes and it was easy to see they were headed for a day of fun in the sun. Both of the women smiled and said hello. They had nice smiles and thru the dark glasses they wore,...

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Vegetables & fruits are for more than just eating.

I sat on the bed watching as Mary worked the long zucchini in and out of her pussy. The drink in my hand long forgotten as her moans filled the room. Her head was thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Her strokes varied as she worked herself closer and closer to her climax. My own hand was stroking my hardened dick as I watched her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Deeper!...

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Masturbation is much better when someone watches.

I sat on the bed, the pink, rubber dick slowly working in and out of my pussy. At 29, my pussy and I were very intimate friends. This time it was different. I was lying across the bed on my back. My knees were bent and my legs were parted. I felt the head of the fake dick as it pushed its way past my swollen pussy lips. He sat across from me staring. I had played with my pussy many times but never...

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Uncle Charlie Ch. 3

Mom joins in with her daughter.

I awoke to mom's gently shaking me. "Wake up sleepy head, the days wasting." I turned my head and looked at the clock. 7am! "Mom! Do you know what time it is?" I heard her laugh. "Yes! Time to get up and take a walk. Come on, you promised me a girl's weekend. Here's your coffee. Wash up and brush your teeth. You can shower when we get back." After washing up, and having two cups of coffee, I was...

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Uncle Charlie Ch. 2

Uncle pleasures his niece.

"Mom? You got 4 days off next week, right?" I was sitting in the kitchen sipping on my cup of coffee. My mom was sitting across from me making notes on the balance sheet she was working on. Mom had raised me as a single parent, but she had also worked damn hard to attain her position in the company she worked for. And her hard work paid off. She lived in a nice home and even though she worked...

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The Visit Ch. 2

Father finally experiences his ultimate pleasure.

_This story was inspired by the story, "The Visit", by Fantasy Kiss. After reading her story, I couldn't help but sit and put words on the screen. After writing what I thought would be a good continuation, I sent it to Fantasy Kiss to read. After some changes, she graciously consented to allowing me to put it out there for you to read. But make no mistake, this work is the results of one very...

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Employer has more than the loyalty of his employees.

Harvey sat in his office. Looking up from his desk, he watched as Mary, his secretary approached his desk. She wore her normal work attire. Mini skirt, high heels, stockings, and tight blouse. Like all of his personal female employees, she was in her late 20's to early 30's. She was loyal to a fault, meticulous in her work habits, and submitted to any and every whim that Harvey requested of her....

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Sara's Plight! Ch. 1

A niece is forced to spend a month with her Uncle.

Sara was just at the beginning of another fantastic orgasm. “Damn! I hope Uncle Jim stays out a long time.” Sitting in the living room of her uncle’s house, Sara’s pants lay in a puddle at her feet. Both her long, shapely black thighs were draped over the armchair. In her hand, she held the object of her pleasure, an 8” semi-hard dildo. At 19, Sara was no stranger to fuckin. In fact, she had a...

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The Maid's Spanking

Maid is punished for her bad grades.

Ethel stood with her hands behind her back. Her black straight skirt falling to just above her knees. Her blouse was white and fit her perfect. It was not too tight, but still accented the twin globes of tender flesh she had encased in her soft bra. Her stockings were black with seams and she wore black inch-high heels. She wore very little makeup. But with her pretty face, she needed none at all....

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