Stories Published by 'Stillherer'

Jane's Play Thing Pt. 05

Jane makes me her bitch.

My mew of relief echoed about the bathroom as Jane's fingers relaxed releasing my tortured flesh from her fierce grip. With a drawn out groan of satisfaction she slumped over me, letting her weight pin me against the hard edge of the bathroom vanity. Jane's breasts pressed into my back as she nuzzled my neck contentedly. She had slipped into a languid post orgasmic state interrupted...

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Jane's Play Thing Pt. 04

Jane makes me her fuck puppet.

Dazed by the implications of Jane's admission I gazed blankly into the space between us. At first I thought it must be the look on my face was so comical that caused her to burst into laughter. Then I realised that she was pointing my crotch and when I looked down it was to see the cheap nylon panties tenting out obscenely with my raging erection. Through her fits of laughter Jane managed to get...

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Jane's Play Thing Pt. 03

Jane's hunger's escalate.

I swooned beneath Jane no longer caring. When I came to my wrists were still bound uncomfortably over my head. Though the cock ring and vibrators were gone I was highly aware of the fullness in my ass. Jane was snuggled up against me deep asleep. Laying there I replayed the events of the evening through my minds eye in disbelief though wondering how it was that my poor raw cock was again starting...

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Jane's Play Thing Pt. 02

Jane pulls me further into her web.

"More dessert," she whispered seductively in my ear. I whimpered as her hand began to squeeze and pump my sex sensitive cock but didn't even think to stop her. After all that sex around and under the dining room table my poor cock felt like it was raw. Jane didn't appear overly concerned with my discomfort as she dragged me off the floor by my erection and down the hallway towards her...

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Jane's Play Thing

My intiation into Jane's world starts with dessert.

It all started quite innocently. Jane and I had been dating for nearly a year and our relationship had hit a low point. Just when I thought it was over she suggested we try something different. Sexually different. I wasn't entirely sure about the look in her eye or her eagerness but she had me at "sexually different". She invited me over for a special dinner one evening insisting that we get...

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Becoming Barry's Slut

Family friend blackmails younger man.

I got married young, just out of school. My wife's family was never thrilled with their daughter's choice and when I didn't find employment right out of college they became even less impressed. Their derogatory remarks regarding my appearance, lack of motivation, being a long haired lay about was putting excessive pressure on our marriage. When Barry, an old family friend of my wife's father,...

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Candy's Bukkake Moment

Candy's trust of Sarah turns out cum filled.

She had been so kind, so understanding of his needs, so nonjudgmental that he found himself gratefully allowing her to make him into the girl he had always wanted to be. When she hadn't freaked upon discovering his stash of female underwear and had honestly tired to understand what it was about them that excited him so he couldn't believe his luck. His biggest fear through the years and years he...

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The 70's Weren't All Care Free

A young man meets the wrong men in a bar.

It was the 70's. Young, carefree, long-haired hippie, away from home, traveling around the country - having a ball. A couple guys I met and I decided to go for some beers. The local Y was in a sleazy part of town. So we ended up a pretty seedy bar which was hosting a rather bizarre strip show. At another table was an older guy that had been at the Y that afternoon. Gunther. He had been friendly...

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Girlfriend's Special Surprise

His girlfriend takes him away for the weekend.

My girl friend thrived on sex. Her all-consuming lust was tainted with an healthy dose of kink. She was the most compelling person I had ever met. She wasn't the most beautiful woman in a room but certainly the most captivating. I was enthralled. She lead me down paths of sexual adventures that I had only ever dreamed about, some I hadn't believed when I read about them and many I never conceived...

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Given to Mr Lennie

Submissive sissy gets given away to a nasty old man.

I knelt on the floor of the truck next to Mr. Lennie sniffling quietly to myself wondering how a 20 year old man could find himself in such a situation. Through the sheer material of my panties I could feel every welt that crisscrossed my ass from the wicked lashing he had inflicted mercilessly on me when I had dared to defy him. My sniffled tears and runny nose tasted faintly of cum as I...

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England, before Tanya

Boy learns the consequences of his aberrant behaviour.

It was the late 1960's. I was a young lad traveling about Europe, running low on money. In desperation I ended up staying with family friends, Mr and Mrs Hull, in England. They were odd people and their plain Jane oldish daughter stuck in a small village house looking after her ageing parents was even odder. They made it pretty obvious from the start that they were only just suffering the young...

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Golf Gets Nasty

A panty boy discovers how mean random golf partners can be.

I like to wear panties under my regular clothes then go out and about thrilled that no one else knows. I always take care to make sure that nothing shows though I have been aware of some interesting looks from people who may have noticed a VPL once or twice. One beautiful autumn morning I thought a round of golf would be fun. Pulling my trousers over a lovely pair of creamy orange semi-sheer...

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England Pink

Sissy slut Tanya gets a cum coating for Mr Hull.

Tanya knelt in the middle of the room rocking back on her haunches slightly stunned, struggling for breath. Cum. Cum coated her face. Cum dribbled from her mouth. Cum dripped from her chin. Cum. Cum slid down her forehead. Cum streaked her hair. She tasted cum. Breathed cum. Cum pooled in the cups of her pretty pink bra. Cum soaked her pink slip making it translucent. Cum. Cum blinded her....

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A day outing with Mistress

Peeking mischievously into the mirror I lick my lips to moisten them before applying gloss and blowing myself a furtive seductive little kiss. A subtle application of makeup would keep people guessing I smiled secretly to myself. My skin tingled as I imagined seeing You Mistress. Your summons had sent be scurrying to prepare myself as per Your wishes. I stared wonderingly as I watched my...

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Another Seedy Bar

Mistress has something special planned.

I carefully peek into the dark smokey interior of the rather seedy bar You have directed me to. A rush of gratefulness tingles my skin as I see that You are sitting there. Impishly I slowly saunter up to Your table giving You and all the others ogling my lithe body in my sexy outfit a show. I smile seductively, coyly dropping my chin waiting for You to offer me a chair, but secretly pleased that...

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Mr Derrek

His newest sissy slut.

The room is filled with the sounds of sex emanating from the wide screen tv. On screen a sylph of a gurl is on display all fours on a small low table surrounded by a sea of men in various stages of undress. The slim smooth skinned gurl is dressed in a short flared skirt that frames her sweet ass beautifully in layers of ruffles and lace with her pretty matching knickers bunched about her thighs....

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A Missy Affair

Closest crossdresser discovered and used.

I knew I was being careful. I thought I was being clever. But I never thought I could be caught in such incriminating circumstances by of all people my sister-in-laws husbands parents. I was playing the good brother-in-law by doing a bunch of minor home reno's for my wife's sister and her husband. To my delight they trusted me implicitly and left me alone in their house to work away. Which I did....

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Girlfriend's Surprise

She tricks boyfriend into an afternoon of cock.

We had a wild relationship. My girlfriend was spectacularly lewd and utterly lascivious. She had already taken me places I had never dreamt of and kept promising me more. Bondage. Cos play. Public sex. No topic was taboo with the woman, she was constantly confronting me with new sexual possibilities. At times I felt as though she was dragging into the depths of sexual depravity but somehow...

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The Farm Ch. 03

Mr Ed teaches the bitch a lesson.

Ed took his time with me. He constantly taunted the two younger men as they waited eagerly for their turn to stuff their hard cocks into my cum filled sissy cunt. "Only right that your daddy gave his bitch to a real man before you two pathetic losers." After smothering me with his fat sweaty gut and smelly cock Ed had swapped ends never letting go of his prize. "Hell boys, this bitch ain't even...

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Anton's Play Thing

White boy meets Black stud

When I was young man I travelled extensively. One night late I was walking through LA looking for a bus that would take me to my friends place when out of the shadows came this deep voice, "I like you," it pronounced startling me. As I turned cautiously, in obvious fear towards the large black source of this comment the voice continued, "Now now no need for alarm, it's just that you are my...

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Internet Meeting Ch. 04

Charles uses me.

I tried to appear casual as I wandered about the busy mall wishing to remain anonymous, discrete. Beneath my attempt at normalcy my body seethed with frazzled nerves as I checked out Charles' appointed meeting place. Charles had selected a toilet in a quiet secluded corner of one of the upper floors. I hesitated at the door, casting a nervous glance over my shoulder uncertain yet driven by a need...

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Internet Meeting Ch. 03

Preparing for Charles.

Now that I had a taste for it I wanted more. Charles made me retell my version of our toilet block adventure for him. My sissy clit twitched appreciatively when Charles sent me this, "Princess it was sensationally erotic to see you on your knees in that squalid place wearing those pretty panties for your Master. Now Princess twice you have proven to your Master that you are willing to...

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Internet Meeting Ch. 02

Debasing myself for Charles.

From my knees on the hard cold tiles I stared at the bulbous shiny head of Charles' erection as a droplet of clear fluid formed about it's angry red eye. I licked my lips hungrily. With wanton yearning I pulled against the fingers gripping my hair holding my lips away from the prize of sweet nectar bobbing before me. Silently, pleading with my eyes I dared to look up to where Charles'...

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Internet Meeting

What I did for Charles.

We met on the net. How modern. He was shy and nervous, very much like I was though if anything even more cautious. Being a closet cross dresser with a life outside my apartment door my main aim was discretion and major fear -- discovery. Charles appeared to be perfect for my yearning to fulfill my fantasies and spice up my solo adventures. We chatted online. He claimed my emails made so hot...

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Another Submissive Slut - Ms Shawna

Ms Shawna takes her sissy for a taxi ride.

Ms Shawna had rung. I had been summoned. As expected I was dressed as ordered and waiting nervously in front of the building when her taxi arrived, late. Ms Shawna was excessively infusive in greeting me as I climbed awkwardly into the back of the cab with her. The driver was a leering foreigner, with a manic smile who was far more interested in sneaking a look up Ms Shawna's dress than me. Not...

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Uncontrollable Need

A hunger for panties.

It was inevitable. It was a habit I could no longer control. Any opportunity. Every opportunity. A force I could not resist compelled me. My body would shake as adrenaline surged through it. The thrill was incomparable. The thought of getting caught unimaginable. The consequences of getting caught beyond comprehension. Yet still I was compelled, the draw irresistible....

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The Farm Ch. 02

The payment becomes dearer.

Trembling with fear I squat naked on the floor where the man who dragged me down the hall has dropped the lead attached to the collar about my neck. Starting with fright at his every sudden movement I watch him sort through piles of clothing sniffing back cum scented tears. Eventually he holds up a pair of girls panties that he inspects closely. With a satisfied grunt he tosses them at me. I...

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The Farm

The price of hitchin' a ride.

I was walking in the early morning trying to hitch hike out of a rural town when a beat up old farm truck pulled up. I was so grateful I was already crawling in before I noticed what a scum bag the driver was. "Aw shit," he drawled as I settled in, "with all that hair I thought you was a chick!" I put on my best nonplussed attitude and asked him where he was going. I tried not to look...

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Another Submissive Slut Ch. 11

Being good for the landlady.

My land lady's knowing look held me transfixed. Quietly Mrs. Lehrer purred, "What are you?" A spasm of trembling shook my body before I could mew out, "I am a sub sissy slut, Mrs. Lehrer." "Hemmmmm," She hummed, "And what else are you slut?" Her voice was quiet, soothing, inquiring. "I am a wanton cum whore, Mrs. Lehrer," I admitted, blushing at such an admission to the woman who...

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Another Submissive Slut Ch. 10

Paying for it.

The sleazy Indian clerk wouldn't leave. As soon as I let him into my place he made himself at home. At first I was afraid that he would force himself on me but after watching him indifferently trash my apartment I was wishing that he would do whatever it was he wanted to do and go. I stood helplessly fuming as he rummaged through my belongings. I couldn't watch as he went through draw after...

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