Stories Published by 'ThelovelyCaroline'

Watch Me

Derek watches as my cunt is stretched and filled with cum.

I feel one finger, then another slip into my wet pussy. I'm insatiable, every nerve in my body is on fire and I clench my cunt around Cole's fingers greedily trying to pull him in further and further. "Tell me what you want." He says. I manage to mumble "I want you to fuck me." as his fingers move inside me. "Give me detail sweetheart, what do you want?" I spread my...

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The Neighbor Ch. 04

Will Brodie finally fuck Addie?

The street lights cast a seductive glow on the neighborhood. Despite fucking Lisa two more times after their performance for Addie, Brodie was still unsatisfied. Every time he slipped into Lisa's loose hole he loathed the woman even more. He'd lost control the last time and didn't stop when she'd said her safe word. He'd stuffed his cock in her mouth and came in the back of her throat as sobs...

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The Neighbor Ch. 03

Addie watched Brodie this time.

It had been three days since Addie had woken from her sleep with a salty taste on her lips and the vague recollection of Brodie standing over her, cock in hand, shooting his hot cum all over her tits. She'd checked the next morning, but if there had been any cum on her, she must have wiped it off in her sleep. She'd chalked it all up to a dream, one she wished had ended in Brodie filling her with...

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The Neighbor Ch. 02

Brodie breaks into Addie's house while she's sleeping.

The neighborhood fall festival had been earlier today. Brodie had watched Addie like a hawk. She'd worn a sweater dress that hugged her curves, but somehow moved with the seductive sway of her hips. He'd walked around the family friendly festival with his cock straining against his jeans for most of the day. He wondered if she knew he had watched her fuck herself through her open bedroom...

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The Neighbor Ch. 01

Brodie watches his neighbor through her bedroom window.

The sweltering heat of summer finally gave way to the cool, crisp air of fall. Addie opened her bedroom windows, sighing as the cool night air drifted through the screen. The breeze floated over her body, caressing her breasts making her nipples strain against her t-shirt. She reached up to touch them, teasing the buds softly. Heat pooled between her legs and suddenly her clothes felt...

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Chantilly Lace Pt. 01: The Gala

My luxurious panties are rubbing me just the right way.

The Chantilly lace bustier and garter with satin stockings feels luxurious under my ball gown. The gala is in full swing, but I feel a familiar ache between my legs. Each time I walk the lace rubs up against my sensitive nub, over, and over again. I'm dancing with James, the tech guy from my office and I'm afraid the next step could leave me moaning in the middle of the dance floor like...

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