Stories Published by 'Stormbringer'

The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 03

Beth loses another bet with Titus.

Chapter 3: Pool on New Year's Eve. *** "Are you ready yet?" yelled David from the bottom of the stairs. "Ten more minutes," yelled Beth back. "That's what you said ten min... oh never mind." Beth smiled. She was looking forward to a night out and uncharacteristically for her, she decided to show off a little. Beth stood before her mirror in her underwear, plain white...

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The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 02

Titus sneaks in for a titty fuck.

Chapter 2: These Tits Were Made for Fucking Beth groaned when the alarm went off and rolled on her side as David got up. "You really have to go to work?" she complained. Her thighs felt damp and her hard nipples scraped against the bed sheet. The little sleep she'd gotten had been filled with strange dreams. In one she'd been a mannequin, dressed in last night's sexy lingerie while Titus...

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The Wife and the Black Gardeners Ch. 02

A photography session goes too far.

Author's Note: The Wife and the Black Gardeners was the second story I ever wrote and my first to feature an interracial theme. A comic version came out a few years ago followed by two sequels. This story is based on my comic script for part 2 and the art of Kaos. For this follow-up, I borrowed the plot from another of my stories, "Xavier's Modeling Job." * The blue bikini was so...

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Jane Stalwart: The Cock of Osiris

Jane is pursued by Nazis and cultists who want the COCK.

Note: This story is my attempt at a pulp style adventure story. It features a larger than life heroine and her female Irish sidekick. It's a little different from my usual stories, but it does contain the hardcore sex scenes (and a lot of them) one would expect from a Stormbringer story. The story is ten chapters long, with the heavy sex scenes in chapters 4-9, but the opening chapters are short,...

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

4 old black men take advantage of wife's gambling addiction.

"Here we are," said Fred, turning the moving van on to Washington Avenue. Amber reached over to grab his arm. "I hope this is a good idea." "Everything will be fine," replied her husband. "This is all my fault. If it wasn't for me, we wouldn't need to do this." "Honey, it's alright. Things will work themselves out." "Are they all black?" "As far as I could tell. Quit...

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Confession Of A Teenage Pussy Eater

The nerds get the cheerleaders.

Gil Bates walked into the decorated gymnasium and all eyes focused on him or more correctly, his wife, Melissa. His beautiful blonde wife looked almost exactly like the head cheerleader she had been fifteen years ago. She looked like the actress Jeri Ryan, but not as pale and with large breasts made larger by giving birth to four children. That a 33 year old mother of four had kept the body of a...

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Wife Pays Cause Hubby Plays

She has to pay off her husband's debt.

"Fucking animals!" One black after another. Apparently some famous basketball player with a good reputation (Bull shit!) had raped some poor innocent white girl. After that was a story about the black snipers going to trial. Following that story, a black woman had been arrested for leaving a child alone in her house for two weeks after being arrested for something else. And two of these...

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Xavier's Modeling Job

Husband asks Black gardener to pose with wife.

"Alright honey, now take your top off." Danielle, posing in her bikini, looked up at her husband and said, "no way." She had joined a diet program and lost sixty pounds. Her body, once plump, was now fit and lean. Her stomach was now flat and you could see her abs when she flexed. Her ass was now hard and firm, only her breasts staying big, though they had perked up where once they had...

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Wendy & The Witchdoctor

Black shaman uses voodoo to impregnate neighbor.

"There goes the neighborhood," said Wendy looking out the window. Stan looked up from his dinner. His six foot tall, buxom blonde wife was framed in the sunlight staring out the window. She could have joined the Swedish bikini team she was so beautiful and stacked, everyday he was reminded of how lucky he was and today with the sunlight shining on her was no exception. "What do you mean?" he...

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A Visit From St. Dick

A hung & horny Santa seduces a wife each Xmas.

A Brief History of the Elvish Race As the human tribes grew more numerous with each passing winter, the elves were forced to retreat from their homelands settling on Eire. The Emerald island was already settled by an ugly misshapen people known as the firbolgs which they easily conquered and enslaved. Known as the Tuatha de Dannan, the elves were a tall, fair, and amorous race. Eventually,...

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Xavier Takes A Wife

Black gardener seduces his first married woman.

"Aaaaah," screamed Trisha covering herself from the giant black guy standing over her. "Sorry to startle you ma'am," said the black man. He had a funny accent, vaguely Australian. "I'm here to clean your pool." Trisha quickly stood up and wrapped a towel around her body. She had taken advantage of the first warm day of spring to put on her tiniest string bikini and start on her tan. She...

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The Nosy Housewife & The Last...

Housewife spies on her new neighbors & is reprogrammed.

The Nosy Housewife & The Last of The Mad Nazi Scientists Chasity Chase looked out her window as the movers unloaded large crates off the moving van. An old man and a young boy seemed to be supervising the operation. She sighed. Chasity had been hoping for another housewife to move in next door to alleviate the boredom. Her husband worked for President Reagan and worked long hours,...

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Stepford's Wife Ch. 3

Julie finds the man to satisfy her.

Julie had a dazed look and a dumb grin on her face as she left the college grounds. It was after 2:00 am and Stepford would be worried, but he was the one who wanted her to have a threesome in the first place. He would understand. Julie felt dehydrated and decided to stop at the convenience store for some bottled water. She grabbed a liter bottle and walked up to the counter. A giant black...

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Stepford's Wife Ch. 2

Billy approves of the new Mrs. Stepford.

"Holy shit!" Billy did a double take when he saw Mrs Stepford in the bikini. She tutored him in her husband's class and he had just rung her doorbell. He had never seen her in anything so skimpy. In fact, he had never seen her show off any more skin other then her hands or face. He had expected she had a body hiding under her bulky outfits, but he had no idea it was this hot. "I see you like...

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Stepford's Wife Ch. 1

Husband's hypnosis loosens up prim wife...too much.

Professor Stepford stared deeply into his wife's eyes. The third time he hypnotised her seemed to really put her under. He had returned from a symposium on hypnotism several days ago and decided to test what he learned on his wife. The givers of the symposium really took this stuff seriously forcing all the attendees to sign a morality contract not to use what they learned for anything unethical....

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The Compassionate Night Nurse

Wife is fulfilled helping hung accident victim.

Lisa Stevens walked into the hospital room looking at the patient that had come out of his coma earlier in the day. His entire upper body was bandaged. His arms were broken and in traction. Eye and mouth slits pierced the man's wrapped head. The poor thing had been in a horrible car accident several days earlier. His car had struck another head on and then gone over an embankment, crashing on...

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Me & Mrs. Jones

She turns endowed, inexperienced young man into a stud.

"Hey Chad," said Tristan, my best friend and roommate, "how would you like to spend the summer with me at my parents beach house?" "Love to," I replied, "but I'll have to get permission from my mom and dad." The thought of all those bikini clad girls had my penis hard, but then it was always hard. Tristan and I attended a boys only Catholic school. Excluding withered old nuns, we hadn't...

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