Stories Published by 'stifflittlepoints'

Acting Out Porn After School

Michael had always been curious about the younger girl who lived across the street. Surprisingly, she invites him over after school. He accepts the invitation and shows up, but Katie has also invited two of her friends. Imagine the impact reading porn might have on their activities.

The school year was well on its way, and Katie was determined to get Mike's attention. She was finishing up middle school and was very excited about starting high school in the fall, where she could meet "older" boys. Mike, already a freshman in high school, had a small problem. He began to jack off just about . . . whenever he got a chance, inside or outside of school. He especially liked to...

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Michael's Erotic Trifecta- Acts III-V

We continue what we started in Act 1 and 2, but the action becomes much more erotic for all of the participants . . . but especially Michael, who is one lucky guy!

When Kenny got home that afternoon, he had no pressing desire to bring himself off, after all in the history storage room he had gotten his needs fulfilled beyond his wildest expectations. Arriving in his room he simply sprawled out on his bed still dressed and let his mind relive all that had gone on earlier that day. After about twenty minutes of quiet reflection the stillness was shattered as...

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Michael's Erotic Trifecta- Acts 1 & 2

This is a school story. Michael is surprised by Haley's horny behavior outside of the cafeteria. When he gets home, his sister and a friend catch him pleasuring himself and insist that he explain what happened earlier. And then it happens again even more.

Act I Michael Johnson has finally gotten home from school. He was hot and sweaty. He had had gym the last period and they had a three mile run and then he played dodge ball. Because it had been the last period of the day and Mike was in such a huge hurry to get home, he skipped a shower, figuring he could take one there. Michael was fourteen. Mike had been in a hurry to get home on this day...

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Slowly Seducing Becca

Becca was nervous about her first date. She had recently turned 14 and she lived with her Dad. One of the gifts she had asked for on her birthday, was to have her Daddy take her out on a pretend date, and do things that a boy might want to do when they were together.

Becca was nervous about her first date. She had recently turned 14 and she lived with her Dad. One of the gifts she had asked for on her birthday, was to have her Daddy take her out on a pretend date, and do things that a boy might want to do when they were together. At first, her Dad was hesitant, but after she promised to never say a word to anyone, he reluctantly agreed. Let’s join them now as...

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Abby’s Erotic Assignment

14 year old Abby, had a crush on her teacher. She decided that one way to move things forward, would be to express an interest in researching erotic literature and reporting back to him . . . at her house, since her parents were gone to the cottage.

I had been at my middle school for several years and had built up a reputation of challenging my students intellectually, especially in the area of dramatic literature. Many students went on to a city-wide high school that was exceptional . . . even noteworthy nation-wide. One of those students . . . Abby was by far my favorite. She had actually spent her elementary years in Canada and the...

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Amy's Craving For Cocks - Episodes 1 & 2

Young Amy and her friend spend "after school hours" looking at porn, but especially guys cocks. In episode 1 her brother is talked into adding to her collection and then in Episode 2 her friend Lilly comes home to be surprised by her sibling as well.

Being 14-years-old and beginning to develop titties created many opportunities for Amy to have guys look over her young body and in some cases even create humiliating "boners" in their pants at the same time. She had become an enthusiastic "cock" enthusiast on the Internet and continued on a daily basis to learn everything she could about this fascinating tool found inside boys' pants. Using...

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That Naughty Man Next Door

Katie is at the age of being curious about guys. She elects to visit her next door neighbor who teaches her what it’s like to be elevated up to pleasure.

It's been a long day in school. Summer is almost here and exams are finally over. Things can get pretty stressful for a girl leaving middle school. I get to our front porch at about 3:30pm and check our mailbox. We live in a nice middle-class suburban neighborhood where kids like me can walk home without our parents worrying too much. "Nothing but bills for Mom and Dad." I don't get a lot of...

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After School Duties: Episode 2

Quick Recap: Tyler picked up her top, but remained topless as she opened up the door from her brother's bedroom. As she worked her way downstairs, the back door opened and Carly entered . . . her 15-year-old sister. What would my brother and his friends make me do with them tomorrow?

Despite Tyler's efforts . . . her younger sister, 15-year-old Carly, had caught her running topless, and couldn't understand why her sister would be running into the bathroom half naked . . . without a top on with her brother obviously home from school! Carly put her books down in the kitchen and wandered down the hall to the bedroom, she shared with her sister. She wondered whether Tyler would...

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After School Duties: Episode One

Matt, Tyler’s older brother, catches her looking out of her bedroom window watching 3 guys run around the backyard naked. He blackmails her into providing daily services for the quartet.

The Anderson's had three children, Matt 18, Tyler (a girl) 16 and young Carly 15. Because of their occupations, the parents were not really involved much in terms of bringing up their children, and Matt became almost a father figure for the two girls. He was bossy, and Tyler and Carly learned to steer away from his wrath. What the family didn't know, was that he had a few perverted ideas about sex...

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Enjoying His Daughters . . . Episode Two

After teaching his younger daughter what a “cock tease” was, Daddy can’t wait to direct the first sexual experience she has with her boyfriend in the basement.

Laura was Jerry's 17-year-old daughter and of course Mindy's sister. Once she entered her teenage years, she began to be more distant than in the past. Her room became an institution that only she could enter. Jerry and his wife accepted the change of behavior, because they too did the same thing when they became her age. But now that Jerry became aware (Read Episode One for more details) that...

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Her Naughty Touches, Bring Good Luck- Episodes 1 & 2

Katie couldn't have been more excited about school. Having just turned 15, she was a bit naive about boys, until Martin taught her just what would make his grades improve.

Katie couldn't have been more excited about school . . . having just turned 15 and being lucky enough to have handsome Mr. Siegel for her teacher. Her body had recently sprouted a fine pair of titties and she proudly kept her shoulders back to show them off to the boys in her class. She was one of those cute blondes who was a bit naïve at times and as the year moved on, a few boys decided to take...

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Letting the Neighbor In

Carefully follow what happens after Jamie let's in her new neighbor when no one is at home.

Jamie knew she should not have let Mike, her neighbor, come inside her house, but he had just moved in next door and when he asked whether she had anything cold to drink (and the temperature was in the 90’s), she walked from the side yard into the house with him following. They chit-chatted for a half hour or so, drinking Cokes, but soon she noticed him looking at her, almost continually and more...

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Willing Eager Sister

Two high school sisters decide to seduce one of their boyfriends together

Naomi and I had known each other all of our lives, and dating each other just came naturally. We were a steady item from 6th grade on through high school, and by our senior year we were an intimate, steady couple. Our families knew each other, and they were supportive of us being together. Everyone figured that we would eventually marry, and it was great that our families were so close as well....

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