Stories Published by 'spitzharder'

Becoming Toni

Teenager at the glory hole gets anal.

I was sitting naked in a toilet cubicle, my clothes hanging on a peg and my dick hanging down, as usual. At 5 feet, five and half, sitting here, worried about my late onset of puberty. Hell, not only has it not kicked in, it's hardly got its foot in the door! My body is still hairless, my voice still high, I'm a freak. Without a sound the door to the next cubicle closed, only the wafting of...

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Jail Time

Shemale in prison.

It was a sweltering hot day at the county correctional facility. I lay sweating on my bunk wearing my tiniest bikini panties, my bra less breasts trickling sweat onto the rough bed sheet. My cell mate, Lynda, threw back the door as she entered, "God Candy, by all that's small and dangly, it's bloody hot." She always makes her references about me, I'm a transgender guy but still retain...

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Mystique - a He-girl

He - girl in a strip club.

The red spotlights pierced the darkness, nearly naked now I turned and posed, my scantily clad ass pushed out sexily. I had teased the audience with my bra, briefly revealing my nipples then covering up again but now I had dropped it to the floor and my full, firm breasts were being ogled by them. I held those full globes, my fingers brushing soft nipples, teasing them and making them stand erect....

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Milking He-girl breasts

Girls with very small dicks. Anal masturbation. Breast milk.

The morning sun burst into our bedroom, it's golden fingers caressing the pink frilly sheets and the face of Fliss. Felicity, as she was named, was a he-girl like me. The sun lit up her soft, girly features as I lent in to kiss her awake. Her long eye lashes fluttered and dark brown eyes gazed into mine, "Morning Missy," she said. my name is Mystique but Mom always called me Missy and the...

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Pirate on the High Seas Ch. 02

Shemale and female sex.

The year was 1702, a Dutch merchantman was running before the wind bound for Curacao, pursued by the pirate barque 'Harrier'. Sails straining, the wind five points abaft the high stern, the nimble barque was gradually overhauling the heavy prize, the helmsman's eye constantly checked the mainsail, looking for small luffs, turning the huge wheel to keep the best point of sail. "Guns crews to...

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Mistress de Sade's Sissy School

Training for sissies.

My whole body hurt, everything, both inside and out, the pain had brought me agonisingly awake. I could feel the bars of the cold cage I had been thrown into, it had been my home for several months but the beating was new. The other sissies had turned on me, they might be 'girly' but they were cruel, Mistress Kayne had warned me that to disobey one last order was to have the whole class...

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An Opening to Be Filled

Shemale on shemale naked sex in public.

Aki was stroking me, her fingertips were lightly touching my small stiff member, hers too was stiff with lust for me. She had pushed my blouse up over my small breasts revealing their swollen nipples to the cool night air, her kisses upon them had left them stiff and turgid. I reciprocated with her bigger breasts, freeing them from restrictive clothes, sighing as I feasted my eyes upon them,...

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Shocked in Captivity

Bound & forced to become shemale.

It was dark, the pitch black of a coal mine three miles down and my head hurt. Instinctively, I tried to touch the pain, my hands hardly moved, the effort caused pressure on my ankles, I was lying on a cold floor and bound with what felt like rope. I panicked, chest heaving, breath louder than usual, there seemed to be a thick hood over my head. I tried to move, rope was around my arms, waist and...

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Young, beautiful, Nurse

My love for a shemale.

The light was blinding me, the masked figure moved into my eye line but he was just deep shadow, my mouth was open in a silent scream, I could taste the metal pliers that had wrenched the tooth from me but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of moaning, despite the pain. At nineteen I was not the sort to show fear, regardless of the blood pooling at the back of my throat. He spoke, "Rinse and...

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A Cut below the Rest

Self harming.

The pain really wasn't too bad, the new cuts on her arm blended into the countless others she had slashed across both inner forearms over the years. The tension eased, frustrations that goaded her to self harm faded with the stinging slashes which focussed her attention away from the worries about her sexuality. A girl, yes but with bound breasts and short hair she looked quite boyish and was...

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Young, Bound and Captured in HD

Degradation during strip search and sexual assault.

Brie stepped down from the bus outside the airport terminal, looking radiant in a short blue dress, this could be the gateway to a new life for her. Her, the very word set her apart from the details on her passport, born a boy, she had been living as a girl for some years. She had 'C' cup breasts and a well rounded ass, though, when naked, she felt she lacked some of the soft natural curves of her...

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Nanny Trains Young Girls

Filming two naked teenagers in HD.

"Nanny, here, quickly," cried the teenaged girl from her bath, "There's a face at the window!" The dark buxom nanny ran into the bathroom, "Where my pet?" The young man had stepped back from the open window, obscured by the night, although watching the girl was 'up lifting' in its way, the nanny running in naked, her big breasts bouncing in all their glory, was the epitome of...

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Pirate on the High Seas

Shemale & female sex.

The westerly winds had been blowing steadily for the last three days as the old barque stood out to round the headland, the casual eye would not notice her stained sails were in fact quite new and only the briefest glimpse of copper showed that she had been careened recently. Salt stained timbers gave the ship a tired and dilapidated air, though the crew jumped smartly to the sheets to haul the...

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Shemale Android.

The multi corporation, 'TGirl4Life' had combined cloned human DNA and Nano-technology in what they called an 'Androgenous hybrid,' to all intents and purposes a living, breathing human. This new person, however, was created from artificial bones and flesh and already the equivalent of a nineteen year old. Their factory was in a discrete area of an ordinary city industrial zone. I parked at...

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Rigid Encounter of the Lewd Kind

Guy on guy on first time sex.

At 19 I still couldn't afford a car and had ridden the bus to Lewis' house as usual but while still some distance away I saw him leave in some guy's sports car. It was unusual for him not to phone and I thought about how we had met in class years ago as I walked back downtown, cutting through the park. My direction took me toward the park toilet, I needed that and stood at the urinal, still...

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The Making of Georgie

Blossoming transexual.

I was thrusting with all my might, my strength failing me as I gripped another tightly. Straining and forcing my body upwards, holding a slippery stranger, wild horses couldn't part us now, my lungs bursting with the effort, we were nearly there. Suddenly we burst through the surface of the water. Gasping for breath I raised the strangers head clear and checked the neck for a pulse. A faint beat...

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Mia, Shemale Slave Ch. 02

Shemale on Shemale love.

My pre naming party was held in the nightclub where Mistress Solange and many of her Shemale friends, performed. They sat at a private table but I had to stand as I was wearing a creation of Mistress Tia's. A spun sugar, almost gauze like confection held up only by the gold rings piercing my nipples and navel. The lime green bikini was almost transparent and allowed movement only if I was very...

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Mia, Shemale Slave Ch. 01

Willing slave, love and lovers.

It was all due to a gorgeous oriental Shemale dancer, Solange, I'd seen earlier in the evening that I, a 23 year man, was standing in an alley in the rain naked except for black hold up stockings and black lace panties. My cock peeped over the top of the panties, glistening with the rain falling upon it. My thoughts drifted back to the erotic dance Solange had performed, tantalisingly...

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Changed and Tempted

Shemale on Shemale love.

Changed and tempted Chapt. 1 Very slowly, I began to open my eyes; there was a blurred image of a man, standing beside me - beside my bed. I could see he looked like a surgeon, green scrubs and a mask, touching me, squeezing my breasts. My Breasts? Still woozy, I thought, Hang on a minute - I Have Breasts! Two nurses were beside me, checking me over, commenting on how well the...

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A Symphony in Dee

Love of a shemale.

It was a hot day in August, the wooded hills were covered in tress which made my hike cooler but the 6 miles I had walked had heated me anyway. I was following animal trails through dense trees when I came upon the clearing. No more than 15 feet on a side it was open to the blazing sun, which perversely was what just what I needed right now. With just under a mile to the bus stop which would take...

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Up to Scratch

Shemale lesbians.

Pushing away the coffee cup, the flash of my red painted nails caught my eye in a nearby mirror. Judging by the reflected sideways glances from men in the café my facial surgery had worked even better than I had thought. I was a 24 year old Shemale, with long dark hair and breast implants to die for. New in town due to a job transfer, I wondered what I should do to while away the rest of the day....

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