Stories Published by 'TallPenJoker'

Her Best Friend's Son Ch. 01

Angela is drawn to a much younger man.

This story builds slowly with characters and dialog. It gets racy eventually, but takes a while. * "Was Jeremy any bother?" asked Susan. Angela stood in the kitchen of her London flat, phone in one hand and tea cup in the other. Susan was her best friend, had been for almost twenty years, since they were at Leeds University, she as a newbie student and Susan as the class...

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Sister to the Rescue Ch. 06

Finally, the truth will out.

Three days with Mandy being gone, or perhaps more painfully, three nights with my little sister missing from the house, did indeed seem long. An eternity of wondering what might happen next between us - and of just wanting her. Her smile, her long slender legs, the touch of her fingers. Man, I would have welcomed the worst teasing ever from her, just to have the sound of her voice. But she...

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Sister to the Rescue Ch. 05

In sister's absence, mystery deepens with Mom.

I woke up late. Sun was already angling across my window. I felt sluggish, reluctant to emerge from confusing dreams filled with sensual warmth. But as I did, they merged into equally delicious memories of the secret night time visit to Mandy's room - to her touch and embrace of me. When I got down to the kitchen, however, I found that out she had already left, called in to an emergency band...

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Sister to the Rescue Ch. 04

Brother's night time visit to her room.

I waited in my room until long after the house had quieted down. I lay in darkness on my bed, still dressed in jeans and t-shirt from the day. From my own room, half-way down the landing, I could imagine the others slowly falling asleep. Mom and Dad were upstairs, the master bedroom at the far end of the corridor. My sister's room was just next door. My thoughts were flooded. Firstly with...

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Sister to the Rescue Ch. 03

Little sister helps me rewrite my own conflicted past.

Mom walked downstairs and into the kitchen just as I was heating up two sets of hot dogs for an easy dinner. Mandy told her that, following our afternoon at the mall, the two of us were going to stay in and watch movies while she and Dad were heading out to his Elk's Club. "Oh, cute, the two of you spending the evening at home? Oh John! It's just like when you would babysit your little...

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Sister to the Rescue Ch. 02

I see my little sister in a new way.

Saturday morning was, as usual, a bit of a crazy rush at the Simons' household. Dad had left early, to get the cheap Tee-time at the County golf course with his buddies, which was always kind of a relief for the rest of us, having his judgmental comments out of the way. I was wolfing down a big bowl of instant oatmeal before heading to the Rec Center, where I had managed to nail a summer job...

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Sister to the Rescue Ch. 01

His younger sister turns out to be his best ally - and more.

Author note - this started out as a single chapter short story, and is now expanding into a longer story as two siblings explore their desires and boundaries. Many thanks to readers for feedback which motivated this expansion. For myself, I find the story both arousing and moving. * It was hot. Or at least I felt hot. Warm. Sweating under the sheet, the blanket thrown down past the...

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