Stories Published by 'Spector_Dugan'

Fucked Up Family Pt. 01

A family camping trip gets out of control.

Every so often, I work on a story and think, 'this is the most depraved thing I'll ever write.' Then, a few months later, I create something far, far worse. So here we are. There's some watersports going on in the upfront, but eventually it settles down to more wholesome pursuits. Everyone here is over the age of 18. * As James Campbell looked over his shoulder to back...

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Sibling Swap

Fucking my sister's friend was just the beginning.

This is the most personal thing I've ever written for Lit. None of this actually happened. But some of it could have. I could have broken the story into parts, but I felt like leaving it as an epic. So be aware. Also, quick warning, this one dips dangerously close to non-consent. Everyone is over 18 years of age. * The whole idea was to keep us out of trouble. 1996...

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My Friend. His Girlfriend. A Video.

How I got together with the girl of my dreams.

This one's a little different than my usual, but it still hits some similar themes. Everyone is over 18. - I had a thing for Lara since the day I met her. It was our freshman year of college and I was sitting in Philosophy 101. My roommate Justin was sitting next to me. We were joking around about something dumb, then my attention turned and there she was. Pretty with honey...

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Use Your Sisters Instead

To stay out of hell, he'll have to stick it in his sisters.

Anyone who's read my stuff knows I like it when things get a little goofy. Well this is definitely the silliest story I've written so far. If everything must be super serious, this story is definitely not for you. Everyone is over 18. * Mary had a problem: her 19-year-old son, Michael, would not stop masturbating. Mary had never had this problem with Michael's three...

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We Can Go Too Far

My sister likes taking risks.

This is intended as a standalone story. Everyone is over the age of 18. * Personally, I blame my parents. They were the ones who insisted that they needed privacy and banished us down to the finished basement with its old, smelly carpeting and busted up furniture. It was our parents who decided that cable was a huge ripoff and Netflix was a scam, leaving us to explore the...

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Your Brother has to Cum

Siblings should stick together.

Unlike most of what I write, this one is fairly short. For now, it is intended as a standalone story. If it's popular, though, I could see adding another chapter in the future. As always, everyone here is over the age of 18. Enjoy! * "Your brother has to come!" Whenever Hailey asked permission to do something fun, her mother had one solution: your brother has to come. It...

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